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The Letter: TLDR 2

Chapter 2: Baekhyun gets a letter back.

Baekhyun's still embarrassed he spent all night writing a letter but the next day at school, something weird happens. He's putting books away to show he's a serious student but when he looks over, he sees Chanyeol watching him and he's suddenly confused because why him? It's not like Chanyeol ever looks at anyone else like that. Just him and that's suspicious.

But suddenly Chanyeol, takes a left and Baekhyun understands because he's too gross. He must've been imagining because he's never even talked to Chanyeol before. Any interaction now would be out of place.



Chanyeol's smiling behind a wall. Ah, so that's him. His next conquest. He doesn't even know him, but that's him. That's the guy he's going to fall in love with. All because of the letter.



Baekhyun's feeling like shit until he gets a letter back because no one at this school seems to know how to talk to each other face to face.

I like you too come to my party with 1000 other people so we can get some alone time k thnx sehun not even my handwriting but you don't know that bc i never come to school and you don't know me

His heart is beating fast. Sehun likes him, too! He's going to this party to have sex, oh ya.




"You're cranky from those drugs you use to forget your first love!" Kai says while laughing because he masturbate alot.

"Shut up!" Sehun says because it's true and he's sad.

"D00d, I have a party on Friday so invite alot of people cause I'm going to kick you all out after I cum anyways."

"Cool d00d."

Tags: chapter 2, the letter: tldr
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