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Like Night and Day 28

Chapter 28
a/n: if its a bit rough im sorry im rusty and im poop

Against the brunet’s protests, the giant set the deflated bicycle on the front porch of his house, insisting that he’d fix it the next morning. “I can go to the bike shop around the corner and get us a good deal on something not too expensive.”

There was a resistance on Baekhyun’s part, but Chanyeol brushed it all off with the shaking of his head. Persistence on his behalf was never too hard to accomplish, and there was something about that fact that kept Baekhyun in constant submission.

It was late, but Chanyeol’s parents never minded Baekhyun’s company on nights when he’d arrive along with their son. Much like the giant, his parents were open and hospitable towards him, and Baekhyun found no reason to be wary of the place.

Mrs. Park greeted them the second they walked through the front door. She gave Chanyeol a warm hug, doing the same favor for Baekhyun who quietly followed behind his towering boyfriend. He felt grateful for her. She temporarily dispelled the gloomy air between him and her son.

“How was the game? Did the school win? Are we going on?” she asked excitedly, hands on Chanyeol’s arm.

As Baekhyun watched, he realized he should’ve reacted more actively rather than passively the second Chanyeol found out about his white lie. The game was too irrelevant for him to take part in holding an interest, but he could’ve tried for Chanyeol’s sake. To show the smallest bit of amusement and care would’ve meant the world for the athlete, who knew that on the bare surface, they had nothing too intensely common.

“We won the game!” Chanyeol announced in a cheery voice, much different from the subtle happiness that he mustered to show for the brunet. “They had to bench me, though. Coach was adamant about giving the others some playing time…”

Looking down on the ground, Baekhyun saw the sports bag on the floor. Leaning down, he took it up by the strap and held it in his arms. Seeing as how busy Chanyeol was with his mother, he gave the two a small smile, giving a slight nod before quietly slipping away towards the stairs that led down to Chanyeol’s basement. As he turned away from the two, however, he caught the athlete steal a glance in his direction in the midst of trying to keep his attention on his mother’s praise of him.

After reaching the stairs, Baekhyun’s hands fumbled around in the dark for a minute before finding the light switch for the descent down. Routinely, he made his way down to the open space and set the bag near the foot of Chanyeol’s bed. Sighing, the brunet then crawled on the mattress before gently closing his eyes.

He was tired. The signs of being fatigued didn’t hit him in waves of unrelenting force until he took a moment of silence for himself to think about the card of events he had been dealt with. The confrontation with Kyungsoo had drained him. It was, in essence, severe in its damage. His lack of energy with Chanyeol was nothing out of the ordinary, but that night was different.

The impulse to kill the giant was more than he was willing to admit, and it was an action he bore no harbor for in the hopes of diminishing his guilt, but rather, to prove to himself, his selfish being, that his feelings in that chapter of his life only belonged to one person and that was Park Chanyeol. There was no one else who he wanted to touch, but Kyungsoo’s attempt to rock his judgment and emotional authenticity had its toll.

Inhaling, Baekhyun felt his throat go dry. The bed, the room, it all smelled like Chanyeol. Being in that basement made him feel so engulfed, and yet, protected. Its walls made him feel safe, and the person who was responsible for it all, he brought along a new sense of the meaning of life, and even love. In the simplest of ways, Park Chanyeol was the smell of rain after a thunderstorm.

Nearly fifteen minutes had passed before he was rejoined by the athlete who seemed concerned the moment he saw Baekhyun half asleep on his bed. Quickly striding over to him, Chanyeol pushed his hair back before halting near the edge to lean over, gently touching the brunet by his shoulder. “Hey, sorry I took so long,” he apologized softly as Baekhyun’s eyes began to flutter open. “It’s not fair of you to fall asleep before I do.”

Scoffing, Baekhyun slowly sat up with the help of Chanyeol’s hand guiding him with a hand on his back. It was a gesture that Baekhyun knew would eventually lead to spoiled feelings. “Sorry,” he said, yawning behind his cupped hands. “I shouldn’t have let myself lie on your bed.”

“Well, it’s not like I mind,” Chanyeol replied, shrugging as he gave a light chuckle. “Were you thinking about anything in particular?”

Unconsciously, Baekhyun nodded as he rubbed his eyes. “Yes.”

There was a pause before Chanyeol cautiously asked, “About what?”

“Just—” Blinking, Baekhyun realized he didn’t know what to reveal. His relationship and thoughts about Kyungsoo weren’t appropriate. He knew it’d do no good to discuss someone from the past with someone who he wanted to have some sort of future with—if possible. Passively, he heaved a sigh. “No one.”

Moving a hand through Baekhyun’s tousled hair, Chanyeol looked at him. “I asked you what, not who...” he said faintly before moving his hand away. “I should take a shower now. I don’t want to gross you out with, you know. Stink.”

“You smell fine.” Patting the space next to him, Baekhyun gave him a look. “Sit down next to me.” He saw the hesitation. “Why’re you giving me that face?”

“No reason.” Then Chanyeol glanced off to the side, breaking eye contact. For a moment, the brunet felt dejected. “I think the remote’s under my bed this time. You can watch TV while I’m gone.”


Baekhyun’s eyes watched the giant as he walked to his closet. Oddly, he began to feel out of place, something that never happened at the boy’s residence. Turning his attention down to his hands, he fiddled with his fingers for a minute, silently hoping for Chanyeol to burst out in conversation with a topic meant only to take both of their minds off of things, but the basketball player never fulfilled his hope.

There was a need to fill the silence, but the brunet knew nothing as to how. They couldn’t talk about the game. It was automatically off the table. And though Kyungsoo had already drained him of his last remaining energy left, Baekhyun could almost scream for the desire of words between him and Chanyeol.

Again and again, repetitively, Chanyeol had assured him he wasn’t bothered by the fact that he had missed the game, but his body language subtly told a different story. From what the brunet could understand, both of them had a reason to be so quiet and slow. Perhaps both were emotionally drained or upset, but for the life of him, Baekhyun wanted so badly to forget it all.

Chanyeol removed his shirt, his bare back turned against Baekhyun’s view. With eyes wandering, Baekhyun took notice of his broad shoulders, still tense from the basketball game. Pursing his lips, he then looked away.

Between the lines of “I’m fine” and “It’s alright” were worries that were yet to be eradicated from the dark. When Chanyeol entered the bathroom and closed the door behind him, Baekhyun fell back on the bed with a hard thud.

After a minute, he heard the shower head go off. He wondered what was going through Chanyeol’s mind if he wasn’t upset about the game or his lack of decency to be honest about the entire situation in the first place. There was an uncertainty that loomed over, worrying him about the endless possibilities of what could be.

Usually on nights so similar, Chanyeol can be heard humming or faintly singing, but as hard as Baekhyun listened, he heard nothing but the occasional thuds indicating the giant’s movements. Groaning, he put his hands on his face, dragging them over as he groaned, a desire to scream in frustration just burning in his throat, begging for release.

A second passed where he blamed himself. There was the chance that he was the reason for the mood full of gloom and despair. His unresolved issues pertaining to his ex was driving him up the wall, pushing him to the brink of insanity.

Kyungsoo had never showed that much anger toward him. He seemed so dead and void with blackness in his eyes that Baekhyun could not recognize, and yet, the second he mentioned love, persistent in denying its existence, he saw a spark burst into flames. His ex-boyfriend had ignited a flame that he did not show during their time together, and Baekhyun had been appalled by its presence.

Though angry to the extremes, Kyungsoo was unable to hide the hunger and desperation from his eyes, voice, and words. If Chanyeol hadn’t arrived when he did, Baekhyun couldn’t imagine what would’ve happened or what he would’ve done.

On the subject of love and Kyungsoo, he knew better than to answer to the call of the Siren. It’d only lead him to a place of dead end. Sighing heavily, Baekhyun bit his lips until he gave mercy to himself and stopped.

Chanyeol didn’t seem to be his usual self, and Baekhyun found himself awkwardly bothered as though he was slightly unwanted that evening. Realizing perhaps they both needed some time to rest and be alone, he pushed himself off the bed. He stood by the edge for some time, pushing his hair back with one swift move of his hand before leaning over to fix the creases on the mattress.

Contemplation passed as to whether he should wait for Chanyeol to finish, but then Baekhyun thought against it, thinking it’d be easier to leave a note of some sort. Changing his direction of intent, he walked over to the athlete’s computer desk, tearing a piece of paper from a small hand pad. However, in the midst of writing a brief, casual bid of good-bye, sometime in the process, Chanyeol walked out of his bathroom in his white shirt and sweatpants, towel lazily rubbed against his dampened hair.

“What’re you doing?” he asked, curiously cocking his head.

“Um…” Baekhyun glanced down at the half-written note and decided it was no longer useful. He put the pen down and crunched the paper into a wad, throwing it in a nearby bin. “It’s nothing… Hey, I think I’m going to go home.”

“What? Why?” Chanyeol drew his brows together. He stopped walking just a few feet away. “You just got here.”

“I know, but tonight just doesn’t feel like a good night. Besides, it’s late.”

Taken aback, Chanyeol’s lips drew into a thin line. Noticing by his eyes, Baekhyun saw he looked far more upset then than he had been on the bus.

“But I don’t want you to go.”

“I feel like you want space, though,” Baekhyun said, attempting to reason. “A lot of things happened tonight, and you’re tired from your game. I shouldn’t have even bothered coming here, to be honest. There wasn’t a point other than the fact that I wanted to be with you for a while, but we can be together some other time if—”

Throwing the towel over his shoulder, Chanyeol stepped forward, taking the brunet’s hand in his. “Don’t leave. Please? I’m sorry for being...weird, I guess, but—”

“Chanyeol, it’s not your fault. Really. I hate it when you apologize when it has nothing to do with you.”

“But I’m the one making you feel unwelcomed when you shouldn’t feel that way at all.” Groaning, Chanyeol let go, taking a seat on the edge of his bed, hands on his face. “I’m not mad. I’m really not. It’s just…”

Carefully watching the giant, Baekhyun slowly moved in front of him. “Just what? If you’re not upset that I missed the game or that I lied about it, then what?”

Once a few seconds of silence passed, Chanyeol raised his head, looking up at Baekhyun. He took an inhale of breath as though to muster his composure, and then exhaled. “Okay so, first of all, I don’t want you to think I was doing anything wrong, because at the time, I swear it was just a mistake.”

“Okay,” Baekhyun said. “I’m all ears, then...”

“I heard you talking to him, and—”


With his shoulders slanted, Chanyeol gave a conflicted expression. “Who? Kyungsoo. I heard your conversation behind the gym and I just… I don’t know.”

At a loss for words, Baekhyun said nothing in turn. He only sighed, holding his arms together. “Okay, then how much did you overhear?” he asked softly.

Chanyeol shrugged. “Just enough to hear him practically tell you that he’s still in love with you.” He laughed dryly, looking down at his hands. “I mean, who wouldn’t be in love with you? I can’t blame him, so I’m mad instead.”

“Chanyeol.” Baekhyun put his hands on the male’s face, forcing him to look up at him. “He’s not in love with me.”

“Really? Cause it sounded like he wanted you back.” Shutting his mouth, Chanyeol glanced to the side. “Not to say I’m going to give up on us for him, but I don’t know about you. Maybe, like him, there’s a part of you that hasn’t stopped giving you guys a thought.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I wish, but I’m not. I’m just... angry that I’m actually thinking about what if you do feel the same way. Anyways, I’m just being hopeless by being bothered by this.”

“You are hopeless,” Baekhyun said. When Chanyeol finally looked back at him, he grazed the giant’s cheek with his thumb. “Believe me, I know what it’s like for Kyungsoo to look at me like he’s in love, and it’s not like that anymore.”

“It was dark, so how would you know how he was looking at you?”

“I just know, Chanyeol.”

“There’s a possibility that you might not.”

“So you’re saying that I don’t know my own ex-boyfriend,” Baekhyun clarified. He slowly began to drop his hands. “I know how he feels, Chanyeol. He’s just alone right now, and he won’t let me near him.”

Feeling as though they were turning down a path that would create a split, Chanyeol tried to reassure both of them that despite the current argument between them, everything would be alright by reaching out and holding Baekhyun by the waist, pulling him in closer. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry,” he said, resting his forehead lightly on Baekhyun’s stomach. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, because I’m sure you’d be more than honest with me if you ever started feeling the same way about him, which I hope not, because, I mean, I really liked the way you stood up for me and told him you might be in love with me. After all that, that part was my favorite.”


“Don’t. You can’t take it back. ”

Sighing, Baekhyun pushed his damp hair back, fingers softly touching the giant’s forehead. “I wasn’t going to.” He paused, breathing gently. “Just stop thinking about him and let me figure things out with him. There’s nothing between us.”

“But exes usually don’t remain really close friends after they break up,” Chanyeol muttered. “Do you know the saying?”

“And what saying is that?”

“They say that if two lovers break up and they remain as friends, it’s because they were either never in love or they still are...” Sighing, Chanyeol hugged Baekhyun tighter. “It’s a nice thought until I think about how it might apply to you two.”

“It’ll never apply, Chanyeol. Not when I’m already with you.” Moving his hand under the latter’s chin, Baekhyun made him look him in the eye. “It might’ve… It might’ve applied months before I met you. It might’ve been true when Kyungsoo and I went back to being friends, but I wouldn’t have decided to finally date you if I still felt that way about him. I wouldn’t do that to you, because you don’t deserve that.”


“Yeah, and you’re pretty annoying for needing me to explain something that’s so obvious.” Baekhyun laughed. When Chanyeol gave a small chuckle as well, the brunet turned his head back at the clock near the stairs. “Why do you always make me forget about time? It’s late. The last bus will arrive in—”

“No,” Chanyeol protested, shaking his head. “Stay here with me. You can sleep over. I have clothes that might fit you. They’re kind of like my old clothes from middle school, though.”

“My parents, Chanyeol.”

Snorting, Chanyeol gave him a look. “What would they think I’m going to do to you? Tie you to my bed and do things I’ve seen online?”

“That’s too kinky for you considering that you’re a virgin.” Grinning, Baekhyun reached back and untangled himself from Chanyeol’s arms momentarily. “But anyways, I really don’t know if I should intrude on your household space by staying.”

Smiling, Chanyeol cocked his head. “Have you looked around? My room is huge.”

“Because it’s a basement.”

“I know, but still. It’s big.” For a while, he sat silently, watching Baekhyun’s expression. “I want you to stay tonight…”

“Why’re you so persistent about tonight?”

Shrugging, Chanyeol laughed. “Because I just want you to. Do I really need a reason why I want my boyfriend to spend the night with me? I haven’t dated much, but I don’t think I do.”

“Alright,” Baekhyun said, changing his points. “What about your parents? How would they feel?”

“They love you, Baek. I doubt they’d say anything.”

Shaking his head, Baekhyun crossed his arms. “Chanyeol, having your son’s boyfriend sleep over is a big deal. They might love me, but things tend to be a little bit rockier when the sun goes down.”

“I don’t have to work tomorrow until one in the afternoon,” the giant offered. “I just thought it’d be nice to spend the morning together since I usually only see you at school and after school when I don’t have practice or work. Not to mention how sometimes you have work and sometimes I feel like we don’t get to spend enough time together. Things have gotten busier.”

It was hard not to feel some sort of sympathy for their situation. Baekhyun closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead for a moment before nodding and giving into the mutual desire. “Okay. I’ll stay.” When Chanyeol suddenly stood up from the bed, he took a step back. “Ask your parents.”

“I’ll just tell them. There’s no use asking.” He walked his way to the stairs, and without giving Baekhyun the chance to say anything otherwise on the matter, he proceeded up the stairs.

Knowing Chanyeol wasn’t going to stop in his persistency about the parental situation, Baekhyun sighed, asking loudly, “Is it alright if I take a shower while you’re up there?”

Chanyeol stopped mid-flight and nodded. “Yeah! I mean, that’s fine! The towels are, uh, you know. My closet. I’m going to go tell my parents and go up the attic to find some of my old clothes in one of the boxes. Don’t worry. I’ll clean it up before giving it to you.”

Nodding, Baekhyun waved good-bye to him before going to the closet and fixing the towel that looked the most worn out. He didn’t feel as though he should use one of the newer ones, but they all looked fairly the same in condition. As he walked to the bathroom, he texted his parents with one hand and didn’t receive a response until he closed the door behind him. Luckily for Chanyeol, they were fine with it.

He began to strip, carefully placing his clothes on the counter in neat folds. The bathroom was still fresh with the smell of Chanyeol’s shampoo and conditioner, and Baekhyun almost laughed at the idea that by the time he’d walk out, they’d smell exactly the same. Like Chanyeol.

Turning on the water, he waited until the temperature turned suitably warm before stepping in and closing the clear glass door. The way the water felt against his skin was pleasant, especially after a night full of heated arguments and disappointing events. He closed his eyes, throwing his head back and letting out a soft moan as he rubbed his neck.

Everything had been so difficult as of late, but in that moment, as Chanyeol was somewhere upstairs rummaging to find clothes, Baekhyun never felt more in place. Kyungsoo might’ve been a subject too soft and fragile to touch, but out of their argument came a confirmation that he was only heavily invested with a basketball star.

Baekhyun was in the midst of finishing rinsing his hair when the door opened and Chanyeol stepped inside with a set of clothes. Neither of them moved, the sound of the shower head filling in the silence. After a while, Baekhyun raised a brow at the way Chanyeol’s gaze moved down before he quickly looked back up.

“I got you the clothes. They were...um...in the attic.”

“I know... You said they were before you left."

Another silence passed, and Chanyeol made no move to either leave or set the clothes down. Then, a second later, Baekhyun took the sliding door and slid it across, opening the shower.

“Do you want to come in?”

Chanyeol was surprised by the request, but nonetheless, he entered the bathroom completely and slowly shut the door behind him. “I already took a shower…”

But he began to tug at his shirt.

“Then your parents won’t suspect anything if both of us are wet.”

Laughing nervously, Chanyeol tossed his shirt aside and began working on his sweatpants. He laughed whenever he caught himself fumbling. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Neither have I.”

A slight sense of embarrassment flushed over Chanyeol’s face as he turned red, but Baekhyun only motioned for him to join him. Hesitantly at first, Chanyeol entered the shower, immediately hit by the water. He looked at Baekhyun and chuckled as the brunet broke out with a small grin.

“The water’s hitting my face,” he said teasingly in a low voice as he leaned in, letting Baekhyun pull him down by the neck. “They make it look so comfortable in the movies.”

“Maybe if you’d hurry up and kiss me, it wouldn’t bother you so much,” Baekhyun said, mouth just inches away from Chanyeol’s.

It was the giant who decided close the gap, softly at first, but then he held Baekhyun by his naked waist and deepened the kiss. Willingly, Baekhyun pressed against him, tilting his head for Chanyeol’s access.

True to Baekhyun’s statement, the water hitting his face became irrelevant the second their lips touched. Chanyeol began to slowly drag his hand from the brunet’s waist and down to his bottom, but then he froze as if realizing where his hand was intending to go, and Baekhyun pulled away, laughing at his faltering ways.

Embarrassed, Chanyeol groaned, burying his face on the curve of the brunet’s neck. Biting his lips to try and keep himself from chuckling, Baekhyun touched him by the back of his neck soothingly.

“Are you okay?”

Chanyeol nodded. Then, with his head still hung, he asked, “Can I?”

Without needing a description, Baekhyun smiled. “Go for it.”

Immediately, he gasped. Chanyeol’s large hands squeezed both of his cheeks, groping them with curious fingers that dared to explore toward the middle. When the giant’s lips came crashing down on his own again, Baekhyun moaned softly into the kiss.

On his stomach, Baekhyun could feel Chanyeol’s arousal coming to life against him. Chanyeol gave no indication of his usual shyness about the situation, so Baekhyun took a hand, traveling it down his body until the athlete grunted at the feel of his balls being cupped.


“Sorry,” Baekhyun said, though sounding unapologetic. “Am I allowed to do this?”

Groaning, Chanyeol moved his hips to move himself in Baekhyun’s hand. “Yeah,” he said huskily. “I want you to...”


Leaning in, Baekhyun began kissing his collar bones as his hand grasped Chanyeol’s shaft. Slowly, he applied pressure as though to test the waters. Then, he quickened his pace, eventually pumping the slick cock in his hand. He watched as Chanyeol trembled, his hips moving with need.

“Ah—” Throwing his head back, Chanyeol took a step back until his back hit the shower wall. “Baekhyun.”

Ignoring the call of his name, Baekhyun pulled himself from the giant’s hold. Then, after briefly meeting his eyes, the brunet dropped to his knees, kneeling between the athlete’s legs. He could feel Chanyeol’s length become fully hard, twitching in anticipation for more.

Chanyeol ran a hand through the brunet’s hair, making him look up. “Can you stop looking at it so much?” he mumbled, eyes clouded. “You’re really close to it, too…”

With the soft curve of Baekhyun’s lips, he gave a small laugh. “It’s nice, though,” he said, giving the cock a quick squeeze, thumb rubbing over the slit. “Does it bother you having my face so close to this?”

Taking in a shaky breath, Chanyeol grit his teeth, nodding as he thrusted in Baekhyun’s hand. “I might, you know... in your—nghh...I-I don’t want—shit, Baekhyun—”

“Do you like how it feels?” Baekhyun asked, glancing up, watching the way the giant’s lips parted, chest heaving. Flicking his wrist, he licked his bottom lip as he turned his attention to the cock’s leaking slit.

“Yes,” Chanyeol groaned out, holding more tightly on Baekhyun’s hair.

Grinning, Baekhyun moved his lips closer to the shaft’s base. “Has anyone ever done this for you, Chanyeol?”

Shaking his head, Chanyeol gave a muffled response.

After a second, Baekhyun asked, “Do you want me to do it for you?”

For a moment, Chanyeol looked conflicted despite his aroused state. Baekhyun could see in his eyes that he wanted him to continue on. His virginal fantasies spilling, excited for what could be. But then, to the brunet’s surprise, Chanyeol shook his head.

“No,” he said with a strained voice. “I don’t—at least, not if you’re only doing this because you feel like you have to prove something to me.”

“Chanyeol, no…” Frowning, Baekhyun pumped faster. “I’m not doing this because I have things to prove...”


“Just let me do this for you.” Without permission, Baekhyun gave a long, hard lick from the base to the very tip of the basketball player’s thick mushroom head. “I want to do more than just flick you with my tongue, Chanyeol. Let me.”

Finally, Chanyeol nodded, placing both of his hands on Baekhyun’s head. “Promise me you’ll move when I tell you to.”

Nodding, Baekhyun agreed. The cock jerked in his hand before he took the chance and slowly began to work his mouth on the salty tip. Using his tongue, he put pressure and pressed against the slit of the throbbing cock, lapping at the water mixed with the precum.

Chanyeol let out a ragged breath, hand stroking the brunet’s wet hair. He could feel his balls tighten just by watching his length being pleasured. The heat and suction from the latter’s mouth weakened Chanyeol’s stance, forcing him to press his back harder against the wall to keep himself up.

Baekhyun hollowed his cheeks, bobbing his head slowly on the length, trying to accommodate its girth. His hands held the cock’s base, giving slight compression on the sensitive parts. After a while, he popped the shaft out only to suckle on each of Chanyeol’s sack as his hand took the job of his mouth, pumping and jacking the swollen member.

Grunting, Chanyeol cried out Baekhyun’s name. The sensations brought on by the male’s mouth were something beyond the wet dreams he experienced late at night. He could feel himself begin to lose control as his thrusts for need became more demanding.

The tip of his cock hit the back of Baekhyun’s throat, but when Chanyeol tried to retreat back at the small male gagging slightly, Baekhyun wouldn’t have it. He grasped the giant by his wrist, stopping him from pulling his head away.

“Baekhyun, Baekhyun, Baekhyun—Pull away. Now,” Chanyeol cried, gasping for air. When the latter didn’t move, Chanyeol took it upon himself to move away, pulling himself out just in time, but not soon enough. Within seconds, he came, spilling his thick load near Baekhyun’s mouth, watching it as it slid down his chin. “Oh my god.”

He slowly came down from his high with the help of the brunet’s hand pumping the last bit of seed left in him. There was no sense of embarrassment for what had just happened. Baekhyun didn’t seem bothered by the semen on his face, even jokingly taking a taste with one swipe of his finger, which made the giant blush.

Pulling Baekhyun’s hand away from his mouth, Chanyeol drew his brows together. “Stop that…” he mumbled, aiding the smaller male up from the shower floor. “Spit it out…”

“Too late.” Baekhyun snorted, reaching back around to slowly turn the shower head off. “You tasted like nothing if that’s what you’re worried about. That’s a good thing, if you want to know.”

Huffing, Chanyeol’s eyes moved down his boyfriend’s body, taking notice of his half-aroused member. A wave of guilt hit him just as Baekhyun looked back to him. “What about yours?” he asked, sounding ridiculously worried. “What do you want me to do?”

Looking down at himself, Baekhyun shrugged. “I can handle this,” he said, giving Chanyeol a grin. “You don’t have to worry about it.”

“But I can—”

Shaking his head, Baekhyun touched his arm, opening the sliding door with another. “Get dressed and leave the bathroom. I’ll be out in a minute.”

As he was being pushed out of the shower, Chanyeol was at a loss, blinking. “Baekhyun, let me do something.”

“You can wait outside, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun replied, waving him off.


“If you don’t go, I’m going home.”

Pursing his lips, Chanyeol exhaled, taking the only towel on the rack. “You’re really unfair…” he muttered. “Next time, I get to do that to you… I want to know what you taste like.”

Cocking his head, Baekhyun smiled. “Next time, then.”

Much to Chanyeol’s disappointment, Baekhyun wasn’t bluffing when he said he wanted him out, because it was only when Chanyeol finished dressing and closed the bathroom door behind him that he heard the shower head turn back on and the soft moan that escaped the Baekhyun’s soft lips.

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