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Not Intended: Life and Marriage 4

Chapter 4
Off to See the In-laws

The letter that Chanyeol had perceived to be a love letter from Mr. Kim Jongdae was, in fact, a love letter, and Baekhyun was completely grateful that his giant believed his lie in saying that it was merely a thank you card. But, the fact that the letter was scented gave it away, and the brunet was slightly happy at the admiration he received right under Chanyeol’s nose. Not that he was smitten by a new suitor, but he was flattered. In secret, he made a responsive letter back, gently rejecting his former client.

Chanyeol had caught him writing the letter and was a little bit more than irked when Baekhyun refused to show him what he had written. “What’s so damn secretive that you can’t show me!?” he had yelled when Baekhyun slipped from his headlock and ran for the library.

“Everything I’ve written, obviously!” Baekhyun sang right before he closed the door, irritating Chanyeol with his attitude.



After a few more days, the house was completely furnished and all the new furniture had been brought in, giving the house the feeling that a new home deserved. Baekhyun’s knees were already raw and red by the time two weeks rolled by.

The room where Baekhyun tried to bless the house with its first sexual activity was the bathroom near the library, but Chanyeol wouldn’t have it. He needed to take a piss and he wasn’t going to do it in front of Baekhyun, nor was he willing to dump it all in his fiance’s mouth as the brunet suggested.

“We can try urine—”

“No!” The answer came swiftly and there was no changing it. “I’m not leaking in your mouth.”

“What’s the difference between cum and piss?” Baekhyun had asked curiously.

“The difference is that it’s piss and it’s ejaculation, alright? Is there really anything more for me to inform you about?”

“Does that mean I can’t—”

“You can gag on my dick later. Not here. Not now.”

Baekhyun kept the giant to his words after that encounter. In the bedroom that evening, wearing nothing but his blue and purple pajamas, which were ugly according to Chanyeol, the little vixen had his fiancé on the bed with his legs spread enough to put his face in between them.

“You know, you’ve got an impressive beef down here, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun said, giggling as he flicked the top of the cock and began tracing his wet tongue down on the shaft. “You might not be able to part the Red sea with this staff, but my legs are another thing. I love cock monster.”

“I’m sure you do,” Chanyeol replied in a strained voice as his arms tangled themselves in Baekhyun’s ruffled hair. “Suck on the balls, Baek.”

“I’ll gladly suck the home of all our unborn children,” he replied in a low voice before taking Chanyeol’s base and sucking like the tease that he was. When he finished, he popped the sacks out of his mouth and gave it a long lick of the tongue before pumping the length. “Tell me when you’re going to come. I don’t want you ruining my pajamas. These weren’t on sale and I paid with your card.”

Looking down at how focused Baekhyun seemed to be at his hand job, Chanyeol gave a hoarse chuckle as he threw his head back on his pillow and stroked the brunet’s hair. “Why do you always pick the ugliest things to wear?”

“It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, Chanyeol,” Baekhyun said before dropping his head back down to press his tongue against the cock’s leaking slit. “What matters is what’s on the inside.”

Groaning, Chanyeol reached down and thumbed the brunet’s bottom lips. Then as Baekhyun moved his attention to licking and sucking on the fingers, the giant laughed hoarsely. “Then open that little mouth of yours and deep throat me. I’ll paint your insides pretty.”



Meeting the in-laws was something that Chanyeol had already done on multiple occasions. During Baekhyun’s runaway days, Chanyeol had visited the brunet’s parents almost weekly for updates and news on the little idiot’s whereabouts, subsequently getting to know his mother and father-in-law well enough to begin thinking of them as family.

Baekhyun, on the other hand, didn’t have as much interaction with Chanyeol’s side of the family. Whenever the giant brought it up, Baekhyun could always laugh, pretend to cry, and then pick Nugget up to run outside the house. In the most recent time that Baekhyun happened to magically disappear when the subject came around again, Chanyeol had to turn to Kyungsoo, who was more than willing to stay and not roll away.

“I think,” the cook said one morning as he poured coffee for Chanyeol right after Baekhyun did his usual routine and went outside to distance himself from the topic, “that he does need to meet your parents. I’m guessing he has never met them before, even during negotiations years ago?”

Tracing his finger around the rim of the mug, Chanyeol shook his head. “I don’t think he knows anything other than the fact that they’re my parents. That’s fine, but he should at least know what they look like.”

Kyungsoo poured himself a cup before pulling a chair out beside Chanyeol. “I don’t know why Baekhyun seems to turn away from the idea of meeting his in-laws. I agree that it’s something to be scared of, but I mean, come on. Yesterday, when you brought it up, he took the car and participated in a walk-in arts and craft class in town. He made a few friends, yeah, but it got you nowhere.”

Taking a sip from his cup, Chanyeol shrugged. “He’s just scared. I know he is. He told me.”

“Is there a reason for this fear of in-laws?”

“Well, for one,” Chanyeol said, smacking his lips before looking over at the curious cook, “there’s the history of past lovers. The list seems endless, to be honest. Every time I think I know every name and story, he’ll tell me of a new one.” He sighed. “Baekhyun thinks that the moment he steps into my parents’ house, they’ll be able to smell the sex on him for some reason.”

“Unless you two decide to do anything that might get you jailed for public indecency, I don’t think they’ll be able sense sex on him. That part is entirely up to you. Now, what else is his problem?”

Sighing, Chanyeol leaned against his chair. “Like everyone, he’s scared they might not like him. You know how that is. They've never met him. They just know his academic background and the factual things, but they’ve never actually met him.”

“Has he talked to you about this?”

“I managed to get a few things out of him here and there,” Chanyeol replied. “I don’t know why he’s so worried. My parents would like him, actually. At least they’ll know that Baekhyun’s not the type of person who’ll kill me in my sleep for money.”

“There’s always that possibility that he might.”

“He’ll kill me for revenge, not for money, which is why I leave his dog alone the best that I can.”

“What a wise choice,” Kyungsoo said, raising his brows. “Nugget’s very opinionated for a dog. He won’t eat his food immediately unless it’s Baekhyun serving it.”

“Exactly,” Chanyeol muttered. “Anyways, do you think it’d be a good idea to schedule a trip to my parents in a few days? I can withhold work and pass it over to Kris back in the city. He’ll manage.”

Nodding, Kyungsoo agreed. “I suggest you don’t tell Baekhyun until you really have to or else he won’t be willing to go.”

After thinking it over, Chanyeol knew that it had to be done. Either he dragged Baekhyun to his in-laws or let the two parties see each other on the wedding day, but Chanyeol wasn’t leaning towards the second option. He wanted Baekhyun to meet his parents before the wedding, to build a bond, and a relationship. And if Baekhyun didn’t want to do that for fear that lied solely within himself, then Chanyeol didn’t know what else to do other than to force the brunet through a trap.



After clearing his schedule for a few days, Chanyeol began to pack clothes and other necessities that wouldn’t be available at his parents’ estate. Baekhyun thought it was odd for the giant to be packing for a trip that he was never told about in the first place. He caught Chanyeol in the evening on Thursday inside their room. Without a thought, he set Nugget on the floor and allowed the dog to run and attack the giant’s ankles with his teething mouth.

“What the hell!”

“Hi!” Baekhyun piped as he closed the door behind him, ignoring Nugget's aggression. “What’re you doing? I thought you’d be working in your office. I got all lubed up to be pushed against your desk, but you weren’t there.”

“Uhhh,” Chanyeol stalled, looking down at the suitcases. “I’m packing. I won’t be here for a few days.”

Baekhyun blinked. “Did you forget to tell me that you’d be gone? I didn’t even unpack my sex toys yet. I don’t know where I put them—”

“You won’t need your black box.”

In that moment, Baekhyun couldn’t understand why, but he gasped when an idea came into mind. “Are you…are you saying that I can…”

Putting his hands on his hips, Chanyeol tilted his head at the fumbling idiot by the doorway while trying to gently kick the black pup away. “You can what?”

“I can hire a prostitute in your place at night?” Baekhyun said with amusement in his eyes as he cupped his face with his hands in disbelief. “I mean, it’s not ideal. He has to be clean, because I haven’t slept with anyone besides you for a very long time, but I never thought that you would—”

“No!” In utter disbelief, Chanyeol shook his head and threw his hands up in the air. He honestly couldn’t handle what came to Baekhyun’s twisted little mind at times. “No, you may not hire prostitutes to take my place! Not now, not ever, Byun Baekhyun! In fact, don’t even think about it. God, why the hell would I be okay with another man—or woman—in our bed?”

“I merely assumed—”

“Honey, do me a favor,” Chanyeol groaned, running a hand through his hair. “When you assume something, don’t assume something that you know I would never agree to.”

Shrugging, Baekhyun laughed. “No shame, no game.”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol heaved a breath as he moved over to their closet and continued to take out casual wear. “Whatever. Do me another favor and grab that empty red suitcase and bring it over here.”

Perking his lips outwards, Baekhyun did as he was told and rolled the bag over to the giant. “You’re packing a lot for a trip that’s only supposed to be a few days…” he mumbled a little glumly. “And why’re you packing my underwear, too? You’re a gross, gigantic weirdo…”

After settling the clothes in his hands down in the case, Chanyeol turned his head to give Baekhyun a look. “Do you really think I’d pack your clothes just to smell them while I’m away?”

Shrugging, Baekhyun glanced away to avoid the sarcastic expression that he was receiving. “Oh, I don’t know,” he hummed. “You make me do weird things. It really wouldn’t be surprising.” Then he laughed, dropping down to the floor and sitting right next to the bag. “I’m going to assume that we’re not going to have sex tonight and that I fingered myself for no dick at all.”

Biting his tongue from making a snappy remark, Chanyeol continued on with his task, picking out clothes for Baekhyun that would make him look nice. Knowing the brunet all too well, Chanyeol took out ten cardigans of different colors, well aware that Baekhyun was going to throw a minor fit if he didn’t match his undershirt with the right color.

“I never said that I was letting your stretched ass go to waste,” he snorted. “Besides, I’m packing your things because you’re coming with me.”

It took a while to render. Baekhyun scrunched his brows as he stared up at Chanyeol until they made eye contact. “I’m coming?”



“Mhm. We’ll only be gone for about four days. Sehun’s coming along. I need to introduce him to the trade and all that.”

“Does that mean I get to meet your business associates, too?”

Chanyeol paused. “Sure…”

“Are they thirty year old men, but I hear that men at that age are so—”

“Finish that sentence and I’m going on a sexual hiatus for a month.”

Lifting the curves of his mouth for a plastered smile, Baekhyun cocked his head. “I hear that men that age are so…smart.”

“That’s what I thought.”

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