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Not Intended 45

Chapter 45

Baekhyun didn’t seem to notice much of Chanyeol and Sehun’s absence as Kris took his attention by asking him casual questions. To this, Baekhyun replied with ease. Kris had asked about what happened last night and Baekhyun plainly told him. The details were kid-friendly in the beginning, but as the details became more detailed, Kyungsoo stepped in—on purpose—with food in order to stop the brunet from giving Kris any details Chanyeol wouldn’t have wanted him to know.

After ten minutes or so, Sehun came out of the basement with Chanyeol following behind him. As he sat down, Baekhyun glanced over at him to see if there were any signs of fighting that may have happened below ground, but Sehun looked perfectly fine. When the blond caught him looking, Baekhyun smiled before turning his attention to Chanyeol, who took a seat to his left.

Breakfast wasn’t too completely awkward for the house guest. Kris didn’t mind the fact that Baekhyun would sometimes shoulder bump him in order to get away from Chanyeol trying to hit him on his side where he was ticklish. He also didn’t mind how Baekhyun accidentally mistook his feet as Chanyeol’s for a second and played footsies with him. The mistake, though, earned him a glare from his boss. And even though Kris wasn’t very affected by the hate being sent his way, he still kindly retracted his feet far enough from Baekhyun to avoid another misunderstanding.

Nugget had finished eating and spent his time under the table. He stared at his dad’s game with Chanyeol and tried to join in, but was gently pushed away by Chanyeol when the pup interfered. With nothing else to do, Nugget moved over to Kris and stuck out his tongue, flicking the house guest’s foot.

Baekhyun found himself in the same situation he was in weeks prior when Kris first visited.

After everything was put away, Chanyeol found Baekhyun sitting in the laundry room slowly organizing the clothes that were to be washed that day. Pulling Baekhyun off the floor, Chanyeol then informed him of the situation.

The fact that Chanyeol had to limit their time together again didn’t bother Baekhyun very much. Coming from a house where his dad was almost always working, letting Chanyeol go for a few hours a day didn’t seem like much of a bad bargain.

Standing on his toes, he quickly kissed the giant before smiling and wishing him good luck. Before Chanyeol left Baekhyun to resume with his work again, Baekhyun kindly reminded him to keep the math simple because complexity wasn’t always necessary.

“So,” Kris started as he looked through a small stack of papers spread on Chanyeol’s table, “what’re these applications for?” After eyeing the job description, Kris raised a brow as Chanyeol sat down in his seat. “You’re going to hire a second maid?”

“Already did,” Chanyeol said as he sighed and picked up a pen. “I did a phone and video interview with the ones I was thinking about, but one of them stood out to me. He should be here in a few days.”


“No offense to the female gender, but Baekhyun’s lazy ass has been doing a lot better than all my other house maids,” Chanyeol stated. He spun in his chair a few times before he noticed the look Kris was giving him. “Do you have a problem?”

“Just a question, actually,” Kris said as he cocked his head. “What about Byun? Does he know that you’ve been philandering with other maids?”

Blowing a breath, Chanyeol shook his head. “I'll tell him later…”

“Nothing good comes from procrastinating,” Kris hummed as he walked over to the large table and set down the folder containing pieces of their assignment. “Being the CEO of a company, you should know better.”

Snorting, Chanyeol rolled his eyes and stood up from his seat to walk over to the work area. “Right,” he said dismissively.

As Chanyeol took out the blueprint drafts that were rejected and stamped to be redone, Kris watched him with a watchful eye. Then he asked: “So who’d you hire?”

Chanyeol shrugged, keeping his eyes on the papers. “Some baby faced guy. I mistook him as a girl when we video chatted.”

Kris frowned. “I know you implied that you prefer male maids over the traditional female ones, but if you hired a feminine looking guy to clean your house, you might as well have hired a woman.”

“I didn’t hire him for his looks.”

Kris crossed his arms. “Then you hired him for his skills.”

“Not necessarily,” Chanyeol muttered. “He had the least number of recommendations out of everyone in the file my parents gave me.”

“Okay,” Kris said, clearly not understanding. “Then why?”

There was a small pause as Chanyeol contemplated sharing how his immature mind worked during the entire searching process. When he decided that it didn’t matter, he looked up at his subordinate. “He was the only one who said he had pets when I asked.”

With judging eyes, Kris creased his brows. “You hired the guy for his pets.”

“He said he had a dog and a cat,” Chanyeol answered. “I was just thinking about Baekhyun’s dog.”

Laughing, Kris shook his head. “You did it for a dog—”

“I did it,” Chanyeol hotly cut in, “because I think that the fat waddling pup needs to get some friends of his own. He’s too dependent on Baekhyun, always following him around. Another dog and cat should keep him preoccupied.”

“Don’t you like Nugget?” Kris played.

“The dog’s not the problem,” Chanyeol cleared. “It’s the fact that he’s too overly attached. All he’s ever known is Baekhyun. He needs to be socialized.”

After a moment, Kris concluded one fact: “So you did hire this guy for a dog.”

Chanyeol and Kris had been going in and out of the work room often for breaks that took an hour or so each. Nothing vigorous was done until in the evening when Chanyeol decided to cut their frequent breaks and began to push for more work to be done.

After dinner, Chanyeol left first after he spared Baekhyun a few words, asking him how he was doing and if he was alright. Baekhyun answered that he was fine and promptly announced that he was going to eat half of the ice cream in the fridge. The only thing Chanyeol told him after the gluttonous statement was to not eat too much.

Before Chanyeol left the area to return back to his room, he turned back and witnessed Nugget trailing after Baekhyun who was picking up the plates for Kyungsoo. Baekhyun didn’t mind. By the way he laughed, Chanyeol guessed that he enjoyed having the dog loyally follow him, but in Chanyeol’s mind, he was fully convinced Nugget needed to stop following Baekhyun like a lost duckling.

In order to entertain the others while Chanyeol worked with Kris, Baekhyun had the idea of pulling out some beer bottles from the rarely touched collection in the cellar. What started out as simple drinking eventually involved into drunken games that forced Baekhyun to move Sehun, Kai, and Kyungsoo into Kai's room where they were in an area away from being potentially walked in on.

Baekhyun wiped a tear from his face that came streaming down when he choked on his shot after suddenly laughing at something Kai had said. Already feeling dizzy, Baekhyun knew that he had already lost count of how many shots he had downed.

They were playing a game of which one had to take a drink if someone mentioned an action that they were guilty of doing. Even though everyone had become light headed, Baekhyun was a little more over the top because of the fact that he had done practically every indecent act everyone could come up with.

“I’ve never done any sexual favors just to get out of being ticketed,” Sehun challenged with his eyes especially locked on the brunet.

It came with no surprise when Baekhyun sluggishly shrugged and took a drink.

Kyungsoo groaned as he watched Baekhyun smack his lips and shake his head. “Baekhyun, why?”

“I had a clean driving record up to that point,” Baekhyun justified as he recalled the event. “And I wasn’t going to go to jail for speeding through a stop light and almost hitting a pedestrian! It wasn’t my fault—it’s never my fault. I had an appointment that I couldn’t miss.”

Scooting back, Kyungsoo leaned against Kai’s bed as he fixed his position on the floor. “You’d rather suck off an officer’s meat than go to jail—Bless your shameless fucking soul, Baekhyun. I’m almost jealous at your shamelessness.”

Kai swung a look over at Kyungsoo. It almost seemed like a mix of surprise and disgust. He looked away soon after, clicking his tongue.

“It’s nothing to be proud of, really, but it was just business.” Baekhyun lingered about for a while before picking up his spirits again. “Alright! New one! I have never thought about fucking anyone in this room—no offense.”

Sehun didn’t make a move, but he did hang his head down. Kai froze, but it was Kyungsoo who muttered, “Fuck it,” and filled his shot glass to the brim before hastily drinking it all down. Baekhyun laughed and clapped at the brazenness of his usually calm and collected friend. Kai, however, was less amused at Kyungsoo’s drunken indecency.


“Who what?” Kyungsoo muttered as his eyes slowly focused in on the look Kai was throwing his way.

“Who’s the one you’ve thought about having sex with?”

“This isn’t truth or dare,” Kyungsoo snapped. “Lay off me.”

Frustrated, Kai grunted. “Fine.” Then he reached over, grabbed the bottle of alcohol and poured himself a shot. “Then I’ve thought about fucking someone in this room, too.”

Kyungsoo frowned at him. “Oh, what a joke,” he scoffed. “What’re you? A heterosexual comedian?”

“Hey, hey, hey,” Baekhyun said in a loud voice as he intervened. For a moment he laughed, but immediately covered his mouth until he was sure he could handle himself. “How about the two of you say a name on the count of three?”

Kai glanced over at Kyungsoo who was blowing up his cheeks in objection. “I don’t want to.”

“Ah, but Kai, we’re all drunk off our asses. No one’s going to remember this shit in the morning,” Baekhyun coaxed. “Well—maybe me, but still…”

Rolling his eyes, Kyungsoo blew out a breath. “Fine. Whatever. We’re all going to get amnesia from all this drinking anyways.” Taking a gander at Kai, Kyungsoo muttered, “Do a countdown from three.”

Smirking, Baekhyun held up three unsteady fingers. “Three…”

Curling his hands into fists, Kai quickly thought of his decision whether or not he’d actually say the name. Likewise, Kyungsoo nibbled on his lips as the first number was counted. Both of their eyes were intently watching Baekhyun’s other two fingers.


The name was on the tip of their tongues, ready to burst out at the final number.


Both cooks withdrew.

“You, Baek.”


Sehun let out an awkward cough and silently thanked the lord that he was the least drunk out of all of them; therefore, he had the ability left to feel embarrassed for everyone. Baekhyun, on the other hand, threw his head back and laughed. The laughing only ended when he fell too far back and hit his head against the wall, which left him crying out for help on the floor.

Crawling on his knees, Sehun moved over to the failed brunet and turned him on his back. While Sehun attempted to lightly tap Baekhyun to coherency, Kyungsoo whined when Kai tugged at the collar of his shirt, pulling him over.

“So, Baek, huh?”

“I could say the same thing to you,” Kyungsoo muttered when he pulled away. “But again, stop with the jokes. We all know you’re straight. If anyone’s gonna pop one for Baekhyun, probability says it’ll be me. Seeing as how none of us here have breasts—”

“Stop talking—”

“And no one here has nice vaginas for you to—”

Grabbing Kyungsoo’s face, Kai forcibly took his lips by surprise. Kyungsoo struggled momentarily, but was quick to give in. Fumbling with his own hands, he took took a grip on Kai’s shirt and the two of them pulled and tugged at one another as if they were fighting over who had more power.

Kai soon detached his lips, but only long enough for him to stand up, pull Kyungsoo up by his shirt and throw him onto the bed. After the impact, Kyungsoo scrambled to collect himself, but before he knew it, Kai was on him, biting and nipping at his lips.  Without a second thought, Kyungsoo wrapped his legs around Kai as he ran his fingers through the male’s hair.

When Sehun looked back, he realized that all of a sudden, Baekhyun and he didn’t belong in that room anymore. Wiping Baekhyun’s tear away, he swung the brunet’s arm around his neck and coaxed him to stand up on his own. Sniffing, Baekhyun complied.

As Sehun supported Baekhyun with one arm while carrying a few bottles with his other hand, Baekhyun looked back at the pair making out and grinding on the bed while arguing and throwing insults at each other. Shaking his head, Baekhyun rubbed his eyes as he was being led out.

Immediately after Sehun opened the door, Nugget met with them, barking shrilly up at the gardener holding his dad. He tried to paw Sehun’s legs, but Sehun ultimately pushed the dog away with his foot. “Not now, Nugget. I’ll play with you tomorrow.”

Nugget paused for a second before running after the two. Before they could reach the kitchen, Sehun had to halt once again because Nugget kept running circles around them and getting in the way. After a few more of Nugget’s interruptions, Baekhyun decided that he didn’t need to go into the kitchen. He just wanted to go to bed.

Pulling away from Sehun, Baekhyun gave him a lopsided smile. “Yah, I’m gonna back to my room, okay? Thanks, though,” he said. “Chanyeol’s gonna come out any minute. I can’t have him coming out here and seeing me like this, so I need to go. Good night, flower boy.” Then, quickly, before he left, Baekhyun gave Sehun a sloppy kiss on the cheek before running carelessly into the hallway.

Drunk men and running did not go hand in hand in Baekhyun’s situation. Tired and dizzy, he ran, but forgot there was a turn at the end of the hallway. The sudden turn was a last minute action, causing him to slide on the floor and hit his head hard against the door to Chanyeol’s work room.

The loud thud and subsequent whimpering were enough to alert the Kris and Chanyeol, jerking them from their work. Before Chanyeol could move from the table, Kris was already up and pulling the door open.

Looking at the writhing body curled up in a fetal position on the floor, Kris didn’t know whether to immediately laugh or be concerned. Crossing his arms, Kris leaned against the doorway. “Well, if it isn’t your lovely fiance Byun Baekhyun.”

Sluggishly, Baekhyun winced as he reluctantly opened his eyes. “Byun…?”

Pursing his lips, Kris raised a brow. “Yeah. Byun Baekh—”

“For the love of god, move!” Chanyeol growled as he pulled Kris back inside the room and pushed him away. Crouching on the ground, he immediately took Baekhyun’s head in his hands and inspected him. “Open your eyes, Baek—Look at me.”

“My head hurts, Yeol,” Baekhyun whined as he turned his head away.

Chanyeol wouldn’t have any of it. He kept Baekhyun’s head still. “Yeah, I’m sure it does. Now look at me.”

Begrudgingly, Baekhyun opened his eyes and saw the look on Chanyeol’s face. “Hi…”

“You’ve been drinking.”

“Actually, I was playing a g—ahhh, stop, stop, stop,” Baekhyun groaned as Chanyeol moved his hand over the part that impacted the door. “That hurts…”

“Serves you right for drinking.” Scooping Baekhyun up in his arms, Chanyeol held him bridal-style, telling him to grab onto his shirt. “Kris, put everything away. We’ll start again tomorrow.”

With a simple hand movement, Kris complied and shut the door. As Chanyeol carried Baekhyun a little farther down the hallway to his room, he didn’t miss a beat in letting the brunet know about how he felt. In the middle of telling Baekhyun that he was stupid for the third time, Baekhyun hit Chanyeol on the chest with a feeble hand.

“I’m not stupid.”

Snorting, Chanyeol disagreed. “No, you really are. You’re actually much more stupid when you’re drunk.”

Unexpectedly, Baekhyun smirked as he craned his head up. “I’m a genius, Chanyeol,” he stated with drunken authority.

“I know you are.”

“No, really, giant,” Baekhyun insisted, stumbling on his speech. “I’m smarter than you, baby.”

Chanyeol scoffed. “Whatever you say.”

Baekhyun reached up and flicked Chanyeol’s chin. “I’m not lying.” Sighing, he rested his head against Chanyeol’s chest. After a short while, he asked, “Why did Kris say that?”

Skillfully opening the door with his foot, Chanyeol stepped into his bedroom and nudged the door closed behind him. “Why did Kris say what?” he asked as he carefully laid Baekhyun on the bed.

Frowning, Baekhyun shrugged. He opened his mouth to clarify, but instead, he kept quiet. “Nothing… I must’ve heard wrong.”

Chanyeol eyed Baekhyun for a careful minute before forgetting the subject. After grabbing a hold of the hem of Baekhyun’s pajama pants, Chanyeol ordered, “Lift up your hips.” Grunting, Baekhyun wriggled, rather than lifted, but Chanyeol still managed to take the material off.

Bending two fingers, Chanyeol said, “Can you take off your shirt for me?”

Nodding, Baekhyun began to struggle out of his shirt. Once he started pulling it over his head, Chanyeol took over the job and quickly threw the shirt off to the side. Finally, Chanyeol heaved a sigh before starting on Baekhyun’s boxers.

“You’re so gross,” Baekhyun whispered as he let Chanyeol undress him completely. “I’m cold—My balls are cold. Wait, are they?” Reaching down, Baekhyun felt around. “Maybe a slight exaggeration, but I feel them coming together. They’re cold.”

“Well, what do you want me to do about it?” Chanyeol asked rhetorically. “I’m gonna go start a bath. Stay here.”

Rolling around on the bed, Baekhyun mocked him. “Where else am I going to go, stupid?”

If Baekhyun hadn’t drunkenly mocked him, Chanyeol would have considered picking up the brunet when he accidentally rolled off the bed and hit the floor.


“I only asked you if—”

“That’s not mine,” Baekhyun said.

Chanyeol looked at the rubber duck in his hand. “If this isn’t yours then whose is it?”

“It’s not mine,” Baekhyun repeated, not answering the question. “Am I that childish?”

“Despite what you think, Baek, yes you are,” Chanyeol muttered. Setting the rubber duck on the ground, he crouched down and watched as Baekhyun gathered hoards of bubbles towards him. “I thought you took baths with that stupid toy.”

“Ducks are my thing, baby,” Baekhyun said, sticking out his tongue. “I thought you’d know me by now.”

Chanyeol glanced down at the duck before lifting his eyes back up. “Then why do we have an ugly yellow duck in here?”

“Oh, you know,” Baekhyun replied casually.

“No, I don’t know, Baek,” Chanyeol scoffed.

Bobbing his head, Baekhyun hummed. “Nugget needs a bath buddy whenever he’s taking a bath.”

A small silence passed. “You bathe the dog in my tub.”

“You let me take baths in here,” Baekhyun argued.

“But you’re not a dog,” Chanyeol argued back.

Baekhyun shrugged, giving Chanyeol’s argument credit. “Yeah, but…”

“There’s not buts about this!”

“Yeol, Nugget’s my son. You’re dating me. Technically, you’re like his other dad,” Baekhyun said exasperatedly. “So I’ll be damned if our son can’t take a bath in this tub because his other’s dad’s being a fuck ass. We’re family so we’re going to share a tub.”

Groaning, Chanyeol let it go and allowed the drunk man win. Scooping a handful of bubbles in his hand, he stuck a few on Baekhyun’s face.

“Whatever you say, Baek...”

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