exobubz (exobubz) wrote,

You Know I Love You, Right?

You Know I Love You, Right?
Pairing: chanbaek
rating: Pg
Genre: fluff and romance (oo la la mama cita)
Length: ONESHOT / 1,721

This is based on the epic true story of Jeri. I wrote this fic on Twitter, hence the short sentences and basic language. I don't have the ghetto time to elaborate within 140 characters. I wrote this when I was half-dead at 12-1 in the morning. Please don't mind the awful cheesiness and keep in mind that I romanticised the fuck out of the original story because the original story was too cute to not magnify even though I'm just being a delusional butt crack---but! I'm a fabulous butt crack, therefore, I think you should stop reading this my rabbit just farted.


After working in the chemistry lab with the most annoying shit in school, Baekhyun quickly grabbed his bag and dashed out the room. Wanting to avoid the curly haired clumsy Sasquatch, he rushed for the elevator. Just when he got inside and the doors began to close, Park Chanyeol—said Sasquatch— stopped the doors and let himself in.

"Whew. For a second there I thought you didn't want my company," Chanyeol said, smirking down at the pissed off brunet.

"I don't," Baekhyun replied.

"No, no. You want my company."

"No. I really don't," Baekhyun argued.

He started tapping his foot waiting for the doors to shut.

"Great day at the lab today," Chanyeol said cheerfully.

Baekhyun scoffed. "You didn't do anything."

"Yeah I did."

"No, you didn't," Baekhyun snapped.

"Why're you so angry?" Chanyeol laughed. "I helped a lot."

"You don't know how to work the Bunsen burner, you almost inhaled toxic fumes, and you broke a cylinder!" Baekhyun said exasperatedly.

"Well... Those were accidents," Chanyeol laughed

"You're so stupid," Baekhyun muttered. Glaring up at the numbers he saw he only needed to wait one floor more.

For a moment, Chanyeol kept silent and Baekhyun thought he finally knocked the idiot off his smiling throne, but then the door opened and Chanyeol turned to him.

"You're so fucking lucky you're cute, or else I'd punch you."

Then he leaned over and kissed Baekhyun on the cheek—a legal crime in Baekhyun's world. "I'll see you tomorrow! Bye!"

Then Park Chanyeol—the Sasquatch—was out.


After taking an exam for one of their classes, Baekhyun decided to go to the mall with Jessica. An hour of idle walking around passed when she got a call. After hanging up, she said, "Ah, my parents need me back home. Do you wanna stay here for a while longer?"

Baekhyun shook his head and stuffed his hands in his pocket. "No. You're my ride home anyways. Just drop me off."

"Alright. Whatever works for you," she said.

It was becoming evening and the sun was setting by the time they walked out the mall. When they got to the car, Baekhyun couldn't open the door because a distracted Jessica hadn't unlocked it.

"Earth to Jessica, open the door," Baekhyun said.

Jessica didn't seem to hear him. Squinting, she moved her head forward. "Who is that?" she asked.

"Who's what?" Baekhyun said, constantly pulling on the handle until Jessica unlocked the vehicle.

"That guy—he's waving his arms over at us," she mumbled.

"It's probably no one," Baekhyun replied.

"Wait—is that Sasquatch?" she asked incredulously.

"What?" Baekhyun was alert. "No—it can't be—fuck it is."

"Ew, what's he soon—"

"Jessica get in the car—"

"He's running over here—"

"Hurry up and get in," Baekhyun sighed, crossing his arms.

Slowly, Jessica got inside and closed her door. "What's he doing waving at us?"

"I don't know—just go."

"Really weird."

"Of course he's weird. He's born an idio—fuck! Go away!"

Glaring at the giant by his window, Baekhyun mentally commanded Chanyeol to die.

Continuously, Chanyeol kept knocking in his window.

"What does he want?" Jessica asked.

"I don't know—just go."

"I don't wanna hurt him"

"I do—"

"He's going to scratch my car with his giant fists—"

"He's so—"

"Baek, talk to him—"


Despite his protesting, Jessica rolled down his window. "Hi, there!"

"Hey!" Chanyeol greeted, content at the results of his pounding. His eyes moved to Baekhyun, who was glaring at him. "Hey, Baek!"

Baekhyun growled inwardly but kept a straight face. "Hi."

"How're you—"

"We were just leaving."

"I know. That's why I ran over here."

Baekhyun wanted to scream that he shouldn’t have ran over, but kept it inside.

"Yeah—well, Jessica needs to go home and so do I so can you—"

"What? You can't leave me," Chanyeol said, putting up a show.

"I think I can," Baekhyun sarcastically said.

"But aren't we friends?"

"Not really—"

"Yes we are—"


"Okay, maybe we're friends."

Baekhyun didn't want to argue anymore so he let it go. "Whatever," he muttered. "We have to go."

Chanyeol grimaced but gave a small smile. "Okay—hey, you know I love you right?"

Baekhyun looked around. "Uhh, okay. That's wonderful—Please don't though, okay."


"We really have to go," Baekhyun insisted.

Chanyeol smirked and stepped in front of the car. "You can't go until you say you love me back," he declared.

Because of the car's surroundings, running over Park Chanyeol the Sasquatch was the only option they had. Baekhyun was fine with it. Jessica was not.

"Baek, I have to get home. Just tell him you love him back"

"I don't even know this guy—"

"I heard that!" Chanyeol called. "He knows me. He kissed me in the elevator."

"No I didn't, you liar!" Baekhyun yelled out the window. "You raped my cheek, so get out of the way!"

"Not until you tell me you love me back," Chanyeol sang.

Jessica groaned. "Just do it.."

"I'm not telling him—"

"Baek, my mom's calling. Just do it, please?" Jessica begged.

Finally, Baekhyun gave in. "Fine—I love you too," Baekhyun cried.

Satisfied, Chanyeol smirked and walked over to his window. "Good. Have a nice evening, then."

Quickly he stuck his head through the cars window and kissed Baek on his cheek again before hastily pulling back. "I'll see you in the lab tomorrow. Love you, bye!"

Then, he was off, whistling with his hands in his pockets as he continued on his way, leaving behind an exasperated Byun Baek.


One day after school, Baekhyun found himself stuck with playing games with his Japanese club for sports day. Dressed in his teams pink colour, he glared at the stumbling idiot who burst into the club room dressed differently that the rest of the team.

"What the hell are you wearing?" Baekhyun muttered as he glazed his eyes over the giant Sasquatch's attire.

Chanyeol smirked. "I'm wearing a coat and I'm carrying a cane—" He then raised his eyes. "Oh! And I'm wearing a party hat!"

Baekhyun frowned. "You're not wearing our team colour."

"Well, my birthday was last week," Chanyeol said, "So I should be off the hook."

Baekhyun snorted. "Fine—"

"Aren't you going to wish me a happy late birthday?" Chanyeol called.

"Why would I?"

"To be a sweetheart."

Baekhyun creased his brows. "I'm not a sweetheart."

"Not even for me?" Chanyeol cooed.

"Especially not for you" Baekhyun replied.

"I'm disappointed," Chanyeol said, pouting his lips.

"I don't care," Baekhyun said, waving him off. "Seriously, though. What are you?"

"I'm supposed to be Gatsby!" Chanyeol exclaimed.

"Well that's not what our team theme is—"

"I know," Chanyeol smiled. "But on the bright side, you're my Daisy!"

"Your what?" Baekhyun asked.

"My Daisy," Chanyeol said. "Gatsby's love interest—"

"No," Baekhyun said sharply.

"What? Why?" Chanyeol prodded, giving him a look.

"I don't want to be your love interest," Baekhyun told him.

"But...You have to be my Daisy," Chanyeol replied back.

Baekhyun glanced at him. "Why am I suddenly your love interest?"

"Because I love you, that's why."

In turn, Baekhyun took a step back, shaking his head. "You're weird—"

"But you're still my love interest," Chanyeol smirked.

Soon after, the games started to begin. A friend, Kris, had overheard the conversation shared between the two male, and suggested a plan. Every time they'd get separated during the games, Baekhyun would say "Kris, let's stay together", to which Kris would respond, “Baek, my babe"

It was all in good fun. A little bromance never hurt anybody. Of course, things didn't necessarily go as planned with Sasquatch present. Whenever Baekhyun tried to stick with Kris, Chanyeol would always find a way to shoulder bump him in the other direction.

Finally, Baekhyun had enough. When Chanyeol tried to separate him and Kris even further, he stood his ground. "What're you doing?"

"What?" Chanyeol said clueless. "What're you talking about?"

"What am I talking about," Baekhyun growled, repeating the words.

"I'm talking about the fact that my shoulder's practically red from all your shoulder bumping!" Baekhyun cried. "What's your problem?"

"My problem," Chanyeol said, crossing his arms, "is that you're my Daisy, okay? Kris is Tom. You can't be with him!"

"Who the fuck's Tom?!" Baekhyun cried, fed up with all of Chanyeol’s riddles.

"Tom is the guy Daisy married for his money while Gatsby was away!" Chanyeol explained.

"Wait," Baekhyun said, raising a hand. "If I'm Daisy, then you're basically calling me a gold digger."

Chanyeol laughed. "It doesn't matter! Gatsby loved her anyways. Just like how I love you—-you’ll always be my Daisy."

Baekhyun rolled his eyes, but then directed it towards Chanyeol's head. "Your hat is stupid."

Chanyeol grinned and took off his late birthday party hat, placing it on Baekhyun's head. "Not on you, it isn't."

Baekhyun kept a stoic look on his before glancing down at his watch. "I have to go to work..."

"Oh," Chanyeol said with brows raised. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Hopefully not."

“You're mean."


Baekhyun walked out of the building but it took a few moments to realize that he was still wearing the giant's hat. Baekhyun’s gut told him that Chanyeol would soon follow just for his hat, which he did.

"Hey, Baek!"

Baekhyun mentally groaned as he turned around. "What?"

"Can I have my hat back?" Chanyeol grinned.

Impatient and wanting to leave, Baekhyun said, "Can't I just wear it for tonight? I'll give it back tomorrow."

"I thought you said it was stupid."

"It is," Baekhyun confirmed. "But can I keep it, that's what I want to know."

Chanyeol slanted his lips and gave him a look. "I don't know...It is my party hat—"

Rolling his eyes, Baekhyun took the hat off and tossed it.

"Here, have it," Chanyeol caught the hat. "Take it you selfish bastard. We're over," he said, slightly playing with the Sasquatch.

As he stuffed his hands into his pockets, Baekhyun heard Chanyeol's loud voice from behind.

"You know I still love you, right?!"

Baekhyun scoffed, raising a hand as he looked back. "That's nice."

Even though he knew the response wasn't affectionate, Chanyeol smiled.

Tags: chanbaek, tweetfic, you know i love you right
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