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Not Intended 41

Chapter 41
Love in the Dark

Despite the fact that Kris, Kyungsoo, Kai, Sehun, and Nugget were unexpected add-ons to date plan, Chanyeol found that the date hadn’t gone as badly as he thought it would. He hit a lot of things on his list as well as more. In the beginning he thought that all he’d get out of the date was some innocent time together, but as they came out of the zoo hand in hand as “boyfriends”, Chanyeol couldn’t help but feel a little accomplished.

The term “boyfriend” was still ringing in his mind even as he was driving the entire gang back to the house. Baekhyun was the only one awake while the others slept just like last time. As the sun set and the light began to disappear, the car was enveloped in darkness, giving them another shroud of privacy.

With nothing illuminating the inside of the car but the functions on the dash board, Chanyeol could barely see Baekhyun’s face. Nonetheless, he managed to find the other’s hand in the dark. Nothing filled the silence in the car, but the low oldies music that Chanyeol had decided to put on—to which Baekhyun argued about for ten minutes before losing the debate.

When they had finally passed through town and were heading straight for their house, Chanyeol squeezed Baekhyun’s hand and asked, “So, what’d you think about today?”

“It was nice.”

“Can you come up with a better adjective?” Chanyeol asked.

Baekhyun laughed. “I had fun—I loved it a lot...” Leaning against his seat, he closed his eyes. “I slightly love you, too. You’re not a bad guy. I think you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me in a long time.”


“Actually, no,” Baekhyun said, shaking his head. “That’s too big of a compliment. Let’s downsize it to—”

“Wait, wait—” Chanyeol furrowed his brows as he looked back and forth from the road and Baekhyun. “You can’t just take back what you said.”

“I think I can,” Baekhyun argued. “If only you could really see my face now, Yeol. It’s red. I just said something embarrassing—ah.” He patted his cheek with his right hand. “You’re still a great guy, though. And I still like you a lot and slightly love you.”

“And I’m still the best thing that’s ever—”

“I feel like I’m feeding your overweight ego with that compliment,” Baekhyun pointed out.

Chanyeol groaned. “Baek, there’s no backtracking in this relationship.”

“Excuse you,” Baekhyun piped. “You backtrack a lot.”

“If you’re referring to our bedroom activities, Baek, then yes I do backtrack a lot,” Chanyeol said, quick to admit. “I have to. You don’t stretch that quickly, alright?” He paused. “But as for you and that compliment, I’m not going to forget about it and you can’t take it back, damn it.”

Covering his mouth with his hand, Baekhyun gave him a small glance. “Fine, but I’m not repeating it—not until I’m ready.”

“When will you be ready to tell your boyfriend he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you again, Baek?” Chanyeol teased. “Tell him how long he has to wait.”

“I’ll tell him when I feel like it,” Baekhyun said, giving Chanyeol a smug look. “I’ll tell my current boyfriend that I love him with my entire being at the altar.”

“Oh, how sweet,” Chanyeol scoffed. “You’re already thinking about marrying me.”

“Excuse you. I said current boyfriend,” Baekhyun said. “We might break up. I might get a new boyfriend. I might be talking about my future current boyfriend, not you.”

“Even in the dark, you should know that I’m not smiling right now.”

“When are you ever smiling?” Baekhyun laughed. Knowing that Chanyeol was still not budging, Baekhyun leaned over and kissed Chanyeol on the cheek. Even then, Chanyeol remained stone faced. “Yah, it was a joke.”

Poking Chanyeol on the side, Baekhyun tilted his head. “If it makes you feel any better, I won’t marry anyone.”

After biting his lips for a second, Chanyeol glanced at him. “That doesn’t help.”

“I’ll never break up with you,” Baekhyun said as a consolatory add-on. “I promise—You can break up with me though—”

“What kind of guy are you?” Chanyeol said sighing. “We just agreed that we were officially dating a few hours ago and you’re already talking about breaking up.”

“My relationships never last long,” Baekhyun said with a small smile. “I’m just letting you know you have an option out—”

“I don’t want an option out,” Chanyeol groaned. “If I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to you in a long time, then I don’t want a fucking break up option. And just so we’re clear, Baek, no, there’s no backtracking between us. You said what you said and you can’t take that back. We’re not breaking up just so you can get a new boyfriend who you may or may not marry—which, by the way, you will get married one day, believe it or not. It may happen soon or it may happen a year from today.”

Baekhyun was silent for a while before he relaxed and looked over at Chanyeol, whose grip on the wheel had tightened as well as his hold on Baekhyun’s hand. “You’re right—You’re right to the tenth degree, giant.” After a while, he said, “Maybe I will get married—of course, I’ll marry for love, no matter how cheesy that sounds.”

“It’s not cheesy. It’s perfectly okay,” Chanyeol muttered.

Nodding his head, Baekhyun agreed. “It is okay—we’re okay, too.”

Playing around Chanyeol’s hands for a few minutes, Baekhyun amused himself. Chanyeol allowed his hand to be in Baekhyun’s childish possession. He didn’t fail to notice how Baekhyun’s hand paused every so often to trace every inch of his. Chanyeol was taken by even more surprise when Baekhyun raised his hand and took it to his lips, placing light kisses on it.

“Have I ever told you that I love your hands?” Baekhyun said softly.

“You’ve never verbally told me, but I know you do…”

“Right, because they’re rough, but the way you use them sometimes…” Baekhyun’s voice trailed off for a moment. “Sometimes you’re gentle with them. I don’t know how to describe it, but I’m sure you understand.”

A small silence followed briefly before Baekhyun looked at Chanyeol with questioning eyes. “How long do we have until we reach the house, Yeol?”

Chanyeol quickly glanced at the digital clock. “Five minutes. Why?”

“Can we make love tonight?”

Almost stepping on the brakes, Chanyeol had to immediately get back to his senses after Baekhyun’s open request. Breathing a little bit harder, he quickly looked at Baekhyun, which was a mistake. Looking at the male who was eagerly waiting for his answer did nothing good for him.

“I would like that,” he answered calmly.

“But I don’t mean sex,” Baekhyun mumbled. “I know that we, um, ‘fuck’ a lot, but tonight can we do things more slowly? Not too slow. I still want you to take me hard. I just—”

“—You want feelings,” Chanyeol finished for him.

Baekhyun hesitated for a while before nodding. “Making love is different than just having sex,” he murmured. “It says so in the books…”

Chanyeol gave a small scoff at the fact that Baekhyun mentioned his books again, but this time, he understood. “I’ll make love to you all night if that’s what you want.”

“Well, maybe not all night. I can’t get zits due to bad sleep,” Baekhyun said, touching his face.

“But if you decide you don’t care, I’ll happily let you ride me ’til morning.”

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun sighed. “I think that riding you for that long’s unhealthy. I might break your shaft.”

“Only if you accidentally pull out and sit on it.”

“Only amateurs accidentally pull out,” Baekhyun said snorting. “Wanna hear a story? Okay, because one time, I was—”

“No, no, no,” Chanyeol cut in, preventing Baekhyun from continuing on. “I don’t want to hear it.”

Laughing, Baekhyun nodded his head. “Okay. I’ll save it for another day.” Before Chanyeol could argue that he didn’t want to hear it another day, Baekhyun let go of his hand and hit his thigh. “But back to the subject of tonight—I want you to love me, but can we do some foreplay beforehand?”

“Like what kind?”

“The kind that involves me sucking on you,” Baekhyun said, counting with his fingers. “I want you to finger me—god, that’d be nice. Can we try four fingers tonight?”

“Anything you want, princess.”

Smiling brightly, Baekhyun leaned over and placed his cheek right next to Chanyeol's. “You’re like a drive-thru. I just tell you what I want for sex and you give it to me the way I like it.”

Pulling back, Baekhyun fixed his hair for a second before releasing the seatbelt. “It’s really dark. You can barely see anything in here…” he muttered.

Alarmed, Chanyeol tried to grab Baekhyun’s seatbelt, but it was long gone before he could find it. “Baek, what’re you doing? Put your belt back on.”

“We’re going to start our foreplay,” Baekhyun announced casually as he leaned over and began to touch Chanyeol’s thighs. “I think it’s kind of exciting this way—you know, with the others in the back asleep and unaware.”

“Baekhyun,” Chanyeol said in a warning tone. “I’m driving and it’s dark. Fucking me with your mouth doesn’t seem like the brightest idea right now.”

Not heeding Chanyeol’s words, Baekhyun continued to touch him gradually until he got to the male’s mound. Quickly, before any objection was made, Baekhyun unzipped the front of Chanyeol’s pants. Then, after feeling around, he found the edge of the giant’s underwear and proceeded to pull it as far away as he could.

Baekhyun could hear Chanyeol’s voice hitch when his soft hands found their intended target. For a while, Baekhyun tried to pull Chanyeol entirely out, but had minor issues in doing so. “You know,” he muttered, “if you weren't so big, this would be a lot easier.”

“I’m sorry,” Chanyeol replied sarcastically. “Let me get my cock downsized for you.”

“I’m not complaining,” Baekhyun smirked. “I love every part of your body—despite how troublesome this monster is at times.”

Chanyeol bit his lips when he felt Baekhyun flick him with the tip of his tongue. He hissed, but was unable to control his body from reacting positively. With a few more lavishly long and slow licks of his length, Chanyeol found himself hard. 

"Damn it, Baekhyun," he said with gritted teeth. "You're just asking for it when we get home."

Popping Chanyeol out of his mouth for a second, Baekhyun looked up. "Oh, I think I already asked you what I wanted you to do to me. That threat's a little void at this point." 

Then Baekhyun hallowed out his cheeks once more and bobbed his head while cupping the base of Chanyeol's cock. After a time, he replaced his mouth with his hand and stroked the leaking shaft, flicking his wrist for movement.

Thumbing the slit of the head, Baekhyun ran his tongue from the hilt to the top, savoring the taste.  With baited breath, he took Chanyeol in once again and was met with a small thrust from the giant himself, who cursed as Baekhyun teased him.

When Baekhyun twirled his tongue on the tip, teasing the giant relentlessly, Chanyeol's jaw locked and his grip tightened. "Fuck, Baek," he rasped.

Chanyeol swore the gods were testing him. He was able to maintain his driving despite the fact that his brain was fifty billion light years away. The sound of Baekhyun's lip smacking service tore at him. He wanted nothing more than to let go of the wheel, move the seat back, and take Baekhyun's head, encouraging the male to take in more, to suck harder, and to keep going.

When the car finally pulled into the driveway, Chanyeol felt relieved at the fact that he had driven them safely home without driving the car off to the sea. Finally free of driving duties, Chanyeol moved his hand to lace them in Baekhyun's hair, but when he tried to do so, Baekhyun lifted his head up and looked around.

"Oh, we're home." Wiping his mouth with his arm, Baekhyun have Chanyeol a smirk. "That went by rather quickly. Time to wake up the others."

Baffled, Chanyeol stared at him. "Baekhyun, you're going to leave me fucking hanging again."

Ignoring him, Baekhyun reached back and rustled Kyungsoo's legs, which ultimately woke up Nugget. "Kyungsoo, Kai...We're home."

As everyone began to slowly wake up, Chanyeol continued to glare at his garage door, doing nothing to relieve the raging issue he had. Looking back at him, Baekhyun gave him a sympathetic smile. Leaning over, he whispered, "I'll finish you off later, okay? Promise." 

He held up his pinky for Chanyeol to take, but Chanyeol only glowered at him in turn. "Baekhyun, I swear to god—"

"You swear to god what?" Baekhyun asked with a grin.

Chanyeol opened his mouth, but then closed it. The next time he opened it, he didnt hesitate. Taking a sharp breath in, he growled. "You're going to finish me when we're back in the house."

"My promises are solid," Baekhyun announced confidently.

Baekhyun tried to help Chanyeol pull everything back up, but the moment his hand accidentally brushed against the throbbing shaft, Chanyeol groaned and gently pushed him away, telling him to get out of the car without him.

One by one, everyone left the vehicle. Chanyeol was the last one to leave, but to his small pleasure, Baekhyun was sitting on the front steps waiting for him to come out and enter the house.

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