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The Letter 3

Chapter 3

Black Out Hour

When Baekhyun entered the room, he was impressed with Sehun’s room. It was huge, but modern and classy. He chuckled. What else did he expect from Oh Sehun other than a clean cut room like this? There was no seating in the room so Baekhyun decided to sit in the corner of the bed. He didn’t put all his weight on it though. He felt like he wasn’t even supposed to be on it.

Suddenly, Baekhyun heard muffled yelling from the door. But, because of the fact that this room was a far distance away from the party epicenter, Baekhyun couldn’t hear exactly what was being said. Then, the lights went out. All of them. The only light in the room was the one coming from the moon. Even that wasn’t enough for Baekhyun.

A few moments later, the door opened and Baekhyun immediately stood up. “S-Sehun?” There was no immediate answer. “Sehun, is that you?”


Baekhyun breathed when he got an answer. “What happened? Why’d the lights sudden go out—”

He wasn’t able to finish. Sehun closed the distance between them and took Baekhyun’s lips with his. Baekhyun was shocked and caught off guard. Sehun  moved swiftly, making use of his hands to hold Baekhyun’s face.

His heart was beating so fast. Sehun accepted him. Baekhyun couldn’t be any happier. A kiss…a kiss was fine, Baekhyun thought even though this kiss was his first. He let Sehun guide in the dark. When Sehun’s tongue finally asked for entrance, Baekhyun complied, trembling as he opened his mouth timidly. He heard a chuckle then felt a tongue lick his lips. Baekhyun gasped, opening his mouth wider, giving Sehun the opportunity the dart his tongue in Baekhyun’s mouth openly.

He was inexperienced, but Baekhyun was smart. He caught on. He began to kiss back, brushing his tongue against Sehun’s purposely multiple times. This earned him a muffled groan. Then, Sehun stopped. He pulled back, leaving Baekhyun confused.

Baekhyun wasn’t confused for long. Sehun took him up and threw him in the bed. It wasn’t long until Baekhyun felt a body hover over him. Though he couldn’t see well, Sehun felt taller…bigger. The thought didn’t stay long. Sehun’s tongue was back in his mouth. While feeling Sehun’s domineering mouth, Baekhyun began to feel hands on the inside of his thighs, rubbing his legs up and down before being spread and being occupied by Sehun.

Baekhyun broke the kiss when Sehun suddenly began to grind slow and hard on him. Baekhyun felt like he’d explode. He’d never felt anything like this before. It was foreign and too pleasurable. The feel of Sehun’s cock through those jeans didn’t do Baekhyun any good. Blood left his head and relocated to his manhood. All of a sudden, he regretted wearing skin-tight jeans.

Sehun felt Baekhyun grow hard against his own constricted cock. He winced. The kiss was already broken. Both of them were more preoccupied with what went on with their private parts. Physics did its job. Sehun grinded harder and harder, creating more friction and frustration. He gave Baekhyun one more long hard kiss before pulling back away. He sat up and placed both of his hands all over Baekhyun’s thighs and eventually his bulge, rubbing it through the fabric.

“Ngh…stop it,” Baekhyun said, breathing harder and harder. His hands tried to stop Sehun from teasing him to oblivion, but Sehun used a hand to keep his away as he teasingly ran his teeth and bit the cock through jeans.

There wasn’t much teasing after that. Baekhyun moaned even louder, breaking Sehun’s will even more. He quickly unbuckled Baekhyun and urgently pulled his pants off of him. Pulling them off was a bit of a trouble at first but it eventually got done. Once done, he quickly slipped out of his and went back in between Baekhyun’s legs.

Sehun continued to use his tongue to pleasure Baekhyun’s mouth while his hands moved on his hard-on and slipped between the boxers. The touch of Sehun’s fingers surprised Baekhyun. His cock twitched in anticipation. The touch turned into a full on grab and Sehun began to stroke him as his tongue did some stroking of its own.

It didn’t take long for Sehun to get rid of both of the last remaining thin fabric restricting their members from rubbing each other raw. Sehun grabbed his member and took Baekhyun’s along and began to thrust and move, creating friction between the oozing members.

Sehun decided to do Baekhyun a special offer. He took his index finger and began to circle around Baekhyun’s slit before focusing on the slit itself. Baekhyun broke off and turned his head to the side. “Oh god!” Baekhyun heard nothing but a small breathless chuckle.

“Okay,” Sehun whispered.

“Okay?” Baekhyun asked breathlessly. “Why’re you whispering?”

Sehun didn’t answer. He reached over to one of the drawers on the side of his bed and pulled it open with force. His hand searched around until they found what they were looking for.

The next thing Baekhyun knew, Sehun used a hand to spread his legs before lifting one up in the air, exposing Baekhyun’s naked entrance to him. Then Baekhyun hissed in shock at the sudden cold feeling.

Sehun spread some lube around Baekhyun’s hole for precaution before lubing a finger and cautiously slipping one in. He got what he wanted from Baekhyun. He was obviously responding the way Sehun expected. Baekhyun’s leg wanted to come down, but Sehun’s hand kept it up and kept the legs spread. Without notice, Sehun slipped another.

Two. Two fingers were in Baekhyun and he could feel his insides being stretched beyond belief. He thought that he’d enough and this was the height of it all, but he was wrong. Sehun’s long fingers began to move in and out. Slow at first, then harder and more vigorously. Pleasure surged through Baekhyun’s body. His cock hurt from being too hard and precum was starting to secrete out of him.

The feeling of it all was becoming unbearable to Sehun. He pushed his fingers in hard, one last time, before pulling the two digits out and replacing them with something that was triple their size. He lubricated himself before pushing his cock’s head at Baekhyun’s entrance.

Baekhyun felt the fingers leave and felt something bigger push against him, entering him. He didn’t need to look. In the dark, he knew that it was Sehun’s throbbing member.

Sehun took his time pushing himself in the tight space.  He cursed under his breath. Baekhyun’s hole was tighter than any girl he’d ever stuck his dick in for a quick fuck.  His breath hitched when Baekhyun subconsciously, for a moment, clenched his muscle, squeezing him even more. He knew he needed to move before he came without even doing anything.

Baekhyun felt Sehun’s member behind to slide in and out of him. It was slow at first, which was what he needed. He still felt a little bit of pain from being penetrated, which he never thought in a million years would ever happen. But it was. And now Sehun was inside of him.

When Baekhyun stopped wincing here and there from initial pain and began to groan and moan for more, Sehun gladly complied. He began to thrust, each time hitting an apparent sweet spot for Baekhyun. Sehun grabbed Baekhyun by the hips and pulled him every time he would thrust, making their bodies collide. Baekhyun cried out multiple times. When he tried to cover his screams with a pillow or with the sheets, Sehun would have none of it.

“S-Sehun!” Baekhyun moaned. “Wh-what’s happenin? I feel like I’m gonna explode!”

The mere thought of Baekhyun nearing the edge gave Sehun that last and final push. He thrusted faster, used one of his hands to jack Baekhyun off, and returned his lips and tongue on his mouth. All of Baekhyun was occupied. It was all a triple threat.

Then, Baekhyun felt the greatest pleasure he’d ever felt in his life. Following that feeling was Sehun’s cum filling him up. Sehun fell on top of him and Baekhyun could hear both of their breaths, broken and heavy. When he started squirming, Sehun rolled off of him. Then he turned and grabbed Baekhyun, who was beyond tired at this point, closer. The last thing Baekhyun remembered before falling asleep in the bed was Sehun slipping his arm around his waist.

When Baekhyun’s breathing began to become more constant and Chanyeol knew for sure that the boy he was holding was asleep, he slowly pulled his arm off and carefully got off the bed. In the dark, he fumbled to find his underwear and pants. His shirt wasn’t necessary. Once he found his underwear—or Baekhyun’s—and slipped on his pants, he carefully exited the room. As he walking down the hall, he tied his belt in a messy manner, not even buckling it all the way.

He walked over to the house system and changed everything back. Black Out Hour was gonna have to end early. The party was, too. He turned on all the lights except for the lights in his room.

“Party’s over!” Chanyeol yelled. The announcement caused an uproar. Chanyeol saw his friends in a corner. They weren’t impressed either. “If you don’t get out, with the exception of those guys over there,” he said, “I’m calling my guards.”

Grumbling, everyone knew better than the mess with the rich kid so they all left. It took about twenty minutes until every one of them vacated. It took a while to rat out the ones in the rooms. Then a few more as their cars had to be retrieved from parking. When it was all said and done, Chanyeol was left half naked, with a trashed house, and three friends.

“What kind of stunt was that shit?” Kai wanted to know. The Kris and Kai of them followed Chanyeol as he walked passed them, heading for the kitchen. Sehun was passed out on the couch with his shirt flipped up over his face from the girls feeling him up in his state on unconsciousness.

“It was too loud,” Chanyeol replied. He went to the fridge and took out a beer can and opened it.

“When has that ever stopped you? No one’s gonna come to any of your parties now, dude,” Kris said.

“Yeah they will,” Chanyeol said, taking a sip from the can. “People like that always flock to money. They’ll be back. I just don’t need them tonight though. Tonight’s not the night to wake others up.”

Kai and Kris stared at Chanyeol for a moment before Kris commented on his appearance. “We’re just gonna take a wild guess here, but you just left someone sleeping upstairs, didn’t you?”


“Damn it, Yeol! What the hell! Throw that sleeping slut out instead of kicking out the rest of your guests!” Kai fumed. He ruffled his hair, frustrated. He was drunk, he wanted to have some fun, and that fun was taken away from him. He wasn’t feeling rational that night. “I’m going home.”

Kris and Chanyeol watched as Kai stumbled out the kitchen. “Drive him home,” Chanyeol told Kris. “He can leave my house angry, but I don’t want him dead.”

“Okay. What about Sehun?”

“Take him, too. I’ll get someone to drive their cars back to their house.”

“Sounds like a plan then,” Kris said. He took his car keys out of his pocket and began to leave. “You know, whoever’s up there must interest you a hell of a lot considering you just committed social suicide.”

Chanyeol smirked. “You bet your ass this person interests me, Kris. This person’s mine.”

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