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Not Intended 44

Chapter 44
Slip Ups

Chanyeol woke up alone.

He found it slightly odd considering how he usually woke up with Baekhyun clinging onto him while softly breathing against his chest. With the lacking presence beside him, Chanyeol lied in bed for a few minutes staring up at his ceiling.

In that moment, he lingered in his thoughts about the male he had unexpectedly grown affections for. Flipping over, Chanyeol pushed his face in Baekhyun’s pillow. Not surprisingly, it had the scent of him. Closing his eyes, Chanyeol took another second for himself before slowly pushing up off the bed.

He wasn’t over the fact that Baekhyun had gotten out of bed without him. It felt a little weird without going through their morning routine. It usually started with Baekhyun waking him up by playing around with his body, though not in a sexual way. Baekhyun would casually trace his jaw line some mornings. Other mornings he would take their hands together and compare them.

Afterwards, once Chanyeol was awake, Baekhyun would begin rambling on a topic, which would branch out to another topic that was completely irrelevant to the previous one, but Chanyeol would usually stick through it. Over time he had gotten used to their early morning talks. Neither of them would be conscious enough to have a serious conversation, but Chanyeol found the loose way that they communicated amusing.

As he sat on the bed, his eyes gradually fell down onto his hands. Specifically, they fell on his ring finger and immediately reminded him of his underlying relationship with the maid in his house. Groaning, Chanyeol ran a frustrated hand through his hair.

Baekhyun was currently the maid, lover, boyfriend, and fiancé of Park Chanyeol.

The more Chanyeol thought about it, the more it seemed like a clusterfuck of unnecessary adjectives. As he bulldozed over the facts, he began to contemplate about what he wanted to do. He had already done everything by the book. Although he had started their relationship in a slightly unorthodox way, Chanyeol gave himself credit for trying to give Baekhyun better treatment than what he had previously gotten in his past relationships.

In his efforts, he had tried to give Baekhyun what he wanted—within reason. Amongst Baekhyun’s needs was affection, whether or not the idiot admitted it. Chanyeol could get the hint just by looking at Baekhyun’s growing collection of adult romance.

Getting out of bed, Chanyeol heaved a sigh as he began to dress. When he looked at his appearance in the mirror, there was one thought inside his head that was blaring sirens.

Part of his brain wanted to tell Baekhyun about who he really was—Who they really were. Another side of him disagreed. It argued that it would be better if Baekhyun never found out. There was a picture in Chanyeol’s mind—one that played a scene where Baekhyun found out and was pleasantly surprised at the “coincidence” of the entire situation.

But no matter how much he wanted to think that there’d be no consequence for keeping such a secret from Baekhyun, Chanyeol knew otherwise.

When Chanyeol entered the main living space, Baekhyun was nowhere to be seen. Curiosity itched at him as to where his fiancé’s whereabouts were, but his attention was immediately pulled towards Kyungsoo, who called him over to the kitchen for breakfast.

Taking a seat next to Kris, Chanyeol mumbled out his thanks as Kyungsoo handed him a cup of coffee. While the cook and his assistant fumbled around in the kitchen trying to finish making everything, Chanyeol stared off at the glass window, watching the ocean from afar in silence.

Kris kept glancing his way. Often he alternated between sending looks from Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, and Kai, but for the most part his eyes were on the bickering duo in the kitchen. With tapping foot and fingers, Kris sighed and let out a thought from his preoccupied mind.

“Is no one going to speak up about last night?”

Everyone’s attention was suddenly on the man sitting next to Chanyeol. Taking a sip from his mug, Chanyeol smacked his lips a few times as he raised a brow. “What about last night?”

Kris rolled his eyes. “Are we going to ignore the fact that the entire house could hear you and your fiancé going at it? Even the dog heard you.”

Shrugging, Chanyeol dismissed the “issue” and continued on calmly enjoying his morning. Frustrated, Kris turned to Kyungsoo and Kai, who both shrugged just as well. Kyungsoo turned back first, but Kai was kind enough to give a simple explanation for their lack of concern.

“We’re used to it.”

Creasing his brows, Kris was left confused. It didn’t make sense in his mind how the people in that household were “used to it”. Nugget didn’t count. He was just a dog who responded to his owner’s voice. Kris knew that the little black fur ball didn’t know what he was doing when he ran in the direction of his dad’s voice.

As for the other people in that house, Kris was still thrown in a loop. The only inference he could make up in his mind was that Chanyeol and Baekhyun frequently did the deed around the house. Kris could only guess that the revelation made its way to his face because the next thing he knew, Kyungsoo, who rarely talked to him, gave him a deadpan look and said: “You’ve got the right idea.”

Baekhyun tried to be comfortable, but Chanyeol’s basement cellar floor was both dirty and cold. With nothing but a small thin blanket laid out under them, it was hard for Sehun to find comfort as well. The fluorescent light above them was one of the only positives in their environment.

Scratching his head, Baekhyun looked at the lawn mower that they were trying to disassemble. The one Sehun usually used had broken so the old one collecting dust in the underground layer of the house was the only option. It was too big of a task to try and carry the machine up the stairs, then later try and figure out how to fit it through the door. After a few minutes, they had decided that it was best if they disassembled the entire thing.

As Sehun unscrewed bolts and screws, he handed them over to Baekhyun who identified the bolt specifically by eye. Then he wrote down their type and placement before throwing them into organized bags.

After twenty screws, Sehun looked at Baekhyun as the brown haired male carefully took the parts from him and quickly identified them. “How do you do that?” Sehun asked in pure curiosity.

“Do what?” Baekhyun replied as he scratched his pencil against a pad of paper.

“Do that,” Sehun said. “You just look at them and you know what kind of bolt they are—I mean, look, you’re even writing its diameter.”

Baekhyun laughed as he shook his head. “I’m just estimating.”

“Still,” Sehun mumbled as he pulled a few more screws out and took off the mower’s bag and handles. “I’d never be able to do that no matter how hard I try to memorize numbers.”

“Memorization isn’t something that I find hard,” Baekhyun replied.

“That’s not hard to believe.”

The small conversation died and Baekhyun decided to fill in the clear space by saying: “Thanks for letting Nugget sleep in your room yesterday night.”

“It’s nothing,” Sehun replied shyly as he was suddenly reminded of last night’s events. “We just watched some television together.”

“Nugget likes the channel for kids—oh, the one with the talking vegetables!”

Smiling, Sehun bowed his head at Baekhyun’s revelation. “I think it’s cute how you treat him like a child.”

“He’s my baby,” Baekhyun cooed as he cupped his own face with his hands.

Finished with the disassembling, Sehun decided to take a few minutes for himself as he leaned back on his hands and looked at Baekhyun who had finished organizing. With his eyes on the tired male, Sehun watched as Baekhyun took his pencil and began twirling it.

After a moment, Sehun quirked his lips and asked, “Do you like Chanyeol?”

Baekhyun paused before nervously chuckling. “What kind of question is that?”

“I’m just asking because, you know…you two seem serious.”

“We do?” Baekhyun asked in a cheery voice.

Raising his brows, Sehun nodded profusely. “Yeah—He’s been really nice to you lately.”

The brunet tried to hide his smile, but he ultimately failed. He laughed out of shy embarrassment and Sehun couldn’t help but grin as the sound filled his ears.

“He’s just being an oversentimental idiot—oh, but he said he’s my boyfriend now,” Baekhyun said, trying to say it in a way where it didn’t sound like such a big deal despite how it clearly was. “But yeah, I love him—despite how stupid he is—Okay, well, he’s not stupid, because, you know, he’s obviously a smart ass, but you know what I mean.

“Oh—Wait, boyfriend?” Sehun glanced upwards. “Isn’t he your fiancé?”

Baekhyun blinked a few times. During that time, Sehun realized that he had slipped. Ten agonizing seconds passed with nothing but painful silence in Sehun’s ears. The expression on Baekhyun’s face was blank for a while and, for a moment, Sehun thought that he was the unfortunate guy to croak first, but as a playfully mean look came across Baekhyun’s face, Sehun felt some relief.

Jumping up from the floor, Baekhyun launched himself at Sehun, pushing the younger male against the floor and straddling him. “Yah, he’s not my fiancé, flower boy,” Baekhyun teased, pushing his forehead against Sehun’s. “Don’t get carried away. I’m not engaged to that giant—well, not yet—Ah, I don’t know!” Baekhyun pulled back but continued to sit on top of the gardener. “Well, we’ll have to see. I’d like to marry him, but that’s just wishful thinking.”

Looking down at Sehun, Baekhyun smiled and leaned down, pinching his cheeks. “Don’t joke around, flower boy,” he said innocently as he ignored Sehun’s cries. “Don’t get my hopes up, okay?”

As Sehun squirmed, he began to unconsciously thrust his hips upwards to try and pop Baekhyun off of him. Despite how rough the ride had gotten, Baekhyun kept trying to inflict pain on the nineteen year old by pinching and ticking his sides. Completely out of options, Sehun lifted his hands and placed them on Baekhyun’s waist with the intent of pushing him off.

Sehun had never been a lucky guy. The universe was almost never on his side. Good timing was not his forté either. The moment he placed his hands on Baekhyun’s body, the door opened and Chanyeol was suddenly on top of the stairs watching him as he tried to thrust Baekhyun off, which obviously looked wrong.

The duo stopped moving when Chanyeol’s presence became known. Unlike Baekhyun, Sehun was nowhere near the smiling mood. It took a second for his brain to render that his hands were still on his boss’ fiancé. Quick in action, Sehun quickly dropped them.

He hurried to elevate himself on his elbows and panickly nudged Baekhyun. “Get off—Hey, get off, get off, get off, Baek.”

Without looking at the frustrated nineteen year old, Baekhyun got off his body and started walking towards the stairs to meet with the looming giant. “Hi!” he piped with a large smile on his face. “Is Kyungsoo done cooking?”

Chanyeol opened his mouth to respond, but his mind was too preoccupied, especially when Sehun was still on the floor with his hair ruffled in contorted ways. His eyes moved over to Baekhyun who was smiling at him sheepishly as if he found nothing wrong in the fact that Sehun was practically thrusting at him a few seconds ago.

Trying to maintain a calm voice because of the fact that it was still morning, Chanyeol rubbed his forehead. “What exactly…were you two doing?”

“Oh, we were taking apart that old mower thing—by the way, Sehun needs a new one. The one that he uses is broken.”

“Not that,” Chanyeol said impatiently. “Why were you on top of him?”

Sehun quickly sat up. “He attacked me—”

“No, I didn’t,” Baekhyun threw back. “He said something and I was just teaching him a lesson.” Shrugging, Baekhyun felt he had justified his actions.

Frowning, Chanyeol glanced at Sehun, who looked genuinely worried. Deciding that it wasn’t worth getting angry over a misunderstanding, Chanyeol shook his head and grabbed Baekhyun’s hand. “Sehun, finish the rest by yourself,” he ordered.

Gulping, Sehun nodded. “Okay—”

“Sehun, are you sure you’ll be fine?” Baekhyun asked as Chanyeol began to force him back up the stairs. “I could help if you w—”

“No!” Sehun replied quickly. “No, thank you,” he said more calmly. “I’m okay. I have it. Thanks, Baek.”

“If you say so—hey, call me if you need me, okay?” Baekhyun offered.

“Sure,” Sehun replied. When he made a quick look from Chanyeol, he made a mentally note to not take Baekhyun up on his offer.

When they got to the top of the stairs, Chanyeol turned his head back towards Baekhyun and asked, “What’d he say to you?” The question caused Baekhyun to look away until Chanyeol forced him to look back.  “Baekhyun, tell me what Sehun said to you.”

“It’s embarrassing, Yeol,” Baekhyun whined. “And I’m hungry—really hungry. What’d Kyungsoo make? I told Kai that I wanted—”


Baekhyun huffed. “Chanyeol.”

“What did Sehun say to you?”

After receiving a squeeze from the giant’s hand, Baekhyun blew out a breath. “He told me you were my fiancé—oh, but he was joking!” Craning his head back, Baekhyun yelled: “That joke was stupid, Sehun!”

In the background, Chanyeol could hear Sehun’s quiet “sorry”. To him, a simple apology wasn’t going to cut the slip up, but he forced himself to stay collected. Chanyeol knew he couldn’t unfold right in front of Baekhyun, who had misinterpreted everything as a joke.

Turning back to Chanyeol, Baekhyun scoffed. “Fiancé—that’s on a whole different level, Chanyeol.”

With thinned lips, Chanyeol nodded. “Yeah…”

Pulling them back up on the main floor, Chanyeol gently led Baekhyun to the kitchen. “Listen, eat without me,” he ordered. When Baekhyun opened his mouth to ask why, Chanyeol cut him off. “I’m going back down to help Sehun with that stupid dinosaur machinery.”

“I could’ve helped him,” Baekhyun argued even as Chanyeol was forcing him to take a seat next to Kai.

“I’m sorry, but with your puny arms, you wouldn’t be able to lift anything at all,” Chanyeol retorted.


Swooping down, Chanyeol quickly placed a kiss on the brunet’s lips, which ultimately shut him up. Kris, who sat a few seats down, scoffed and looked away from the scene. Baekhyun looked unaffected by any feelings that the kiss was supposed to induce. “Kissing me won’t make me wobble on my knees and forget what I was going to say, Chanyeol.”

“I know, but kissing you does make you more submissive.” Then Chanyeol lightly flicked Baekhyun’s nose, causing the male to jolt in his seat. “Now eat. I’ll be back with Sehun.”

“Don’t hurt him, baby,” Baekhyun requested as Chanyeol was about to walk away.

“Why would I hurt him?”

Baekhyun gave Chanyeol a stoic look. “He was literally dry humping me. He was plowing my fields. You’re the overprotective farmer of my fertile soil. I don’t want you hurting him, Chanyeol.”

Chanyeol bit his mouth shut. Without arguing any further, he turned around and headed back down the basement. But with every step of the way, Chanyeol couldn’t help, but have Baekhyun’s farming reference invade his mind.

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