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TL: Monetary Matters

The Letter au: Monetary Matters drabble
Word: 1960
Summary: Chanyeol would like for Baekhyun to meet his mother again.


What is it, Chanyeol? I’m busy.

How do you feel about...

Feel about what? Are you going to try and sell me on the idea of adopting kids again, Park.

No, it’s not about that—though, I would like you to rethink your opinion on that. I was actually going to ask you about it again.

The answer's still no.

Don't you think we should have a family? I like kids, and you do, too. You helped Kyungsoo with his daycare.
That doesn't mean anything. Anyways, I'm done with this. What did you want to ask me?

Fine. We'll put the adoption topic off for another day. I wanted to ask you how you'd feel about having dinner with my mother.

Your mother...

Yes. And before you say no, I want you to know that we'll be eating in public so hopefully that'll prevent any issues.

I don't know, Chanyeol. You know I'm busy.

I'm busy, too, but I still think we should.

What's the point? The woman probably hasn't changed since the last time she humiliated me. What business do I have with her?

She's my mother and you're my boyfriend. It's your business by default.

Yeah, well, I can change that so don't push it.

Yah, you'd really break up with me just because you don't want to eat dinner with my mother?

Who knows.

Unbelievable, Baekhyun.

I can hardly believe my audacity either. Besides, the likeliness of your mother trying to convince you that you deserve better than a broke cafe owner is high.

Stop being unreasonable. It's been 3 years. The woman probably changed her mind about you.

Chanyeol, 3 years ago, I was a student with no ambition. My family was middle-class poor, and I was fucking around with a rich kid whose family didn't like me. Now? I have an ambition, but the downside to that is that I'm still broke. My family's still middle-class, I'm now rolling around with a CEO and I'm living with him. Despite everything, it all still balances out against me, so not much has changed. And if not a lot of things changed about me then I doubt that your mother changed at all.


I'd rather die than to have her act like I'm using you for financial support.


Now can you drop the idea of meeting her?



Baekhyun, I have strong intentions of marrying the fuck out of you in the near future, but I don't want you uncomfortable with my side of the family! Don't you think it's best to resolve this now?

If we got married, Yeol, wouldn't that make everything worse?

See, this is why you need to meet with my mother again, because I refuse to live like this. I don't want a life where you constantly hesitate on everything we do because you're worried about what my mother would say or think!

Chanyeol, it's—

Is she that scary to you? Baekhyun, she's my mother, not Satan.

She might as well be...

Stop scribbling in your notebook for a moment and listen for a second!

I have work, Yeol! I have to keep track of financing so I know how much the store's bringing in! If I don't do that, then hell, I could be losing money!

You'll be losing more than money if you don't stop being stubborn and just meet with her!


I mean it, Baek—

What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Well, what do you think it means?

Would you really leave if I don't?

I don't know. Maybe?


Why? Would that finally—



I said fine.

Fine to what, Baek?

If it really annoys you that I won't meet her, then fine. Leave me. What else would I expect from you. She's your mother after all, so she's more important by default.

Are you being serious right now?

Why wouldn't I be.

I can't believe this—you know what? Fine. Don't meet with her. If it really bothers you, then just don't.


But you know something? I thought that maybe—just this once—you'd do this for me. For us, actually, but fine. You don't want to do it? Then sorry for bothering you.

I'm going out for a bit. Don't wait up.

It's 10 at night. Where are you going to go? You have work tomorrow, you know.

Don't worry too much about that. Just worry about yourself. Good-night.




I'm so glad that you finally accepted my invite, Baekhyun. It's been too long.
Ah, yes.

I assume Chanyeol doesn't know that we're meeting tonight?

He's too busy. I didn't want to inconvenience him.

Of course. He's been quite the man these past years, working his way to the top and all. I simply wished he'd have made some time to sit with us. I supposed there can't be anything done about that. The CEO position really is quite the job.


Anyhow, what about you? I haven't seen you in so long. The last I heard, you started a small cafe, I believe? After retiring from your attendant days.

Oh, did Chanyeol tell you?

Word by mouth is very common, Baekhyun.

I see...

Well? How is business?

I'm doing okay. The business is doing great, too—

How are things financially?

We're making profit, and I'm slowly paying away the loans.

Oh, loans are a nuisance. Why not buy the place as a whole?

I did. I used my savings and after, I managed to get a business loan. Overall, things are looking well.

And your living situation? I hear you're living with my son?

That's correct.

Are you paying rent as well?



Um...no, but I do my share around the condo. I told Chanyeol I'd help with the money, but he told me that it was fine.

Of course he did. He's always been sweet.

I suppose...

Well, Baekhyun, it seems to me like you're healthy, which is good. You've physically matured since the last time that I saw you. To be honest, I was quite surprised when I heard you and Chanyeol were just...back together again. He's happy, so I shouldn't question anything despite the fact that I have a few objections.


But I can't help but feel as though you're very...dependent on him financially.

That's not—

I merely hope you're not taking advantage of him to finance your adventures and put a roof over your head. I'm just concerned, especially since I know how blinded he is by you.

I can assure you, Mrs. Park, I am not taking advantage of him in that way.

I would hope not.


Then alright. What shall we order now?



What's this?

Money. That one's for the condo. It's my half of the monthly bill. That one's for the security system you installed in the store. It's not in full, but I'll eventually pay you back. This is for—

Why're you doing this? I don't want this money.
I know, but take it.

No! Here, take it back!

Chanyeol, take it!

Why! Why do you want me to take it? Hm? I told you that you don't need to pay for the place. I told you you don't need to pay me back! What will I do with this money? It's useless!

Damn it, Chanyeol, will you just take the damn cash!?



Where're you going?

I'm moving out...and I'm investing the money in your company since you won't take it.

Moving out—what the hell! What's gotten into you!

Nothing. Now let go of me.

Byun Baekhyun! Stop walking away from me, damn it!

Why can't you just take it!

Because I don't want it!

Chanyeol, I want to pay you back, so—

I keep telling you that I don't need it! Why now? Why do you want to pay me back now?

I've realized a few things, Park, and it's that I'm too dependent on you. You know how I don't like to owe people anything.

Then consider all debt repaid!


Baekhyun, why're you suddenly....Wait a minute. You met with my mother didn't you?

Chanyeol, please just take this from me.

No—you met her, didn't you? That's why you're like this. What did she say to you? Hn?

Nothing important, Chanyeol—

If it's nothing important then you wouldn't be talking about moving out! We've fought about money but not in this way. What did she say to you?

Chanyeol, really—


It wasn't—

You don't want to spit it out? Fine. I'll call her.


I'll call the damn woman and ask her exactly what she said to make you—

She made me sound exactly how I knew she'd make me sound—a leech, a gold digger! She thinks I'm using your money to help my shop and that I'm just freeloading off of you in terms of living conditions and all.

God damn it—

So, just—

Keep the fucking money. I don't want it.


How dare she say that to you! After all this time, she still says these things that could potentially damage us despite knowing how much fucking time I wasted looking for you!


No. Put that money back in your bank. If I take that from you, then what kind of man would I be? I take your money so you can what? Sleep here? And what about the times when we fuck senselessly throughout the night? Will money be involved for that, too? No! I don't want money involved between us. Whatever the hell's mine is yours.

Yeol... I can't just... I have to pay you back somehow.

You already do. You love me back—hell, you love me enough to meet up with the witch. So keep your money, because having you love me back is fucking priceless.

Stop being ridiculous—

What's ridiculous here is that you're five steps away from the closet where the suitcases are. What's even more ridiculous is that you'd actually move out because you're afraid to be labeled as a freeloader by the woman who gave birth to me.

It's not—

It's hilarious that we're here fighting about this when the bed's right there and I could just pound all your worries away if you'd only let me.

You can't just dismiss my problems like this, you know...

Yes, I can. Your problems are nothing more than insecurities created by that woman. I'm sorry that you met with her without me, but... I'm glad you had the courage to.

Stop hugging me.

Stop squirming—oof!

Get off of me! You're heavy and it's hot.

Then take off your clothes, honey. You know I'm the last one to care if you're naked or not.

Chanyeol, please.

Wipe that worried look off your face, Baek. Learn how to smile for once. It'll look better in the wedding photos.


Hm...Anyways, whatever my mom says, fine, but my word is final. It's my money and if I want to spend it supporting you, then that's between us.

How many times do I have to tell you not to spend on me? I can handle myself.

I know you can. Of course I know that I fell in love with a kick ass vixen, but spoiling you never hurt anyone.

It hurts me.

You exaggerate.

And you're such an idiot...

But you love me.

Only sometimes.

You're always a liar, vixen. I, for one, am always honest.

Oh my god.

Therefore, you should know that I love you every second of the day.


I'm not exaggerating—and I know you love me the same way.

And how is that?

You wear your ring every day like I do, vixen. That's how I know.

You're unbelievable, Park. Really...

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