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Title: Missing
Characters: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Rating: Pg
Synopsis:Every time Chanyeol tries to send a text to Baekhyun, the only thing that comes up is "Error"

Chanyeol wakes up to the crisp morning with his eyes fluttering against the thin stream of light escaping from his window. He rubs his eyes and yawns before resting again. Turning his head slowly to his left, he sees that he’s alone in bed. After quickly registering the fact that he was alone, Chanyeol slowly sits up and looks around to confirm that he truly was the only one in the room.

Looking over to his side again, Chanyeol grins to himself. Baekhyun’s side of the bed was already made so Chanyeol guessed that his husband had gotten out and made the bed while he was still asleep. Smiling at his husband’s cute habit, Chanyeol gets out of bed and goes inside the connecting bathroom to take a shower.

He comes out fifteen minutes later and takes his time dressing for work. Often, Chanyeol checks his phone to see if Baekhyun sent him a text—perhaps a morning greeting. Every time Chanyeol looks, he sees nothing.

Knowing that his husband was probably busy with work, Chanyeol takes the initiative. After buttoning up his white collared shirt, Chanyeol picks up his phone and texts a lovely message to Baekhyun with a smile on his face. He sends it and puts the phone down, walking to the dresser to retrieve some socks. When he comes back, he looks back at his phone to check if Baekhyun had replied.

Chanyeol’s smile wobbles as he sees that the message he got back wasn’t a reply, but rather, an automated message telling him that there was a problem with sending the text. Looking at the time, Chanyeol decides that he will send Baekhyun another text when he gets to work.

. . . . .

Chanyeol arrives at his work place greeted by smiles from everyone. Despite the warm greetings, he can feel a sense of sadness through the smiles.

Moving on, he forced himself to shake off the feeling and continue on.

When he arrives at his office, he's greeted by Luhan who jerks his head back towards the doorway and grins. "Good morning, Chanyeol."

"Good morning!" Chanyeol says back, striding to his desk. "How's the coffee in the lounge? Bitter?"

"As bitter as the day before—if not worse," Luhan laughs.

"Argh, they really need to upgrade the quality of the brew," Chanyeol sighs. After he sets his suitcase down, he takes a seat in his chair. "So how're you today?"

"I'm fine," Luhan replies.

"Is everything with Sehun going fine?"

Luhan nods. "We're doing okay."

"That's good to hear."

Luhan lets a few seconds to pass. "What about your morning? Everything okay?"

"It's the same old thing," Chanyeol replies casually. He looks over at a picture frame on his desk and smiles at the photograph of Baekhyun and him on their vacation last year.

"Did Baekhyun go to work early again?" Luhan asks softly.

Chanyeol nods. "He's been busy."

"Have you texted him at all?"

"I tried this morning, but the text wouldn't send." Pulling out the phone from his pocket, Chanyeol decides to try again. "I'll see it it works..."

Luhan watches as Chanyeol fiddled with the device. Unknown to the male behind the desk, Luhan had a look of concern on his face.

Chanyeol attempts to send messages again and again, but kept getting the same result. Frustrated, he puts the phone down and heaves a sigh.

"Maybe I need to get an upgrade. This thing is old," Chanyeol mutters.

Biting his lips, Luhan nods. "Yeah. Maybe we can go pick out a new one for you."

"Oh, I'll have to bring Baekhyun along," Chanyeol says. "He likes getting matching phones. It'll be nice for us."

"I'm sure he'll like that," Luhan says in a strained voice.

Chanyeol looks concerned. "Are you okay, Luhan?"

"I'm fine—I'm sorry. I'm okay." Luhan smiles again and clears the air. "So, should we get the day started then?"

"Yeah!" Chanyeol replies enthusiastically. "But first, could you tell Kyungsoo to send flowers to Baekhyun's work place for me? My phone may not be working, but I'm sure the flower shops are."

"Of course." Luhan's waves at him. "I'll see you in a few minutes at the meeting."

"Alright. Bye."

"Bye—Try to not bother Baekhyun too much, okay?"

Laughing, Chanyeol nods. "Okay. I won't."

After taking one last look at Chanyeol who was smiling softly at the picture frame, Luhan turns away and walks out of the office.

. . . . .

Lunch rolls around and Chanyeol tries again. He doesn't understand why his phone was having an off day. After putting it in his pocket, he forgets about it and joins his coworkers for lunch.

Kyungsoo, who was amongst the group, saw Chanyeol walking over to their table in the lounge and made space for him. Once Chanyeol was seated, he joins their conversations. Minutes passed by and before long, Chanyeol remembers his request.

Tapping Kyungsoo on the shoulder, Chanyeol asks, "Did you send the flowers over to Baek?"

Kyungsoo blinks, looking a bit lost before his eyes dulled and he nods his head. "Yeah... I told them to write 'I love you' on the card. I hope that's fine."

"It's perfect," Chanyeol grins. "Thanks, Soo. Baekhyun will love them. I'll have to stop by and buy a vase on the way home. He might want to keep them alive for a little while longer."

"Yeah," Kyungsoo says in a small voice. "It'd be a shame to see something beautiful like that die."

"That's why you put flowers in water. It keeps them alive longer."
Chanyeol goes about his day normally. He tries countless times, but is convinced that his phone was absolute crap. After the last few attempts, he promptly shut off his phone and shoved it in his pocket, forgetting about it.

. . . . .

He busies himself with his work, burying and diving into piles of paperwork that no one else thought to do. Luhan watches him from afar and it's clear to everyone that Chanyeol is the epitome of concern and pity around the office.

When it's time to clock out, Chanyeol grabs his jacket and his bag. He thanks everyone for working hard and says his good-byes to his close friends.

"I'll see you all tomorrow!" he says brightly as he pushes out the door and leaves.

Once Chanyeol left, Luhan dismantled.

"I can't do this anymore!" he cries. "This is hurting me!"

Kyungsoo fights back the tears that threatened to spill as he watches Luhan break apart. He steps forward and attempts to calm down his friend.


"Baekhyun's dead! He's been dead for three months!" Luhan covers his eyes with his forearm. "He's gone, Kyungsoo! He's gone..."

Sehun, who was standing by, moves over and hugs Luhan from behind. "Luhan, stop crying...We know."

Despite being told to stop, Luhan couldn't find it in him to will the tears away. "Everyday—every single day it's the same thing," he rasps. "He knows. Chanyeol knows, but he's just torturing himself."

Kyungsoo's lips quiver. "Luhan, he can't cope," he whispers.

"I know," Luhan says as his voice breaks. "He pretends like Baekhyun goes to work early in the morning. He pretends like his phone's broken. He pretends like Baekhyun's still alive when he's not!"

All efforts were inevitable. Kyungsoo cries too.

"He can't move on...But it's not our place to say anything. Chanyeol can't cope with the fact that he lost Baekhyun so suddenly in an accident on a day that should've been like any other day, so he pretends."

"He breaks my heart, Kyungsoo..." Luhan whispers. "He breaks my heart every time he asks me to tell you to send flowers to Baekhyun...You and I both know that you can't give flowers to a ghost."

Kyungsoo stills.

"Let's just leave him be. He wants to live in a world where Baekhyun's still alive and we can't take that away from him..."

. . . . .

When Chanyeol returns to the apartment, he sets a vase in the middle of the kitchen table, fills it with water, and places the flowers he bought on the way home inside.

He jumps into the shower and spends fifteen minutes in there before coming back out and slipping into his home clothes. After cooking himself some dinner and leaving some for Baekhyun, Chanyeol eats in front of the tv and watches a show that he and his husband enjoyed watching together.

Once the clock hit ten, Chanyeol decides that it's time to go rest. With gentle hands, he fixes Baekhyun's side of the bed. Then he goes to asleep.
Waking up, Chanyeol felt refreshed. He yawns and rubs his eyes before stretching his arms. With a lopsided grin on his face, he turns his head to the left and sees an empty space.

The smile never falters. Chanyeol knows that Baekhyun had once again left early, but was kind enough to make his side of their bed.

. . . . .

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Tags: angst, baekhyun, baekyeol, chanbaek, chanyeol, exofic, missing
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