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NI: Cards and Laces

NI: Cards and Laces
Pairing: chanyeol / baekhyun
Rating: pg
A/n: I'm just testing out writing on my new phone, see if I like it or not. Sorrriessss.

Baekhyun purses his lips before swiping the credit card.

"Thank you for your purchase!"

"You're welcome!"

Crap. Chanyeol's going to kill him. By kill him, Baekhyun really means it. Of course shopping is fun. It's always fun! Not when it comes to purchasing. Never. Especially then.

Striding out the store, Baekhyun leaves his bitter guilt at the door and puts on his Gucci glasses. Putting his bags into his white sports car, he looks around as if paranoid before hopping in the drivers seat.

Not too long after he clicks his belt, his cellphone rings.

"Hello?" He answers in a song like voice.


Laughing, Baekhyun smiles to himself. "Hi, lovely."

"I just got an alert from the credit card company."

"Ah...I see."

"You spent fifteen hundred at one store?"

"Chanyeol, it's really not that much. It was practically on sale."

"I told you to be reasonable."

"I did!"

"Baekhyun, no. Please just control yourself for a while. We just bought a house."

Grumbling, Baekhyun concedes. "Fine... but I just need to make one last trip to the store. Boots are on sale. Combat ones. They'll go nicely with the jeans I got."

"Alright, but that's the last. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Okay. Be safe."

"For you, sure thing, daddy."

Before Chanyeol could respond, Baekhyun hangs up. Humming to himself, he takes the car halfway across the city to the mall to buy some lacy lingerie.



"Baekhyun, when I said to get a little more fashion sense in you, I didn't mean to go out and buy all this crap," Chanyeol says, going through all the purchased clothing.

"You don't like my cardigans. You don't like my pajamas. You don't like anything!" Baekhyun takes his cereal from the kitchen island and joins his overbearing fiance in the living room. "Do you like my sunglasses though?"

"You're either a cheapskate or a shopaholic. Is there really no inbetween?"

"The dick between my legs."

Chanyeol gives him a critical eye. It gets even more critical when the milk from Baekhyun's cereal drips from his mouth and down his chin. Fuck it all.

"Funny. Wipe your chin, you're disgusting." Chanyeol looks away and at the plastic and paper bags in their living room. "Let's return some of these."

"No!" Baekhyun protests. "I'm keeping them. They're all mine."

"Baekhyun, stop this nonsense. You won't even wear these. You'll wear your sweaters and cardigans. Then in the summer you'll wear your sleeveless flannels and shorts. You don't need these extravagant clothes."

"It's not like we can't afford to keep them either. Millionaire."

"Just because we have money doesn't mean we should spend it everywhere. Especially in useless areas."

"Says you. You bought a new bed for $3,000!"

"The old one creaked too much!"

"Maybe you're just too violent!" Baekhyun huffs. "I'll pay you back with my own money. Fair is fair then, right?"

"I don't want you to do that." Chanyeol rubs his forehead. Part of him regrets ever telling Baekhyun to shop a little bit more sensibly. He should've known Baekhyun's compulsive side would pop up.

"Then we're keeping?"

"Yes, we are." The man gives up.

Baekhyun smiles, putting his cereal down. "Good! I bought new underwear, too, in case you didn't know."

Chanyeol gives him a look. "I just bought you some last month, didn't I?"

"Yes, and I love them and all the little tiny cartoon apples and bananas printed on those boxers, but I needed something more exciting." Getting on the floor, Baekhyun crawls over to a red bag and pulls out the contents. "I bought some lace. For you."

Fuck him and his thoughtfulness. Chanyeol tries and keeps a straight face. "That's nice of you."

"Wanna put it on?"

"On you? Not now. Maybe later tonight."

Baekhyun's face starts to wobble. "What're you talking about? It's for YOU."

He bursts out laughing and Chanyeol takes it back. Baekhyun wasn't thoughtful. He was an idiot.

Glancing at the male dying of laughter on the floor, Chanyeol inwardly sighs. He takes a light shopping bag and tosses it on the brunet's head.

"I'm taking away your credit card."

But Baekhyun doesn't hear him, too busy tossing the underwear too small for Chanyeol to even wear in the giant's face.

Tags: chanbaek, drabble, ni: cards and laces, oneshot
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