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NI: Donuts

NI: Donuts
Length: drabble
A/N: Mpreg drabble series anthropology
Summary: Baekhyun thinks food loves him more.



Are you okay?



Chanyeol, can you just go and let me vomit in peace?

The morning sickness shouldn't be this bad.

Um, are you pregnant? For the second time? No. So just--



Do you need anything?

Some...some paper towels and kleenex...

Baekhyun, do you want water, too?

I want... I want a donut. After this.

What about breakfast?

I'll see how I feel. Is Haneul awake?

He's with Kyungsoo--Baekhyun, I'm coming in.


Goddamn it, pull your foot away before I accidentally crush it with the door.

Chanyeol, stooOOOoop!

It's not like I haven't seen you like this before!

It doesn't get easier with time so stop! Give me a minute.




See? I'm fine.

You look pale.

I always look pale.

You don't think I don't know how you normally look?

Well, your memory isn't as good as mine.


Donut run?

You don't want pancakes? We have orange juice.

Ugh, Chanyeol! Orange juice makes my stomach hurt! You know that!

No, I don't.

Well, you do now! I'll just drink water.

Okay, that's fine--

But really, Chanyeol. Donuts. I need them.

Try and eat healthy for the baby.

Um, I can eat healthy when I start showing. For now, I want to binge.

Don't be stupid.

I was stupid last time and Haneul came out fine.

By luck! I'm just glad you didn't have have a miscarriage from being so impulsive.

Oh, stop being a hater.

I'm not a hater. I'm your fiancé and a father.

Same thing. Everyone's a critic.

Fine. I'll get you your donuts. But don't you dare forget about your prenatal vitamins! AND YOUR PROTEIN SHAKE.

I hate the protein shake, Yeol!

It doesn't make you puke and it still gives you the nutrition you need.

But it makes me WANT to vomit!

Stop it. You're going healthy and that's it.

Every day, I feel like I am unloved.

Because I want you healthy?

Because you care more about the baby than my own needs...

Oh my god. Baekhyun, these are the hormones speaking!

Shut up! I'm driving to town myself and getting myself a jelly-filled donut. At least it makes me feel loved.


You might be my fiance, Chanyeol, and this baby--and Haneul--might be yours, but you will never last as long as donut hole! Never!


I'm taking my bike because I need to burn the calories off before I eat the donuts and become as fat, pregnant whale again.

Byun Baekhyun.

I don't give a shit what you say, too, since I'm sure you loved having fat sex with me when I still had the weight from my pregnancy with Haneul. You just want that again.

Excuse me?

Well, here's what I have to say! Never again! No more sex with you! No more sex with a man who won't buy me some do--fuck.

Oh my god--



I didn't mean to puke on the floor...

It's fine...

It came out of me...

I know...

Like...a water fall.


I'm sorry...

It's fine.

Do you want me to--

No, I'll clean it.



So... I'll get going. Bye.


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