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Not Intended 47

Chapter 47
Adventures of SeNugs 4: Love Drunk
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I’m Nugget. Currently I am four months old, but dad says he doesn’t really know. I don’t believe him. Dad knows a lot of stuff! He made an airplane out of paper. My daddy’s a magician man. He made it fly. I remember it flew and hit the wall. Dad threw it away after that but after he left, I took it and I put in under his bed. I like it under dad’s bed. I keep secrets in there. They’re my secrets.

One time I found this stick so I hid it there. Sometimes I hide things in flower boys room too but not pretty things like sticks. I leave my poopies there.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah! My dad.

Recently dad’s been pretty happy. That makes me happy! But he’s happy with tall man and I don’t understand. If I was dad, I’d hate tall man. Why does dad like tall man? I don’t understand. Maybe it’s because I’m only four. Maybe I’ll understand when I’m five!

Uncle krees is at the house now. He’s helping tall man do his work because apparently he works for tall man. One time I peeked inside tall man’s work room because he forgot to lock it. Stupid tall man. I used my good paw to push the door open. Anyways, I looked inside and he looked like he was really focused on what he was doing, but it was all a lie because I knew he was thinking about hurting dad later.

I really hate tall man. I could see the hate in his eyes. He was scribbling with his stick, but I knew he wanted to stab dad with it. I couldn’t watch very long. Tall man saw me and yelled for flower boy.

I hate flower boy. He picked me up and talked to me like I loved him. I don’t love you, flower boy.

Even though I don’t like tall man, he’s been ignoring dad. He kissed dad one evening but then he left with uncle krees again. Dad got so lonely he started drinking crunky stuff. I don’t know what it was but he started acting happier. Dad! Drink more! Drink more! I want dad to keep drinking alcohol because it makes him smile. It’s a different smile than when he’s with tall man. The smiles he has with tall man are gross because tall man’s involved. When its acohol, it’s better because dad smiles at everyone except tall man! Drink dad! Weeee!

I was going to follow dad to fat lips’ room but they kept me out. What? Dad? I tried to get in, but they kept the door closed. I knew it wasn’t dad’s fault. It was probably flower boys fault. He wanted to keep dad all to himself. I mean, Kyungsoo mama and fat lips were in the room too, but they won’t be able to help dad like I can if flower boy decides to strike! I can help dad. I can ward off the spermies! Go away flower boy spermies! Dad doesn’t want you.

When they didn’t open the door, I thought about getting tall man. I don’t like him, but he was someone that could save dad from flower boy. I didn’t get him though. Tall man would keep dad for himself and I can’t defeat him with my two paws. So I waited.

There was nothing to do. I was alone. I sat in the living room and kept hearing dad laugh. Tall man didn’t come out and investigate but that’s because he’s not a good puppy like me.

I have good hearing. The vet said so.

Finally when dad came out, he looked funky! I knew it was flower boy’s fault. I saw the way he was holding my dad. I tried to bite his foot.

Release my father, you crunky beast!

He didn’t release him. I was sad. Instead, he pushed me away with his foot. Ew. Flower boy has gross feet. Dad has better feet. He said he’d play with me later and I wanted to make a poopie on his face. I don’t want you to play with me, flower boy! I want you to go home!

I tried to stop flower boy again, but dad decided he was gonna go to his room alone. I was going to follow but flower boy picked me up and took me in the other direction. It made me mad. I can only contain so much anger in my tiny body. My body is tiny and tall man calls me fat, but I’m not fat, I’m angry.

I heard a thump and I heard dad crying. I jumped out of flower boy’s arms. I felt liberated. I hate flower boy.

Before I could go to dad’s rescue, I peeked my head around the corner and saw that tall man was carrying dad to his room! He was going to ravage dad! I learned that word from one of dad’s books. I’m not allowed to read them yet. I have to read my picture books, but I read them anyways. But yeah! He was going to ravage dad!

But you know, just before I could bite tall man’s feet, flower boy came around and told me to leave it to tall man because tall man knew what to do. Silence flower boy! You don’t know poopie squatter! 

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