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Not Intended 39

Chapter 39
Adventures of SeNugs 2

Why do bad things happen to me. Flower boy hit me lots. I want to cry but dad said doggies don't have tear ducks. Ducks? I don't have ducks. Just the white duck dad puts in the tub for me. Quack quack dad says. And right now dad's with tall man. I hate tall man so much. He took dad away from me. I was supposed to be with dad, but tall man gave me to flower boy.

Why does flower boy have life? I don’t understand. He took me to the g-g-g-goats. I didn’t like it. They didn’t like me. They had horns. They’re horny. Dad said horny is when something is sharp. I think they're horny. Flower boy took me to the petting place. He took out a rabbit. I like rabbits. Rabbits are nice. They peed on flower boy’s hand. Rabbits and I both hate flower boy.

Flower boy was wearing glasses. Dad’s glasses. He took dad’s glasses. Flower boy is a thief. Tee ee aych ee eff. Thief.

Kyungsoo mama left us when we got to the giraffies. Fat lips followed. Lanky man went with them. They left me with flower boy. I wish death on them. I did not like being alone with flower boy. I wondered why Kyungsoo mama left me. I forgive Kyungsoo mama. I don’t wish death on Kyungsoo mama because one day dad will marry Kyungsoo mama and tall man will be gone. Hip hip h-h-h-horray!

We went to go see the Koi fishes. I stood by the pond, but then something hit my head. I wanted to cry. Flower boy hates me too. Why else would he be throwing pellets at me? He told me he was sorry. He said he meant to throw it to the fish. I can see lies in his eyes. Flower boy hates me. I do not deserve this.

I tried to run away, but the leash kept me with him. I was sad. I was hungry. I think flower boy knew I was hungry. He tried to feed me his snack. I don’t want to eat a snack that touched his lips. He made me eat it anyways. I could taste his saliva. I couldn’t taste the saliva of a girl. That means flower boy has no girlfriend. That means flower boy is a rainbow lover like dad, which dad said is a nice thing. I think flower boy should get a girlfriend. I don’t want him to be a rainbow lover. There can only be one rainbow lover in my book. That’s my dad. My dad is the rainbow lover.

Sometimes I think I spot my dad, but whenever that happens, flower boy takes me away. He picks me up like the way dad picks up my poopy poop poop, but then he takes me the other way. I want to struggle, but who knew gardening would give flower boy such strong man hands. They’re not as big as tall man’s. Tall man has big hands. They’re big and unholy. They are like satan hands. I don’t even know what satan is. Dad used to call tall man satan. Now he calls him other stuff that don’t sound as mean.

I won’t share. Dad’s secrets are mine. No one will ever know.

Anyways, I was excited to see dad again. I think at twelf-thurty? I don’t know. What is time? I’m a dog. My body tells me time. I poop when my body tells me it’s time. I don’t eat until my body says its fine. I’m a clock.

Tick tock tick tock.

Tock rhymes with cock which is a rooster. I think dad’s been misusing the word lately. He talks about cock, but I don’t see any chickens around tall man’s house. Tall man has no chickens. I will show my dad my picture book and show him what a cock is. I only wish to help my daddy. 

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