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Not Intended 33

Chapter 33
Adventures of SeNugs

Dad went somewhere with tall man. I don’t know where they went. I went to flower boy’s room to be polite like dad always said so I left him a little treat under his bed. I can smell it. He can’t. I’m funny. But I went back to dad, but dad was gone. Tall man was gone, too. Tall man had something to do with it. I hate tall man. He’s always with dad and I never get to be with dad as much. I wouldn’t hate tall man so much if he let me join his games with dad. I like games, too. Like fetch, but I can’t play fetch yet, someday.

I was looking for dad because maybe they were in tall man’s room again. They’re always in tall man’s room. I’m lying. Sometimes they’re in the tall man’s cave. I call it a cave. It smells like a cave. I don’t know what a cave smells like.

Flower boy saw me walking around the house, I guess. He thinks he’s funny. He thinks I’m his friend. He picked me up and started talking to me like a baby. No, flower boy. Dad talks to me like that.

Sometimes I think flower boy tries to replace my dad. I don’t want to break his lonely heart, but no one can replace my dad. He should go try and replace tall man’s dad or something, but not mine. I like my dad. My dad found me in a parking lot. Maybe flower boy should go find dogs in parking lots too. Then he can be a dad. Just not my dad. I don’t want him to be my dad. I have dad. Dad’s the only dad I want.

Flower boy doesn’t really have any friends. He has fat lips, but fat lips likes to cook with Kyungsoo mama even though he says Kyungsoo mama’s too overb-b-b-bearing? I don’t agree. Kyungsoo mama’s not a bear. I think fat lips needs a dictionary.

Because dad wasn’t around, flower boy took me to his room. I don’t like it when he does that. I don’t like to go to places where I make my poopies. Well, I don’t make poopies in flower boy's room. Sometimes. But not really. Liquidy poop is not poop. It’s water. It’s not poop.

He made me watch dramas with him. It kind of reminded me of dad’s books, but I was seeing humans move. I’m color blind though. I’m disabled. Is flower boy disabled, too? Is that why all he does is pick up a hose and water? Is he funky? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe he’s color blind like me. Speaking of colors, I think he needs to buy new clothes. All he wears is black and white. Flower boy needs to brighten up.

After his dramas, flower boy took me to the beach. He tried to get me to fetch a stick, but I don’t fetch for him. I don’t fetch for anyone. I don’t try to fetch if you’re not my dad. Dad encourages me. If I don’t fetch it, he says it’s okay. Then he laughs and says I'm “fetching”. I don’t get human humor, but I barked anyways to show dad that he was funny even though I don’t know.

When flower boy got tired of trying to get me to play, he picked me up again. He sat us on the porch and he set me in between his legs. I didn’t like it. It was hot. My back was sweating, but I don’t sweat cause I’m a dog. I wriggled, but he laughed. Why did he laugh at my attempt to get away from him? I don’t know. Flower boy has no sense of humor. That or he has one that’s bad. He’s not funny like my dad. I don’t even know what funny is.

Are my poopies funny? I think so.

I was really happy when dad came home! I wanted to hug him, but flower boy kept me in his arms. He even took me back outside. Sometimes I think flower boy thinks I like him. Sometimes I think flower boy thinks I’m his friend. I would kind of like flower boy if he wasn’t a black and white disabled boy who’s trying to replace my dad by putting me in between his legs.

I want dad.

I don’t like flower boy.

I hate tall man.

Tall man needs to go away.

What is death? I saw the word online. I think tall man needs it.

I just want my dad.

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