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Mocha Chocolata Ya Ya (Oh Yeah) (2/2)

Part 2/2


Baekhyun liked his morning drink with three shots of espresso, all according to Kyungsoo who should know the man better than anyone else since they dated and--

Shaking his head, Chanyeol stopped thinking before his thoughts derailed. He stopped looking up at the menu to step forward and order. It was a gesture--possibly something like a truce. After he did sleep on it, he figured that since Baekhyun did have chemistry with Kyungsoo, had the ability to belt out any note, and already had fans to begin with so that meant that at least the theater could pull in some regulars.

After a few minutes, his two cups of coffee ordered were put on the counter. He took both, put them in a holder carton, and turned around, ready to head out the door and down to the theater, but almost bumped into the Shrek’s future ogre wife.

“Good morning,” Chanyeol said, greeting a little too stiffly.

Baekhyun, however, only nodded, barely even acknowledging him before trying to move around him. Reaching out, Chanyeol balanced the two drinks with one hand while pulling Baekhyun back.

“Three shots of espresso, chocolate syrup, steamed milk, and whip cream. Caffe Mocha.” Chanyeol waited for a second, letting Baekhyun’s confusion sink in. “Can we talk? Without arguing about whatever.” When he saw that Baekhyun didn’t look too interested, he gave in. “It’s about the role.”

“Which one? The one where I turn into an ogre at the buttcrack of dusk or the one where I’m unqualified to even play a prostitute?”

He deserved that and Chanyeol knew. Letting go, he cocked his head in the direction of some empty seats behind him. They were going to be late for work, but Baekhyun didn’t care and Chanyeol was the boss, To be on time was irrelevant to both.

Sitting down in a seat, Chanyeol took Baekhyun’s drink out the holder and placed it on the other side of the table. Baekhyun watched him cautiously, but followed his lead and sat down after muttering under his breath.

Despite their frictional relationship, Baekhyun still took the drink with no shame. It was his drink and it was free. He wasn’t going to let it go to waste just because his boss was watching him carefully like an asshole being particularly weird in the morning. The mocha made him too weak to move so he decided he wasn’t going to ditch for a free drink.

“Alright. So, what made you go out of your way and buy me a drink? If this is some weird date--”

“It’s not,” Chanyeol said. He almost rolled his eyes, but he then caught himself. Looking arrogant wasn’t going to get him anywhere or fix anything. As politely as he could, which probably came off as weird and suspicious, Chanyeol smiled. “I just wanted to tell you that… I did think about what you said.”

“And what did I say?”

Baekhyun really wasn’t going to make anything simple and clean. “You told me… that I shouldn’t let my personal opinion or personality affect business decisions. Something like that. Can’t blame the fact that I don’t remember. You talk a lot, you know that? It’s hard to keep up.”

“Up your ass, Chanyeol.”

“You’re really comfortable with calling me by my first name considering I’m twenty-six and you’re only twenty-two. You’d think there’d be a little bit of formality between us.”

Snorting, Baekhyun shook his head. “No. I’ve already thrown my shoe at your head and you’ve already insulted me by saying I will never be good enough to be an ogre. We’re done with that stage of formality.”

“I don’t even think we got on that stage.”

Baekhyun shrugged, taking up the drink. “I agree with you for once.” He licked his bottom lip, taking away the white foam. “Is this all you wanted to say? That you actually listened to me for once?”

Shaking his head, Chanyeol leaned back, hand running through his hair. Baekhyun personally thought that no matter what shitty thing the man did to his hair, the stupid thing always fell back so perfectly. What the fuck.

“About Satine’s part… I’m going to give it to you.”

Chanyeol expected the latter to explode. It wouldn’t have been that surprising if Baekhyun got on the table and started dancing, but Baekhyun didn’t explode and he didn’t jump on anything. Instead, he cocked his head, unhappy.

“Nice joke. Did you hear that I went to Mr. Wu from someone? Who told you?”

Thrown off guard, Chanyeol drew his brows together. Wu? As in Kris? Baekhyun actually went to visit his brother, and that annoyed him. “No one. I didn’t make this decision because of your meeting with Kr--Mr. Wu.” Did he sound too annoyed? Probably. “But when exactly did you meet--”

“The day after you told me I couldn’t be an ogre's wife,” Baekhyun said, giving him a small grin. “I went to the theater and demanded to see him. When they wouldn’t let me, I told them Park Chanyeol sent me, and all of a sudden, I was golden.”

Chanyeol tried to understand what was going on. Did Baekhyun know that Kris was his--

“Your boyfriend was very nice, Chanyeol.” Putting the drink down, Baekhyun leaned in over the table. “He said that they’d be producing Into the Woods soon. I think it’s a good opportunity. It’s not my preference, but I like it well enough. Maybe they’ll cast me as Rapunzel’s prince.”

It became clear as Baekhyun went on about how so much betterhis brother was compared to him that the blonde was entirely mistaken about their relationship.

How can he date you? Why is a man like him with someone like you?

Chanyeol had a churning feeling in his stomach, almost like the need to puke at the thought of dating his brother. He wanted to correct Baekhyun, but the latter wasn’t giving him the chance to jump and say something. Figuring that the slight mistake wasn’t worth fixing at the moment yet, Chanyeol reached over and shut Baekhyun’s lips with his fingers.

“I told you I’d sleep on it. I did. You have the part. Now, do you accept or do you plan on trying out for the prince who’s daft and blind for the entire second half?”

Pulling away, Baekhyun threw him a look, but not a comeback. He was being given the role he wanted so badly, but was it worth it? Mr. Wu did seem sincere in telling him that he had a good chance of landing a major role, but here was Chanyeol giving him the role he had fought for so vigorously.

“If you don’t say anything, I’m going to assume you’re planning on turning in your two-weeks notice and joining--”

“I’ll take it,” Baekhyun said quickly. His decision was sound and final. “Satine’s my part. I want it.”

Smiling, Chanyeol nodded. Keeping Baekhyun in the company would pay off in the end. He had a feeling. “Good. I have an entire crew to oversee so I think it’s time to go. Come on. Let’s walk together.”

“Um, this sounds like an after-date walk.”

“Baekhyun, did this conversation seem like the type of conversation two people would have on a date?” Chanyeol stood up, pushing his chair in, cup of black coffee in hand. “I don’t care if you’re beyond late. That means I dock your pay, which is good for me.”

“That’s rude of you to even say in front of my face, but fine.”



The rain from the other night gave the city a pleasant aroma. Baekhyun loved it. It made him happier, making him care less about his attendance at work.

Chanyeol watched at the blonde swung his arm back and forth. Almost like a child, but that was Baekhyun’s mental age category. As they walked, the giant’s eyes caught sight of a large billboard above a building advertising the Magna Theater’s currently featured shows.

Baekhyun must’ve seen him looking because he nudged his boss with his elbow. “Real question, so why don’t you like Shakespeare? Or Sophocles? Or anything old, to be honest.”

“It’s not that I don’t like them. They’re all provocative and tragic. Shakespeare’s sense of humor is hilarious, but the way the theater is--and formerly </i>was</i>--makes it obvious that change is needed. If only more people were into them.”

“Why do you want to fix the theater so badly?” Baekhyun asked. “If its assets and value were declining, why would you buy it? What’s in it for you?”

“What’s in it for me?” Chanyeol looked forward. “My own theater. My own independant company. Profit.”

“Hm…” Baekhyun pointed at the billboard. “If you wanna be up there, you can just buy your own advertisement.”

“I would if the theater made enough money for me to actually buy something.”

“You’re a prick--ah!”

Baekhyun stepped off the sidewalk to cross the street only for one leg to step in a small hole filled with water from the rain. He groaned, lifting the leg up. His jeans were soaking wet, and when he looked back at Chanyeol who hadn’t stepped off the sidewalk yet, he glared.

“You saw this coming, didn’t you?”

“I saw the pothole, but I didn’t think you’d step in it if that’s what you mean.”

“And you didn’t think it’d be nice to warn me about it?”

“I am a prick after all,” Chanyeol said nonchalantly and taking a sip from his coffee. With one long stride (thanks to his long legs), he stepped over the puddled area and crossed the street without waiting for the blonde to get over his wet foot. “Better start walking, Baekhyun. Might as well walk that leg dry.”



Baekhyun as Satine wasn’t just good... It was great--Chanyeol would never admit to it anyways. Whenever he watched the duet between Baekhyun and Kyungsoo, he did see sparks flying, and by the end of every practice of the duet of “Your Song”, Baekhyun would always laugh and hug Kyungsoo, telling him what a great job he did.

The girls who auditioned for Satine only to be offered the role of other female characters were a bit resentful in private for a time, but after a week, they were all fawning over Baekhyun, especially when he was out of costume. Sometimes, they’d all go out for coffee dates and over eccentrically beg for Baekhyun to go along. He’d go only because he was addicted to the drink.

Before he felt too jealous about the entire thing (jealous about not being invited was what Chanyeol was trying to convince himself), Chanyeol would turn his attention to managing the theater’s resources. He had money in his personal bank account to fund multiple things, but that money wasn’t solid. It’d only disappear.

If things were to go badly, he’d have no choice but to ask his father or brother for help, and that was something Chanyeol wanted to avoid at all cost. Being the youngest son meant that all the attention was designated to the first, especially since Kris was six years older (and from his father’s first marriage). That was probably what led to his problematic high school days full of suspensions and detentions. After a while, in college, he tried to make up for those days, but his family always saw him as the troublemaker son. Everyone, but his grandfather. Unfortunately, the rest of his family thought having him in the old man’s will was a mistake, and with the buying of a hopeless theater, that was only proof that Park Chanyeol was nothing more than the black sheep of the family. To prove them all wrong was something he wanted, but other than that, he just wanted to be something.



“Isn’t that Mr. Wu?”

They were practicing a scene with Jongin who was playing Zidler and Jongdae as the Duke when Kyungsoo nodded his head in the direction of the doors on the bottom floor. Baekhyun turned his head and watched as the magnificent man walked down the aisle. Chanyeol wasn’t too pleased with his appearance, and left Heechul to do his job as a director and recollect everyone’s attention.

However, no matter what Heechul said to try and get everyone back into character, Baekhyun’s eyes were fixated on the two men, watching as Chanyeol stomped over like an ape only to be pulled into a hug by the multi-millionaire Wu. Sighing, the blonde finally turned around after some time and began reciting his lines.

It wasn’t long before Chanyeol lost control of his brother’s intended actions and accidentally let the man slip past him, walking closer and closer to the stage. Knowing they were in the presence of entertainment greatness, the actors stopped what they were doing and rushed towards the edge. Chanyeol noticed how Baekhyun was one of the slower people who seemed like they either didn’t care or didn’t know his brother. That was...good.

“Hello, don’t mind me. I’m just here to visit how Chanyeol’s been taking care of you all,” Kris began. His eyes were shining, but Chanyeol blamed the lights. “My name’s Kris Wu. I own the Magna Theater, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of before. If I like any of you, Chanyeol better watch his back. I just might snatch one of his actors away.”

The actors laughed, but Chanyeol knew that it wasn’t a joke. His eyes glanced over to Baekhyun, and immediately, he regretted it. The blonde was looking back at him.

“I hear you’re doing Moulin Rouge. Is that correct? Which one of you ladies is playing Satine?” All eyes looked over to Baekhyun who wasn’t in costume at all. Not a single drop of makeup was on his face and all he was wearing were sweatpants and a shirt. He looked tired and casual, something that Chanyeol didn’t find so bad, but apparently, his brother was in shock about the entire thing. “You? Baekhyun, is it?”

“Yes, Baekhyun has the part,” Chanyeol quickly said, wanting to get it all over with. “Now, can you--”

“So you got the part,” Kris said, smiling up at the blonde. It was one amazing smile, and Chanyeol could see that Baekhyun was in awe despite his I-don’t-care attitude just a few minutes ago. “Well, congratulations. I can’t say I’m not disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing you again.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wu. That’s really nice of you to say,” Baekhyun replied politely. “It would’ve been an honor.”

“That option is still on the table, Baekhyun,” Kris added. “In case working here doesn’t work out.”

Putting a gripping hand on Kris’ shoulder, Chanyeol looked at him sternly. “Are you done?”

“I’m just checking on you,” Kris told him quietly, shaking off the hand. “Making sure that you aren’t spending grandfather’s money more recklessly than you’ve already done.”

That was a slap in the face. Whenever his family mentioned the money given to him, they always muttered under their breaths about how the will was one big joke and how foolish the old man was to ever write him in it. They didn’t know how much his grandfather loved him more than Kris. That was a fact that was overlooked.

Faking a smile, Chanyeol put a hand on his brother’s back. “Okay, then. If that’s all, I’ll be glad to discuss to you about the finances and renovation plans that the theater has in my office.”

“That would be great.” Waving to the actors with his eyes lingering on Baekhyun, which Chanyeol noticed and felt the burning need to pull his brother along, Kris offered his good-bye and followed Chanyeol back up the aisle.



It was late and everyone had either gone home, to the bar, or some other venue where a group of them could rehearse lines and exchange ideas. No one had seen Chanyeol since he took Kris to his office and even after the man left. Baekhyun was one of the last to consider leaving. He felt...weird leaving without checking up on the prick. What if something happened? What if Chanyeol simply fell asleep? Either way, Baekhyun needed to make sure the man was okay. Who’d sign his paycheck if he died?

He peeked inside Chanyeol’s office using the window in the hallway first. A sigh of relief came out of him when he saw that the giant wasn’t dead, he was only looking angrily at some papers that were probably too important for Baekhyun to understand. Knocking on the door, Baekhyun let himself in without permission.

“Hey, are you going to go home soon?”

Grunting, Chanyeol didn’t answer. Not satisfied with what he got, Baekhyun sat in one of the chairs in front of the man’s desk. “You should close up the theater.”

“No.” Looking up from all the paperwork, Chanyeol met the blonde’s eyes. From what Baekhyun saw, he was surprised to see how sad and angry he looked. Maybe even hurt.

“Why’re you like this?” Baekhyun asked non-committedly, cocking his head. “Was it because your boyfriend came here today?” After the silence that he got, Baekhyun leaned forward. “I’m sorry if it seemed like he was flirting with me--”

“Oh my god, Baekhyun, stop.” Chanyeol threw his head back, rubbing a hand on his forehead. “It’s not that. He’s not even my boyfriend.”

“Chanyeol, it’s fine! I saw you two together once. I already know.”


Baekhyun gave him a look. “At the Magna when they had the entire orchestra playing one night. Kyungsoo bought us the tickets and I was standing in line for soda when I saw you two.”

“Baekhyun… He’s my brother. Half-brother.” Staring at the ceiling, Chanyeol heaved his shoulders. “I should’ve corrected you the first time you said boyfriend, but I was too busy trying to tell you something else.”

So they weren’t dating. Why this made Baekhyun feel good, he didn’t know. “Then why’re you staying late?”

“Why are you?” Chanyeol threw back.

Crossing his arms, Baekhyun looked at the office door. “You were still in here. I wanted to see if you were still breathing.”

“Really?” Chanyeol arched a brow. “That’s unexpected of you.”


“You’d think you’d want me dead or something...” Chanyeol said, giving a small laugh. It was like music to Baekhyun’s ears. At least he didn’t sound so depressing. “Do you want to go get a drink or something?”

“What about all of this?” Baekhyun mumbled, motioning to all the paperwork on the desk.

Shaking his head, Chanyeol dismissed the work. “I can go over them tomorrow.”

“But these look important.” Picking up one of the papers, Baekhyun scanned it. “I mean, you’re trying to get sponsors and advertising companies to feature us… That’s important, right?”

“Yeah, but I want a drink. Are you going to keep me company or not?”



Chanyeol’s apartment was really nice, but Baekhyun didn’t have enough time to be in awe because immediately after kicking the door closed, Chanyeol picked him up and took them all the way to the bedroom. Luckily, he wasn’t drunk enough to stumble and drop the blonde in the hallway. That would’ve killed both of their raging boners.

“These are really fucking annoying,” Chanyeol growled, trying to untie Baekhyun’s sweatpants. The knots had been pulled tight earlier in the day and there was nothing either of them could do. After a while of pulling and squirming on Baekhyun’s end, Chanyeol managed to throw the annoying piece of clothing article on the ground.

He helped Baekhyun take off his shirt and didn’t wait for the latter to be finished tossing it away before taking one of his nipples in his mouth. Arching his back, Baekhyun gasped and whined especially when he felt a large hand in between his legs.

It was just drunk sex, kind of. They weren’t completely drunk. In fact, Baekhyun was more on the sober side, and Chanyeol didn’t seem like he was out of his mind. They were just buzzed, and a little energetic. Sex was the greatest form of exercise, and Baekhyun needed all the exercise he could get to keep his figure for the musical. Chanyeol needed to be fit, too, in order to keep being...hot.

Chanyeol toyed with his hole, teasing him by circling a finger around the rim. Baekhyun wasn’t a fan, but it only made Chanyeol’s grin wider. When the man left his side for a few seconds to get the lube and condom pack from his bedside drawer, Baekhyun was crying out in frustration.

“Get naked now,” he demanded, tugging and tugging on Chanyeol’s shirt and jeans. “You’re not fair even in bed!”

Laughing with that rich voice of his, Chanyeol dropped the lube and condom on the bed before pulling his shirt over his head. Baekhyun’s lips went dry. The man was perfect--and that goddamn happy trail of his.

“You wanna unbuckle my jeans for me?”

In another situation, the answer would’ve been no, but Baekhyun was so eager to see where the happy trail ended that he worked quickly to tear apart the buckle and snap the front of the jeans open. Immediately, the only thing in between his lips and the man’s gloriously sized cock was a pair of dark black underwear.

Baekhyun opened his mouth to ask if he could get rid of the thing, but before the words could even slip out of his mouth, Chanyeol reached in and pulled himself out.

“You were taking too long.”


“Dick sucker.”

“How dare you?” Baekhyun gasped. Still, he grabbed Chanyeol’s thick shaft. “I mean, true, but you know.”

Chanyeol laughed, fingers tangled in Baekhyun’s hair. “Wanna put those lips to use?”

Snorting, Baekhyun took a long lick from the balls all the way to the tip of the leaking head of Chanyeol’s cock. “Are you gonna write down notes saying I’m bad at this?”

“Depends. Are you?”

Baekhyun took all of him in his mouth, dick hitting the back of his throat, and he stayed that way for a few seconds, and gently sucked as he slowly popped the cock out of his mouth. Chanyeol went weak.

“I don’t know. Am I?”

“Goddamn it, Baekhyun. Shut up and do that again.”

It was the only order the blonde was happy to do.

The sex wasn’t just good; it was fucking amazing. All that talk about Baekhyun being flexible, it wasn’t exaggerated. At one point, Chanyeol dared him to do the splits, and Baekhyun took up the challenge. His tiny cunt swallowed the thick cock slowly whole as his ass descended down until his legs were perfectly stretched. Chanyeol almost died.

Baekhyun climaxed just by being fucked in the ass when Chanyeol picked him up and continuously rammed against his prostate, and he hit Chanyeol on the chest after it happened when the guy laughed at him for screaming. Chanyeol set him down after to slow down, tired from holding Baekhyun up, and came, balls tightening as the condom became filled with his load. To get back at him for laughing, Baekhyun squeezed his ass, only making the process feel too good to bear.

Afterwards, Chanyeol thought Baekhyun was being nice for slipping the condom off and tying it up for him, but when the blonde threw it in his face, Chanyeol tackled and pinned him down on the bed. This eventually started round two. Unfortunately for Baekhyun, Chanyeol didn’t use a condom the second time around so he couldn’t throw the product of their midnight activity in the man’s face again.



Baekhyun woke up to a hand kneading one of his ass cheeks, pinching and groping it teasingly. Groaning, he hit whoever was doing it on the stomach weakly only to receive a laugh. Rolling over, he peeked through tired eyes up at the stupid face grinning at him.

“What time is it?”

“It’s five-fifteen so rise and shine, princess.”

“Nooo…” Smashing his face against the pillow, Baekhyun shut his eyes again. “I’m going to call in sick for today.”

“I’ll buy you your mocha again if we get up now.”

Kicking the bed sheets off of him, Baekhyun whined but sat up, nude and cold. He turned his head back, frowning as Chanyeol slowly rose. “Fine... But I get to use the bathroom first.”



While Chanyeol ordered their drinks, Baekhyun found his eyes glued on the man's neck. He saw a slight bruise and cringed, reminded that he made it.

Ew. He was gross in bed. And messy.

Glancing down, Chanyeol caught the blonde's eyes looking up and him. "What?"

Baekhyun shrugged, moving aside so the two of them could wait for their drinks without bothering the rest of the people in the shop. "You have a hickey."

Chanyeol gave him a look. "Yeah, I know. You were pretty wild last night."

"Shut up."

"The ones I gave you aren't visible. You're welcome."

"You do know I have to change in the changing room with the others, right?"

Their orders rang up and Chanyeol took both cups, handing Baekhyun his mocha. "Unless you're going to spread your legs for all of them to see, I don't think they'll see anything."

Reaching over, Baekhyun pinched him but didn't do too much damage. The man's jacket got in the way. "Just so you know, this isn't serious or anything."

Nodding, Chanyeol held the door open and ushered the blonde out. "I know. You kept saying it last night."

“You were just sad and I got a little horny--”

“Do you always give out pity sex?” Chanyeol asked, amused as they walked down the street.

“No!” Rolling his eyes, Baekhyun licked the whip cream from his lips. “I mean, I don’t. It was just coincidence that you were down in the dumps and I needed someone down there. Get it?”


Pushing the subject aside, because, in order for it to be nothing more than a one-night stand (or “pity sex”), they needed to talk about another thing, Baekhyun smacked his lips together before asking, “So, you’re rich, right?”

“Somewhat,” Chanyeol answered briefly. “I don’t like to think about that.”

“But your dad’s basically the Merveilleux Entertainment CEO… Are you planning on fixing the theater and then turning it over to the chain?”

Chanyeol never thought of that idea. If the theater became successful, he could always show it off for a while before adding it to his family’s chain, but it seemed wrong. And Baekhyun looked a little sad at the possibility. Shaking his head, Chanyeol heaved his shoulders. “I’m not. I won’t hand you over. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“Do you really not like your family that much?” Baekhyun asked. “I understand and all, but--”

“Do you have to be so good at remembering shit?” Laughing, Chanyeol touched the blonde’s cheek before surprising him with a pinch. “You need to stop.”

“I memorize lines for a living, god.” Baekhyun rammed his shoulder to Chanyeol’s side. The coffee in the giant’s hand spilled over slightly, enough to inflict a burning sensation on his hand. “It’s not my fault you talk a lot when you’re buzzed.”

“I thought you wouldn’t remember shit in the morning. My fault for underestimating.” Chanyeol scoffed, flicking his burnt hand. “I thought you were drunk.”

“Not really. I thought you were.”

“I wasn’t.”



Kyungsoo had his hands on Baekhyun’s waist. It was kind of annoying. And the two weren’t even in costume, wearing only simple attire, but that didn’t keep Chanyeol from trying to distract himself with his cellphone. He walked out of practice a few times to make “phone calls” but Chanyeol would never have anything to say about those calls whenever someone asked him what they was for.

It was a Thursday when Heechul decided that it was the day to dip everyone’s feet in the water with the kiss and (technically) bed scene. With Kyungsoo’s hands on Baekhyun’s arms, the two of them looked at each other with such passion that Heechul was bursting into flames in the director’s seat. Chanyeol, on the other hand ,was burning for other reasons.

The kiss was soft and gentle, perfect for Satine and Christian. Kyungsoo’s hand moved down Baekhyun’s back. It lasted for a formidable amount of time, but it felt longer to the producer who was clicking his pen annoyingly with every second that passed. It was a relief to him when the two began to pull apart, but just as Heechul was about to cry out a cut, Baekhyun grinned and leaned back in, kissing Kyungsoo once again, only deeper. The latter didn’t seem to mind, laughing into the kiss before Chanyeol rolled up the script in his hand and began whacking it against chair in front of him.

“Stick to the script! It says to gently kiss!”

Snorting, Baekhyun stepped away from Kyungsoo and cupped his hands to his mouth. “It’s called theater impromptu, Mr. Park. I think the audience will like it more this way.”

“It doesn’t matter what they want. I want--” Realizing what he was going to say, Chanyeol locked his jaw, giving himself a second to recollect. “The theater is a place for the arts. This is turning into a porn set. I don’t like it. Heechul, have them stick to the script.”

Unlike Heechul who nodded, uncaring for how tiny details, Baekhyun frowned, still unfinished. “Weren’t you the one who said that this theater needed more sex? Sex sells, doesn’t it?”

“It does, but stick to the script.”


Shaking his head, Chanyeol waved his hand and dismissed him. “I have to make a phone call. Follow what the script says.”



Baekhyun cried, face hitting the mattress with his back dipped and bare ass at the mercy of Chanyeol’s fingers. He reached back and managed to pinch the giant on his naked thigh. Hissing, Chanyeol stopped, pulling both of his fingers out.

“What the fuck was that for!”

“I said I wanted it now. Are you deaf?” Growling, Baekhyun rolled on his back, legs spread apart. “Roll that condom on and get in.”

Cursing under his head, Chanyeol hurried to rip the condom pack open. Baekhyun did his part, spreading more lube at his entrance and putting the rest on Chanyeol’s swollen cock. When the rubber finally rolled down to his hilt, Chanyeol put a hand on one of the blonde’s thighs and lifted it until his pink, puckered hole was clear in view.

Rolling his hips, Chanyeol rubbed the tip of his cock against the cleft. Then, guiding the shaft with a hand, he pushed the head inside, entering a state of bliss.

“Fuck…” Baekhyun gasped, nipples perked and needy for attention. “Don’t stop, don’t stop… More. Give me all of it.”

Chanyeol shifted, moving another inch inside. Baekhyun was squirming beneath him, head thrashing as tiny beads of sweat ran down his neck. Leaning down, Chanyeol grinned, taking one of the blonde’s nipples in his mouth, suckling before he teased with his teeth.

“You wanna stick to the script or not? If you say yes, I’ll fuck you really hard. If not, I’m pulling out. Your choice.”

“You’re a fucking prick, Chanyeol!”

To let the male know he was being (slightly) serious, Chanyeol pulled out half an inch until Baekhyun glared at him and grabbed him by the hair, forcing the giant to look at his face. “Don’t you dare.”

“Follow the script, princess. Say it. Say you’ll follow the script.”

“That’s not--fuck! Stop pulling out!”

Knowing he had the upper hand, Chanyeol’s grin grew wider. He crawled forward until his lips met with the blonde’s jaw line. “I really don’t want to pull out. You know that. I want you, hot and grinding against me.”

“I really hate you,” Baekhyun whined, but nonetheless, accepted the kiss on the lips Chanyeol offered. “Fuck you, but fine. I’ll stick to the goddamn script, you jealous asshole.”

Satisfied, Chanyeol rammed his entire length inside, making Baekhyun cry out, gasping. “Sex does sell, but this is something that I wanna keep exclusive. Understood, princess? Good.”



“This isn’t serious. It’s more like...a two...three...five...six night stand.”

“It’s eight, not six, Baekhyun. Learn how to keep track.”

“Fuck you…Will you be ordering my mocha this morning?”

“Don’t I always?”

“Can I get a bagel this time?”

“Didn’t you get fed enough last night?”

“You’re disgusting.”



It was late spring by the time Chanyeol began to set the dates for the performances. The set was finished, ready to use for full on rehearsals, and the costumes were redone, some were even newly made and ordered.

Kris dropped by twice since his last unwanted visit, but Chanyeol made sure to cut each meeting short. Baekhyun would sometimes ask whether or not he’d ever get along with his older sibling, but it was something Chanyeol always avoided answering.

The money he had put into advertising was paying off. People were offering to be sponsors, some even reserving tickets. Baekhyun’s fan club, which Chanyeol never really believed existed until the organization emailed him for information, reserved as many seats as they could. The fans of the other actors also called and reserved whatever they could. The rest of the empty theater spaces were open to the public, but at that point, Chanyeol had no worries.

After the end of one lengthy rehearsal, Chanyeol expected for the blonde to wait for him, a routine that was beginning to grow on the producer. However, by the time he was ready to leave, Baekhyun was already gone, and everyone he had asked said Baekhyun left early to take care of business.

Part of him wanted to ask what kind of business, but then he realized he couldn’t exactly ask since it wasn’t his issue to bother with anyways. It wasn’t like they were seeing each other, nor was Baekhyun obligated to go home with him to sit around, maybe eat, have sex, sleep, talk about movies, have sex, and then get their coffee (Baekhyun’s mocha) before going back to work.

The night began a little on the sadder end of things. He got home at around ten, took a shower, and couldn’t sleep despite being completely dead tired. So to keep himself occupied, he turned on the television and watched a documentary about penguins and polar bears (the penguins kind of reminded him of the blonde) until a series of knocks started bombarding his door.

It was odd to have a visitor that late, but Chanyeol proceeded with caution, dragging himself off his couch to open the front door. The second that he did threw it open, Baekhyun ducked under his arm and let himself in, shrugging off his jacket.

“Hey!” Baekhyun said breathlessly. “I thought you’d be sleeping by now.”

Giving him a confused look, Chanyeol shut the door behind him. “What’re you doing here?”

“Weren’t we going to… I don’t know? Talk and eat and go to sleep?”

“Yeah, but that was before you kind of ditched me.” Chanyeol stuck a hand up his shirt, rubbing his cold stomach as he walked past the smaller male. “Where’d you go? Do you want water or something?”

“Uh, yeah. That’d be nice.” Baekhyun followed him to the kitchen and sat on one of the bar stools, watching as Chanyeol pulled out a glass from a cabinet. “I had to talk to someone important but they wanted to talk over dinner, so I had to leave.”

“And you didn’t think it’d be nice to give me a heads up?” Chanyeol asked, pouring ice and water into the glass. Then, he slid it over the counter to the blonde. “Maybe a text?”

“Well, you would’ve asked what it was for and who it was with and I don’t think you would’ve liked it very much,” Baekhyun replied, nonchalantly as he took a drink. “I had dinner with your brother. Kris, was it? He invited me out after I called him and--”

Frowning, Chanyeol leaned over the counter, elbows on the hard surface. “What did you call him for?”

“I called him for something that you don’t really need to know about.” Looking straight at the man in front of him, Baekhyun gave him a soft smile. “You don’t need to worry about anything. I’m not planning to leave you guys at the last minute.”

“Then what went on with this dinner date?” Chanyeol wanted to know. He was actually fidgeting to know and that was just embarrassing, but pride was irrelevant at the moment. “Did you go for business or for pleasure?”

“Chanyeol, you know I can’t say no to free things. The man offered to pay for my steak. I thought I’d faint in his arms.”
Great. Baekhyun felt like fainting in his brother’s arms. That was absolutely fantastic. Chanyeol was getting heartburn and it wasn’t from the pizza that he ordered when he thought Baekhyun flaked on him.

“So, he offered you meat and you took it.”

“It was so thick and juicy and--”

“Baekhyun,” Chanyeol interrupted. His mind was going places he didn’t want to go. “What were you doing with my brother?”

“I was simply talking to him about you.” Putting a hand forward, Baekhyun squeezed the giant’s chin. “You’re a big baby, you know that? I think your brother needs to come and watch the show opening night. What do you think--”


Baekhyun pouted. “Why not?”

“Because all he’s going to do is criticize and try to recruit you guys.” Groaning, Chanyeol moved away, around the kitchen island. “Then he’s going to report back to our family and try to act like an adult over my business.”

“That’s not true,” Baekhyun said, eyes following the giant until Chanyeol stood right in front of him. He took the male’s two hands in his own and swung them around, back and forth. “I think he’s excited--worried but excited. Oh, and so is your dad.”

“What the hell? You met my dad, too?”

Shrugging, Baekhyun made it as though it wasn’t a big deal. “He wanted to come along to talk about you--oh! And to meet me for some reason. Did you tell him we were dating or something?”

Chanyeol never disclosed his relationship with Baekhyun to anyone and that was because of the fact that he didn’t know what kind of relationship they had. It felt like they were dating, but without the official title, but at the same time, Baekhyun kept saying it wasn’t “serious”, and out of habit, Chanyeol would always agree in some form or another. Whatever it was, it was comfortable.

“I don’t tell my family shit,” Chanyeol muttered, not minding the fact that Baekhyun was beginning to play with his hands. “I haven’t said a word about you to anyone.”

“Really? I told Kyungsoo we were friends, but he didn’t believe me.” Laughing, Baekhyun hopped off the stool. “And then the lady at the restaurant called Kris my boyfriend, but he said ‘No, no. He’s my brother’s partner,’ and I was--”

“Sorry, that must’ve been--”

“Somewhat pleasant?”

Chanyeol froze. The bitch of princess kingdom just confessed that being called his “partner” was “somewhat pleasant”. Before Chanyeol could react or say something to elaborate on the matter (because he liked hearing the latter talk about their relationship), Baekhyun let go of his hands and started walking to the living room.

“Anyways! On the opening night, what kind of plans do you have after?”

It took a second to get back on his feet. “Nothing...really. I plan on coming home and sleeping.”

“That’s boring,” Baekhyun said, plopping on the couch. “At least get laid or something. By the time we’re done, a lot of women and men will be after you.”

“I’m not interested.” Chanyeol sat on the end while Baekhyun tried to make himself comfortable, placing his head on Chanyeol’s thigh. “What’re your plans? Getting laid?” he asked, snorting at his own sarcasm.

“As a matter of fact, yes.” The pause was too long. Chanyeol could feel himself getting jealous. “But he better let me buy his drink next time, because it’s starting to feel like I only sleep with him for free mocha.”



“You have Les Mis in your DVD collection and you have the nerve to hate it. What the fuck, you--”

“Never said I hated it.”

Glaring back at Chanyeol who was spread out on the bed, Baekhyun scoffed. He opened the DVD tray and slipped the movie disk in. “Oh, like making fun of Marius’ empty chairs and empty tables didn’t translate to ‘I hate this stupid musical’.”

“I just think it’s stupid how the rich guy pretending to be poor was able to survive while all his actual poor friends died, and that fucker still got the girl in the end...

“Chanyeol, it’s not just about that,” Baekhyun sighed, jumping back in bed and crawling to the space that the latter had made for him.

“And what the hell? They met for like two seconds and immediately fell in love while Eponine’s over there singing by herself because the guy’s too busy being a jackass?”


“And when Eponine’s literally dying in his arms, singing about how much she loves him, he sings the duet like he sees her as a little sister. Baekhyun, he was literally friendzoning her even in death.”

“Okay, Chanyeol, but that’s not--”

“The only thing proper about Les Mis is the title. All of your favorite people and ships die.”

Baekhyun stayed quiet for a while before he laughed, leaning in and giving the giant a faint kiss on the corner of his lips. “You’re a nerd… Ew.”



The bed scene was a bump in the road that Chanyeol managed to get over. Baekhyun had no breasts but they still had to make it look like he did. The bed sheets did the job of creating the illusion.

Baekhyun's bed hair and half-nudity on stage wasn't much of a change from how he looked that morning. He was comfortable with Kyungsoo being just as nude because it was simply art.

In other scenes that required more than just his sex appeal, Baekhyun was soft, provoking, and strong in his acting. It was an amazing transformation watching him turn into a person of character and that was something Chanyeol quietly admitted to the director.

After rehearsal, Chanyeol dropped by the green room, walking in on Kyungsoo wiping Baekhyun’s face with a cloth. Jongin stood behind them, cleaning up the mess on the makeup counters. When Kyungsoo glanced up, he gave a smile, waving with a free hand.

“Hey, Chanyeol.”

Baekhyun kept his back turned against the producer, but greeted him anyways. “Hey.”

“Hi… Great job today.” Chanyeol gave a nod to Kyungsoo. “The same goes out to you guys, too.”

“Did you need something?” Jongin asked. He threw away some of the trash he was carrying, and went to sit down in a seat.

“No, I’m just waiting for Baekhyun.” Chanyeol reached into his pocket and took out his cellphone. It was nine-thirty at night, too late for most restaurants, but never too late for street food. “You ready?”

“Almost. Can you grab my cellphone? It’s on the table over there.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes followed as Chanyeol moved to pick up the blonde’s cellular device. “Do you ever go home anymore, Baekhyun?” he said under his breath, moving Baekhyun’s hair from his face. “It’s like you go home with him all the time.”

“Of course, I do!” Baekhyun said, scoffing. “I mean, I have to get clothes and stuff.”

“Hmm…Okay. Well, you’re done. Makeup free,” Kyungsoo said, stepping back.

“Thank you,” Baekhyun sang, standing up from his seat. He turned around and met Chanyeol who handed him the phone.

“Still talking to my brother?” Chanyeol commented during the exchange. “Business?”

“Sure. Business. Fun business.”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol turned his attention over to Jongin and Kyungsoo who were picking up their rehearsal bags, getting ready to leave. “Do you want to join us for some drinks?”

Shaking his head, Kyungsoo politely declined. “I’d rather get my sleep tonight, but thanks for offering.”


“Same.” Throwing the strap of his backpack over his shoulder, Jongin started making his way to the door. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Soo?”

“Coming,” the other replied, waving good-bye to the other two. “Baekhyun, call me when you’re free so we can set up a date to rehearse the lines.”

“Alright, I’ll mark down a date in my calendar,” Baekhyun said, waving back. “Saturdays are always good. Bye.”

After Kyungsoo and Jongin left, Chanyeol waited for Baekhyun to gather his own things in his bag before turning off the lights in the green room. As they walked down the hallway, Chanyeol watched as Baekhyun continued to text on his phone.

“Please don’t tell me you’re texting Kris.”

“I am,” Baekhyun said, grinning. “Wonderful man.”

“He’s too old for you.”

Scoffing, Baekhyun sent off one last text before shoving the phone in his back pocket. “And you aren’t?”

“I’m twenty-six.”

“God, I think I’m sleeping with Hugh Hefner.”

Reaching over, Chanyeol trapped him in a playful headlock and Baekhyun whined, squirming and hitting Chanyeol with his small, ineffective fists until he was released.

“Clingy!” Baekhyun said, gasping.

“Says Sneaky Sally over here texting my thirty-two year old brother.” Keeping an arm loosely around Baekhyun’s shoulder, Chanyeol looked down at him. “Seriously. What’re you talking to him about?”

“It’s a surprise,” Baekhyun groaned, throwing his head back. “Stop prying. It’s not like I’m being buddy-buddy with him. I don’t have time to mess around like that right now.”

“This surprise better not make me sick. I don’t like pranks.”

“It’s not a prank. Promise…”

“I’m watching you,” Chanyeol warned.

Baekhyun laughed. “You always are… Are you excited for the opening night? I am.”

“Yeah. Things are looking good.”

It was a good thing to say out loud. The theater was flourishing and the actors were just as dedicated to their job as Chanyeol was to the success of everything. Reservations kept rolling in, and businesses were jumping at the opportunity to advertise themselves at the center of the talk of the town.

He hadn’t heard much from his father or brother. No word of “We’re proud” or--better yet-- “We were wrong”. It was something Chanyeol decided not to linger about too much.

Despite how his relationship with Baekhyun had shifted into something more, the memories of Baekhyun yelling and arguing with him about production stories were still imbedded in his mind. Recently, he thought about ways to accommodate the theater’s old ways, but he never really discussed it with the others.

After closing the back doors and locking them, Chanyeol cleared his throat as they walked down the street and began heading toward his apartment. He took a second for himself, but later broke the silence.

“I was thinking that maybe the theater should have…some Shakespearean acts...from time to time, I mean,” Chanyeol said, trying to present skillfully. “You did have some sort of following before, and from the emails I’ve been getting, the elementary schools are still interested in seeing the all-male cast in their--as they said-- ‘funny’ performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

“So, what’re you saying, then?”

Baekhyun was looking at him with a cocky grin on his face. Fuck it.

“You can have slots maybe twice or three times a month for Shakespeare.”

“What about Sophocles?”


“Ah… You’re trying to make up for the fact that you’re a dick,” Baekhyun sang, wiggling a finger in the air. “It’s okay. I accept this proposition, so thank you. I’m going to take advantage of this before you change your mind.” Stopping him, Baekhyun pulled on the man’s jacket and pulled him in for a quick kiss. “Shall I compare thee to a midsummer’s d--”

“No. No poems. Let’s go,” Chanyeol said interrupting. He pulled away after stealing another quick kiss on the lips. “Save the poetry for later.”

“When’s later?”




“Never knew I could feel like this, like I’ve never seen the sky before. Want to vanish inside your kiss. Every day I love you more and more...”

All eyes were on Baekhyun. A few people around shedding a tear at the scene. Kyungsoo’s chest was heaving, body frozen as Baekhyun sang to him, voice wavering with want and desire.

Chanyeol was biting the push part of his pen, not out of jealousy, but of anticipation.

It was a scene that he had watched a million time, one rehearsed over and over again until it reached perfection. He turned his head, looking at the theater. It was filled. The thing was actually packed, which was a large contrast to the sight he saw the one time he visited the dead scene before buying the establishment.

He finally admitted to the blonde that he might’ve been extremely proud of everything that he had done (and what the others had managed to accomplish), but Baekhyun only half-believed him, crying, “Flattery won’t get you laid!”

But it actually did, but that was never Chanyeol’s intention when he said it.

The silence of the theater was golden. It meant everyone was captivated. By him. Baekhyun. By Kyungsoo. Everyone.

Closing his eyes, Chanyeol took in a deep breath. The musical went on, but his mind was on other matter. His grandfather would’ve been proud of him. He had no doubt of that, but other than Kris’ mysterious texts to Baekhyun, which the latter would never let him see, even going so far as to put a pass lock on his phone, Chanyeol’s family hadn’t said or sent one word to him.

He figured his father was still pressed about the entire issue of buying a theater. Maybe he still saw it as an irresponsible move, but from what Chanyeol could see, it was nothing but a gamble gone right.

It would’ve been nice to have his family there. For once, he had his life together and managed to turn a flop-of-a-theater into something promising within the course of four short months. He had a wonderful crew and staff working for him, all of which were accountable for the premier’s performance. Aside from his business, his personal life was also budding--at least, he thinks.

Baekhyun never mentioned anything about being official, and neither did he. It was always in the air, but no one bothered to grab it and turn it into something concrete. Then again, maybe if he took another gamble and just said something along the lines of “Hey, are we serious?”, something might actually happen.

But that was easier said than done.

“We’re not serious...This isn’t serious...Um, I hope you don’t think this is serious…”

It was beginning to be Baekhyun’s catch phrase, and Chanyeol didn’t know how to put an end to it. He knew he could always give back the shoe that Baekhyun threw at him the first time they met and say something cheesy and gross like, “Hey, princess, turns out you’re my Cinderella. Let’s get married, like, right now or something.”

Recently, however, Baekhyun had been showing signs of jealousy whenever he caught Chanyeol with the other female actresses on set who were playing minor characters. It wasn’t like before when everyone rehearsed in sweatpants and crewnecks. By the end of their journey, everyone was in full costume, boobs and legs visible, and Chanyeol might’ve stared a little too long at some that weren’t Baekhyun’s. He only found out about his stupid mistakes when Baekhyun made it a point to show off his legs in private more, bending over whenever he could, like getting the dishes out the dishwasher and tying his shoes on top of a really high counter.

However weird and indefinite they were, he was happy. Oddly enough.

When the musical ended two hours later, the theater erupted in cheers. A brief thank you was said and everyone on stage took a bow. It took about thirty minutes for the theater to clear, but that didn’t mean the back wasn’t bustling. A few of the audience members had the authority to visit backstage and meet the actors, so Chanyeol watched as kids and adults alike took turns taking photos with the crew. Baekhyun was quite popular (not surprisingly), garnering the attention of many teenage girls as well as the adolescent boys.

Leaning against a wall, Chanyeol waited until the traffic behind stage became diluted over time as people began to leave. When he finally got the chance after the last person to approach Baekhyun had left, Chanyeol grinned, holding the male’s chin up to face him.

“You did fantastic, princess. You didn’t stick with the script, though. That impromptu kiss came back,” he teased.

“The audience loved it,” Baekhyun justified, smiling cockily.

“Not going to lie. I kinda did, too.”

Leaning down, Chanyeol took the blonde by the lips. Baekhyun smiled into the kiss, cocking his head for a better angle. Just as Chanyeol was about to deepen it, slipping his tongue just past Baekhyun’s lips, the two of them heard a few exaggerated coughs from behind and stopped, pulling away to look.

Shocked, Chanyeol straightened his posture, hands still holding onto Baekhyun. “Dad.”

Baekhyun, however, seemed less in shock. In fact, he was delighted. “You two made it!”

Laughing, Chanyeol’s dad offered Baekhyun a large bouquet of flowers. The blonde had to hug it to his body, barely seeing over it. Chanyeol thought it was ridiculous and embarrassing. “Wouldn’t have missed this for the world. You were amazing.”

Baekhyun curtsied. “Thank you,” he said gracefully. “Did you guys get to meet the other actors?”

“Yes,” Kris said eagerly. “They were all great. Do you think any of them might be interested in--”

“No,” Chanyeol said adamantly. “They’re all happy here.”

Instead of taking it offensively, Kris only nodded, satisfied. “I’m glad to hear that, Yeol… I hate to admit it, but you actually have a nice thing here.”

“We were worried you were gambling the money away in a manner your grandfather would not have liked,” his father said slowly, “but I think this is the best thing you possibly could have done… Congratulations, son.”


“Oh, but Yeol, if you ever want to sell this theater, I can also buy out the actors’ contracts--especially you, Baekhyun. Call me, beep me, if you wanna--”

Chanyeol threw his brother a glare. “Fuck off,” he said hotly, sparking Baekhyun to give him an amused look.

“Be nice. Your brother came after I begged him to for, like, five weeks.” Baekhyun gave the giant a pat on the back. “Family matters.”

“Baekhyun said he’d send us the wedding invites, and dad over here wasn’t going to have a son married without him being there.” Kris shrugged, redirecting his eyes to Baekhyun. “You’re very talented and pretty, but I think I’m too old.”

“You are,” Chanyeol quickly said. He grabbed Baekhyun and held him tighter. “I think this one’s taken.”

“We guessed as much by the way you cried when Satine, you know, presumably died... Weak.” Heaving a sigh, Kris walked over, putting a hand on Chanyeol’s shoulder. “But in all seriousness, I’m proud of you. And so is dad. Keep up the good work. If you ever need anything, you know you can always call us. And you, Baekhyun, if you’re ever interested--and I mean ever-- then--”

“I’m fine, Kris. Thank you,” Baekhyun said, offering a smile. The grin on his face only grew wider when he saw Chanyeol look down at him. “I’m okay for now.”

“Well, if you say so. Don't forget about those wedding invites!"

It was a pleasant thing to see his brother and father, for once, not utterly disappointed with him. In fact, they were just as proud of his baby (the theater, not Baekhyun) as he was. Chanyeol wanted to hoot and holler, but instead, he picked Baekhyun by the waist and hoisted him up in the air.

"I love you so much, princess," he said, cooing and gladly announcing it as if it was something they said to each other often. "Like, fuck. You're amazing as hell."

A slight blush appeared on Baekhyun's face. "Hey, stupid. We're not that serious yet..."

"Aren't we?"

"I don't know..."

Chanyeol set him down, giving him a coy face. "Then what was that thing about wedding invites?"

"Something to use to get them here."

Pretending to be hurt, Chanyeol put about hand to his heart. "Ouch... Is this rejection?"


"I've been meaning to tell you this, princess, but I kind of see you as my boyfriend even though you say it's not serious." Chanyeol paused, the teasing flame in his eyes gone. "I hope you don't mind."

Baekhyun's jaw gaped and his voice was being difficult, but it's wasn't so shocking that he lost all ability to respond.

"Same..." he replied softly before speaking up. "I think I feel the same way. I'm comfortable with you and you're fun to make fun of."

"Are you saying that because I have money?"

"Fuck no--"

"Good," Chanyeol said, kissing Baekhyun on the cheek. "Now, go clean up so we can go home. We have to celebrate, remember?"

The look in Baekhyun's eyes was teasingly sly. He leaned in and whispered, "How can I forget how thick you are?"

The only thing Chanyeol could do was glare before falling for the way Baekhyun was batting his eyes. It was dumb. It was a sin. It was irresistible.

"Hurry it up, princess or I swear we're using the nearest closet to celebrate."

"Oooh. That's almost as kinky as--"




"Wooden box that she used to sleep with her customers in the 2012 movie."

Chanyeol sighed. The obsession would never end.


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