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Not Intended 35

Chapter 35
The Caravan

It was supposed to be only the two of them. That was the entire purpose of “dates”, but for reasons beyond his control, Chanyeol ended up driving the large black SUV—the one that Baekhyun ruined. It was later that Chanyeol found that the annoying male had tried to cover it up with black eyeliner, which took everything he had not to banish Baekhyun from his property for being stupid.

Everyone in the car seemed happy despite Kyungsoo and Kai bickering over “personal space” in the back. Even Nugget, who Baekhyun refused to cage for the duration of the trip, was sitting his butt on Kyungsoo’s lap, listening to the two humans argue about topics he didn’t even understand.

Looking over at Baekhyun, Chanyeol saw that he seemed to be enjoying himself, which was good—for him, at least. They hadn’t even set off five minutes from the house and Chanyeol was still angry and irritated.

The entire purpose of a “date” is for two people to go out and get to know each other. It did not include a dog that sung along with his dad’s singing, a cook and his assistant cook arguing, and a gardner that was listening to his music player while trying to get the dog to sit on him.

When Baekhyun was arguing with him the night before about bringing Nugget along, Kyungsoo had overheard and casually commented on how he wanted to go to the zoo and that he’d never been to the zoo before. And as Chanyeol opened his mouth to shut the idea down, Sehun joined in and pestered him. The only person who didn’t say anything about wanting to go along was Kai, but even so, Chanyeol could see that he wanted to get out of the house and do something.

Baekhyun was no help to his case. From the moment Kyungsoo suggested that they all go, Baekhyun was in and Chanyeol was alone. He wasn’t sure if Kyungsoo knew that it was supposed to be a date when he suggested it, but it didn’t help wondering anymore considering how they were all in the car already.

Chanyeol was pulled back from his thoughts when Baekhyun suddenly reached over and carefully pried one of his hands from the steering wheel, which he was gripping tightly on, and carefully laced their hands together. It took him by surprise and Chanyeol had to glance at the rear view mirror to see if anyone had seen the action.

When it didn’t seem like so, Chanyeol just gave up on the thought and looked over at Baekhyun again, who worded “I’m sorry” using his mouth. Constantly looking back and forth from the road and at Baekhyun, Chanyeol huffed, but received a squeeze from Baekhyun’s hand.

When Baekhyun started to pull away, Chanyeol’s grip on his hand tightened. Raising his brows, Baekhyun gave him a look. “I would like my hand back.”

“What do you need it for?” Chanyeol snorted.

“To touch myself.”

“You can’t touch yourself now. We’re holding hands,” Chanyeol muttered.

Leaning over, Baekhyun tilted his head over to the back. “They’re gonna see.”

“They hear you screaming more than they should,” Chanyeol pointed out. “I’m sure they’d appreciate things like this over you leaning over and taking me into your mouth.”

Baekhyun quirked his lips and sighed. “Your hand is sweaty,” he tried.

“So is yours.”

“You’re holding my hand with your right hand.”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol snorted. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he sarcastically remarked. “Is the hand that I fuck you with offensive?”

“It really offends me.”

With thinned lips, Chanyeol scoffed. “We’re in a car with three other people and your singing, tone deaf dog. The least you could do is give me your hand for a second.”

“How corny,” Baekhyun said. Nevertheless, he receded, leaning back against his seat. “But whatever, I guess.”

As they rode on, Chanyeol eventually had to let go of Baekhyun’s hand when Baekhyun started hitting the headboard and telling him to stop. It all happened too fast for Chanyeol to really comprehend what was going on.

It started when Kyungsoo and Kai stopped arguing and Kyungsoo began to kick against the seats, frantically crying out at Baekhyun. When Baekhyun turned around, he saw Kyungsoo holding Nugget up in the air, immediately seeing the pup beginning to leak.

Hitting Chanyeol continuously on the arm, Baekhyun was practically pulling Chanyeol off to the side just trying to gain his attention. Although confused in the moment, Chanyeol immediately pulled over. The car hadn’t even stopped before Kai had pushed the door open and jumped out, followed by Kyungsoo, who quickly, but carefully, tossed Nugget outside on the grassy side road.

Baekhyun followed after them, leaving Chanyeol inside the car with Sehun, who was a little slow at catching on because of the fact that he couldn’t hear the commotion due to his music. When Sehun got out, Chanyeol groaned as he got out of the car as well to inspect the damage.

Even as he was walking around the car, he could see Kyungsoo in an upset fit, angry at Kai for laughing at the splotches of Nugget’s piss on his jeans. Nugget had trotted off from the group to finish his business elsewhere from all the drama and Sehun followed, causing Nugget to run away faster.

Looking at Kyungsoo, Chanyeol scrutinized the jeans. “Was it that much?”

Groaning, Kyungsoo ran a frustrated hand through his hair. “No, but I need this washed now. I just—Will you stop?” Kyungsoo cried, reaching over to Kai, who had whipped out his phone and attempted to take a photo.

Baekhyun looked at the crude sight and felt a little guilty on Nugget’s shameless behalf. He scratched his head and glanced at Chanyeol, who caught him looking. Giving Baekhyun a confused look, Chanyeol wondered what the impulsive male was thinking. In his gut, he knew that it wasn’t good.

Walking over to Kyungsoo, Baekhyun leaned forward and stuck his face at an alarmingly close distance from Kyungsoo’s thighs, making the cook uncomfortable. Before Kyungsoo could step back, Baekhyun reached out and held him still. “We’re too far to go back to the house…”

“Ah, Baek—”

“Hm…” Straightening up, Baekhyun let go of Kyungsoo. “Town’s closer to where we are right now. I think it’s only like a few minutes from here.”

Kyungsoo scrunched his brows. “What’re you trying to say?”

Baekhyun glanced up towards the sky and cocked his head, swaying his body from side to side as if his entire body was thinking about something important and giddy. “I’m guessing you don’t wanna get back in the car with those jeans.”


“I’m sure they feel gross,” Baekhyun cut in. “So I was thinking—”

“Baek, get back in the car,” Chanyeol cut in, sighing. “When you think, nothing good ever happens. Get your dog and get back inside.”

Shooting Chanyeol a look, Baekhyun heaved his shoulders before turning his focus back on Kyungsoo. “I was thinking,” he started again, “maybe you’d want my pants.”

Taken aback, Kyungsoo shot a worried look at Chanyeol, who looked just as confused with the world as he was. They both wondered if they had heard right, but because of the fact that Baekhyun was already undoing his belt and unzipping his front, they knew that he was serious.

Kai was also hit by Baekhyun’s offer, but he was the only one to whip his head around for any incoming cars. Appearances mattered to him and he didn’t want people to pass by, see Baekhyun shaking out of his pants, and assume that they were a bunch of homosexuals who stopped on the side of the road to have a public orgy.

Taking action, Chanyeol stepped forward and grabbed Baekhyun’s hands away from his jeans’ front. “Stop it. You’re being stupid again.”

“Quite the contrary,” Baekhyun pointed out, grinning up at the annoyed giant. “I was thinking about this for a while—See, Kyungsoo and I wear the same size. I notice these things when I’m doing the laundry,” he said proudly. “Oh! Just like how I notice that more and more of your socks have holes in them each week. I don’t know what’s happening, Yeol. Maybe you should buy a better brand.”

Shaking his head, Chanyeol pulled Baekhyun away from Kyungsoo. “We’ll just go back to the house—”

“But—” Baekhyun stopped. Then he groaned as he took hold of Chanyeol and began dragging him towards the car for some privacy. Once they were a fair distance away from Kyungsoo and Kai’s bickering selves, Baekhyun slapped Chanyeol on the arm.

“He’s got dog piss on his pants, Yeol!” he argued, motioning to the upset cook.

Chanyeol rolled his eyes and motioned to Nugget, who was giving Sehun a hard time as he ran around. “And who does that dog belong to? Who begged me just so that dog could come along?”

Baekhyun crossed his arms and sighed. “We’re the same size,” he said, trying a logical route.

Glancing down at the in-between of Baekhyun’s thighs, Chanyeol snorted. “No.”

Knowing that he wasn’t going to get anywhere arguing with the stupid rock-of-a-man in front of him, Baekhyun pretended to surrender. “Alright. I’ll go apologize to him for suggesting something stupid.”

Narrowing his eyes, Chanyeol felt cautious towards Baekhyun’s graceful surrender. Nonetheless, he let it go. “Then go and apologize so we can go back to the house.”

“You’re still being unreasonable,” Baekhyun said as he turned back around and started walking back towards Kai and Kyungsoo.

Leaning against the car, Chanyeol scoffed. “If anyone’s unreasonable here,” he called, watching as Baekhyun approached Kyungsoo, “it’s you, you id—” Freezing midsentence, Chanyeol and Kai watched as Baekhyun took Kyungsoo’s hand and started dragging him more out into the field on the side of the road, farther and farther away from where they were all at.

Nugget ended his one sided game with Sehun and went after his dad, forcing Sehun to retreat back to the car. Pulling out his buds, he hung them on the collar of his shirt and looked to where Kai and Chanyeol were staring off to. “What’s happening?”

Neither of the two answered him. They only continued to gawk. It wasn’t until the three of them saw Baekhyun in the distance pulling his pants down to his knees that Chanyeol began to wonder once again why he had decided to stay with someone as casual as Baekhyun. His fiancé obviously had no shame. If he had any, he wouldn’t be taking any type of clothing off in public and letting other people possibly see things that were only meant for his eyes.

Then, after a moment of watching Kyungsoo hesitantly take his pants off as well, Kai muttered, “You know, it’s a stupid idea, but he’s doing it because that’s just how he is.”

Nodding, Sehun agreed. “He’s pretty nice in his own way. It might be weird, but still.”

Despite agree fully and completely to the remarks made about Baekhyun’s intelligence, Chanyeol couldn’t deny the fact that Baekhyun was doing it because, in his mind, there was nothing wrong with sacrificing a little self-dignity if it came to helping a friend.

Chanyeol would have found the situation amusing, because, to some degree, it really was. Baekhyun was in his boxers in the seat next to him. It wasn’t something that Chanyeol necessarily hated. If anything, it was easy for him to reach over and slip his hands inside to touch the small male. But, there were problems in the backseat that ruined this sexual fantasy.

Kyungsoo kept squirming, trying to get used to the tightness of Baekhyun’s pants. Kai was getting agitated by Kyungsoo’s constant moving. Nugget was no longer sitting happily on his Kyungsoo mama’s lap. Instead, Sehun had taken over the job, setting the dog in between his legs and trying to get the pup to play a game on his cellphone with him.

It was Baekhyun’s course of action to soothe the rest of the car ride that Chanyeol found amazing, but really frustrating at the same time. Bored, Baekhyun began to making popping noises with his mouth, and when that eventually got old, he got the fantastic idea of stretching the bands on his boxers and looking at what was inside.

After meeting Chanyeol’s gaze for a moment, Baekhyun went back to his business, but this time, he did something that made Chanyeol want to drive off the road and off a cliff. Using one hand, Baekhyun stretched the band out enough to curiosily stick a finger inside to touch himself.

Chanyeol’s breath hitched, but he caught himself just before letting out an angry mix of fury and frustration. He didn’t want to drag any attention to them. It wasn’t in anyone’s best interest if they knew that Baekhyun was casually poking himself for the hell of it. In fact, Chanyeol didn’t want anyone to know. Even more, he wished that none of the people in the backseat were there at all.

The zoo date had gone from being potentially fantastic, which would have led to Baekhyun willing to try new things in bed later, to something completely wayward to a point where Chanyeol had to question what the hell he was doing driving an entire circus to a public establishment.

He was distracted in his thoughts, bearing half a mind just enough to drive. When Baekhyun started hitting his arm again, he jolted and stopped the car, causing everyone to fall forward. In the midst of the aftermath, Chanyeol whipped his head around to Baekhyun.

“What the hell, Baekhyun!”

The angry tone went in one ear and out the other as Baekhyun continued to look at something up ahead. Turning his head, Chanyeol turned in the direction that Baekhyun was affixiated with. When he saw what it was, his grip on the wheel tightened and his foot was itching to just step on the gas pedal and drive right on by.

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun started, giving him a look.

“No, Baek!” Chanyeol argued. “We’re not—”

“But he—”

“Someone else can come along and help that stupid guy, Baek—”

Baekhyun leaned over and clutched onto Chanyeol’s shirt. “Chanyeol.”


Frowning, Baekhyun started to tug. “That taxi car’s broken down. We need to—”

“There’s no room!”

Thinning his lips, Baekhyun folded his arms. “Drive slowly and tell him to get in.”

Unable to understand what was going on, Kyungsoo pushed himself from the back and stuck his head in between the bickering couple. “What’re you two arguing about?”

“Kyungsoo, two globes are in my face,” Kai commented, using the heel of his palm to try and avert Kyungsoo’s butt in Sehun’s direction. Sehun didn’t appreciate it, but Nugget was a different story.

Kyungsoo ignored him and continued to investigate. "Are you two staring at that broken cab?"

"We should actually be driving passed it," Chanyeol groaned.

"Why?" Kyungsoo asked, giving Chanyeol a judging look. "Shouldn't we help?"

"Kyungsoo, for the love of god, it's Kris," Chanyeol cried, motioning to the individual pacing back and forth, too distracted to see them. "Do you really want us to pick him up?"

Kyungsoo looked at Baekhyun and pursed his lips. Then he sat back down in his seat. "Go. Leave him."

Scoffing, Chanyeol stepped in the gas. Baekhyun's mouth hung open at the decision. "Yeol!"

When Chanyeol ignored him, Baekhyun took action. He quickly took off his seat belt and began to stand on his seat. He fumbled with the sun roof for a few minutes, but eventually got it open.

"What the fuck are you doing!?" Chanyeol yelled.

Sticking his body from the top of the car, Baekhyun began waving his arms as they passed by Kris and the broken cab. 

"Hey! Hey, you! Yah!"

Cursing, Chanyeol tried to tug Baekhyun down, but instead took hold of his boxer's band, pulling down one side and revealing half of Baekhyun's bare ass to the backseat crowd.

Sehun froze, Kyungsoo's jaw dropped, and Kai wondered why he was in a gay circus. Nugget was the only one who saw nothing wrong in the situation.

Agitated, Chanyeol stopped the car. "Baekhyun, get down."

"Are we gonna help him?"

"What is with you and helping people today?"

Baekhyun shrugged and dropped back down on his seat, fixing his boxers. As Chanyeol put the car in reverse and slowly went back, Baekhyun looked over at him. "Maybe I'm just too excited. I don't know. Maybe I'm happy that you're taking me somewhere. I feel nice."

Chanyeol reached a safe spot and looked back at the male next to him. "Baek—"

The moment was cut when a knock came from Chanyeol's side of the window. Reluctantly, Chanyeol rolled the glass down. "Hey."

Kris took off his glasses and ended his cellphone call. "Hey." He paused. "Fancy seeing you here."

"No, not really."

Taking no offense, Kris shrugged. "Okay, well, I was on my way to the house, but something went wrong with the engine. I've been here for about forty-five minutes."

"Hn." Chanyeol gave him a look, raising his brows. "Well, good luck."

"Wait!" Kris took a moment. "Where're you guys going?"

Baekhyun's face brightened. "We're going to the zoo!"

Kris blinked for a few seconds before looking at Chanyeol, who threw him a look, warning him not to suggest anything stupid. But even though Chanyeol was his boss, Kris wasn't afraid of pushing buttons.

"So..." he said, clicking his tongue. "Can I go, too?"

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