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Bottled Jelly

Bottled Jelly

Not Intended mpreg au
Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Rating: PG13
Length: 9.8k
Note: This, in a way, is part 2 of Mother Nature's Peanuts, part of the NI au mpreg series (yes, a fanfic of a fanfic lol)

Synopsis: They butt heads and fight a lot because one is too naive and the other is too jealous.


Chanyeol had the most unorthodox fiancé in the world and there was absolutely no argument about it in his book. Although three months pregnant, Baekhyun doesn't necessarily heed his fiance's warnings and demands concerning his safety. It annoyed Chanyeol how the brunet kept insisting that doing water aerobics in the ocean all alone was completely fine when it wasn't.

"Why don't you just pay for classes at the gym in town!?" Chanyeol had asked.

To this, Baekhyun threw him a look. "How many pregnant people do you think are in this area? One! And that's me! I don't want to be in a class by myself," he pouted.

Chanyeol frowned as he stood up and took the bowl of finished cereal from in front of Baekhyun, taking it to the sink in the kitchen. "Swimming in an indoor pool inside a controlled environment is ten times safer!" the giant argued adamantly.

"I'm pregnant, not disabled," Baekhyun retorted. Dropping the bowl in the sink, Chanyeol placed his hands on the counter, glaring.

"You're pregnant with my kid and living in my house," he said in a hard tone. "As far as I'm concerned, you're disabled until you give birth."

Rolling his eyes, Baekhyun pushed away from the table. "Oh, fine! Easy fix, then. I move out and declare that this kid isn't yours!" He tried to fix his cardigan but find that he couldn't. Pregnant people issues. "I'm going into town," he mumbled, turning away.

Following Baekhyun with his eyes, Chanyeol pursed his lips disapprovingly. "No, you're not. You didn't even eat your apple slices, yet."

"Eat them yourself," Baekhyun replied. "I'm going into town and buying a new bathing suit."


Stopping, Baekhyun groaned. "What?"

"You're not swimming in the ocean alone anymore," Chanyeol declared as if law.

Baekhyun creased his brows inwards. "You're sucking the fun out of being pregnant."

Chanyeol was incredulous. "I'm just trying to protect you and our unborn kid!"

"Right, and by doing that, you're pushing me to join a swim class? Is that what you want? Safe?" Baekhyun asked sarcastically.


"Fine... Then I'll join a swim class by myself," Baekhyun said assured. "But you can't complain about what I do. Got it!?"

Sighing, Chanyeol nodded as his shoulders slanted. "Fine. I won't. Just--no more swimming in the ocean. You know how I feel about that."

"Not like I'm going to drown," Baekhyun said, shrugging.

"I don't want to take that chance," Chanyeol sharply replied. "I have 2 lives to protect. Yours and our baby."

"Our baby?" Baekhyun said, tilting his head. "Don't you mean my baby? I mean, I am the one carrying it, Yeol."

"And I'm the one who busted a nut inside of you and gave it half of my genetics," Chanyeol retorted with just as much sarcasm. "Don't even."

"You just deposited in my ass bank," Baekhyun said, sticking out his tongue. "I'll take the class, but it's my body."

"And it's our baby," Chanyeol said, groaning. Shaking his head, he glanced upwards. "But whatever. Yes, you're taking the classes."

"No complaining." Looking back at Baekhyun, Chanyeol gave him a suspicious eye. "What would I even complain about?"

"Stuff," Baekhyun shrugged. "Maybe some stuff..."

It wasn’t until later that Chanyeol found out what "stuff" actually was. It was the dreamy swim teacher that his fiancé had dreamy eyes for. Chanyeol should've known from day one why Baekhyun had come home from the first day looking like he was blasted with life revelations. When they ate dinner after the first class, Baekhyun had come home awestruck, yet content and happy as if he had fun.

"How was the class?" Chanyeol causally asked as he ate.


"Oh, what'd you do?"

"The basics first."


First, Baekhyun took a sip of water. "I hung on to the side of the pool and just paddled. My teacher kept my form straight."

"That's helpful," Chanyeol casually remarked.

"Yeah. Having hands on my hips did me well, I guess."

"Are you excited to go back?"

Baekhyun's smirk grew as he raises his eyes to meet Chanyeol's. "Heck yes."

After a while Baekhyun kept telling Chanyeol of his lessons, which the giant would listen to just to see if Baekhyun was happy, which he was.



"Have you ever done the breath of life underwater?" Baekhyun asked out of nowhere one day. "Where you exchange air under the surface?"

Looking up from his cellphone and online emails, Chanyeol gave Baekhyun a questioning look. "No. Why?"

Baekhyun shrugged as he got comfortable on the couch. "I'm just asking. I learned it today."

Going back to his emails, Chanyeol nodded. "With your teacher?"



It took a while for the thought to sink in, but when it came onto him that Baekhyun had to kiss someone under the water, Chanyeol froze. "You kissed someone else?"

"What?" Baekhyun raised his brows. "No? I exchanged air--"

"You kissed someone else under the water," Chanyeol said more accusingly. "You literally slanted your lips and gave this girl your air."

Baekhyun scrunched his nose at the giant next to him. "It didn't mean anything," he snorted. "Besides, Jonghyun's a guy, not a girl."

Guy. Guy. Guy.

The realization that Baekhyun's instructor was another guy struck a chord in Chanyeol's core as he set his phone down. "A guy..." he said slowly. "Your instructor was a guy all this time..."

Oblivious to the mood, Baekhyun grinned as he nodded. "Yep."

"You told me your instructor was 'pleasant to the eye'..."

"Yes," Baekhyun affirmed. "Also, he's absolutely stunning with that body."

"You told me," Chanyeol started, "that during certain exercises, you have to be physical with one another for support purposes."

Nodding, Baekhyun hummed. "Yeah. I know. He holds onto my waist sometimes."

"He holds you..."


"And he taught you the underwater breath of life..."

"Yes!" Baekhyun smiled, unable to catch Chanyeol's falling mood.

"I don't believe this," the giant muttered under his breath as he covered his mouth with his hand.

"You want to see a picture?" Baekhyun asked, scrambling for his phone. Before Chanyeol could reject him, a photo was thrown in his face. And there it was. Chanyeol saw the photo clearly--as well as felt jealousy swirling in him at the same time.

In the photo, Baekhyun was wearing his usual swim shorts, beautiful showing off his body and developing baby bump. The brunet was half hugging his instructor, who Chanyeol hated immediately--especially the man's perfectly sculpted chest. One of the man’s hands was holding Baekhyun on the side while the other was throwing the peace sign. However there was no peace in the photo. All Chanyeol saw were two people, damp, wet, and glimmering with water, posing on the edge of an indoor swimming pool.

And if Chanyeol was another individual in another part of the world, he would've thought that the photograph was of a happy couple who were expecting their first child.



Chanyeol tried to let it go. It was obvious that the brunet was enjoying his classes and that should've been great. Constantly, Chanyeol had to keep reminding himself that the swimming classes for pregnant people only met up once a week. Baekhyun's closeness to his instructor was something that Chanyeol tried to overlook. He knew that Baekhyun was a touchy person, of course. However, no matter how Chanyeol tried to contain his inner monster, the photograph on Baekhyun's phone kept popping into his mind. Without the fit instructor in the photo, Chanyeol would have been able to appreciate Baekhyun's developing body and small baby bump. It was something that made the giant's heart swell with both pride and love, but the hand on Baekhyun's waist was a sour pill to swallow.

Whenever Chanyeol found himself too distracted by the thought of Baekhyun's affections for his instructor, the giant would pinch himself. Knowing full well how Baekhyun was and irrational that he, himself, was pinching himself to put an end to all his negative thoughts. Baekhyun was just affectionate, oblivious, and free spirited to control, but it was his fault for getting engaged to a jealous man and proud father-to-be.




Apparently, before each class, Baekhyun had to stretch to avoid knots in his muscles while in the water. When the news reached Chanyeol's ears, he imagined simple stretch exercises such as bending a knee or holding a pose for minutes on end.

It wasn't until Baekhyun had asked Luhan to help him practice his stretches on the beach one weekend that Chanyeol found out how provocative the stretches were.

With his legs raised up and his hands touching his feet, Baekhyun felt the burn on his thighs as Luhan sat near his bottom's end, pushing his thighs back some more, inflicting more bitter pain.

"What're you two doing?"

When the shadow fell over the both of them, Baekhyun tilted his head back a little more only to see a dissatisfied giant looking down at him.

"Hi, giant! Do you mind moving? You're blocking my vitamin D," Baekhyun laughed. Chanyeol didn't find anything amusing.

"Luhan, get your hands off of him," Chanyeol sighed exasperatedly, rubbing his forehead.

When the maid started to move, Baekhyun scrambled on his knees, giving both men a confused look. "We weren't done," he said to giant.

Turning to Luhan, Baekhyun thinned his lips. "Luhan, let's finish."

Opening his mouth, Luhan looked at Chanyeol and decided otherwise. "I have shit to clean," Luhan offered as an excuse. "I think I hear someone calling my name."

Baekhyun glared up at him. "Luhan."


"Get back here and--"

Finished with the fighting between the two males with similar personalities, Chanyeol rolled his eyes and nudged Luhan's shoulder. After promptly taking the hint, Luhan grinned as he gave Baekhyun one last look before leaving the area to the parents-to-be.

Baekhyun never got off the sand. He defiantly sat on the ground with his legs and arms crossed. "I was half done, Chanyeol," he grumbled.

"Half done with what, Baekhyun?" Chanyeol asked, frowning. "What was that?"

"I was stretching my legs," Baekhyun sighed. As he bit his lips, he shrugged. "Luhan was doing a great job, actually."

"Are these the same stretches you do at your classes?" Chanyeol prodded.

"Well, why do you think I was practicing? Jonghyun said that I--"

The swim instructor was literally all Baekhyun had talked about for weeks, and frankly, Chanyeol had grown tired of it. Locking his jaw, Chanyeol curled his hands into slight fists. "I want to meet this guy."

Baekhyun blinked. "Why?"

With his eyes flaring, Chanyeol let out a sarcastic scoff. "Why do you think?" he asked his fiancé who was looking up at him with round eyes.

"I don't know..." Baekhyun quietly mumbled.

Blowing air out, Chanyeol kept quiet for a moment. "Think."

"You don't... like my classes...?"

"Close. Try again."

Baekhyun looked away. "Uh, you think he's good looking, too?"

"No!" Chanyeol paused. "Do you?"

Baekhyun’s eyes fluttered before he quickly shrugged. "I don't know..."

"What do you mean 'I don't know'?" Chanyeol questioned. "What? You don't want to tell me?"

"He's okay..." Baekhyun mumbled.

Chanyeol leaned in. "But?" He waited.

"You've never seen him swim!" Baekhyun burst. "It's like bam, bam, bam! And then, he does the thing--oh, Yeol, he flexes! If I was nineteen again, and I saw him, I'd be hopping the dick train, that's all," he finished, leaving Chanyeol unhappy.

"Oh, really?" Chanyeol asked, voice rising as his head tilted. "You'd hop that train station?"

Baekhyun nodded without thinking.

Clenching his fist, Chanyeol scoffed. "Fine. Then do what you want. Call Luhan back, I don't care."

As Chanyeol turned on his heels and started to stomp his way back to the house, Baekhyun slowly put himself off the ground. "Wait, Chanyeol!" he called, trying to run after fuming giant. "Hey, stop walking so fast!"

Chanyeol didn't bother to listen. Even when Baekhyun tripped very loudly and Chanyeol froze, he didn't turn around to check up on the brunet. Forcing himself to start being selfish for once that didn't involve the small male, Chanyeol begrudgingly walked back to the house alone.

As Baekhyun watched Chanyeol go on, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmingly sad and hurt--both physically and emotionally. He didn't understand. He knew Chanyeol was angry, but never had the giant chosen to ignore him--especially in his pregnant state. Wincing to himself, Baekhyun checked his hands and knees himself, biting his lip as he picked at the sand stuck in his skin.



The next time that Baekhyun had classes, Chanyeol didn't drive Baekhyun to the center. He merely gave him the keys.

"Drive yourself," Chanyeol had said.

Baekhyun had tried to argue. "But you said I--"

"When do you care about what I say and want?" Chanyeol snapped as he thrusted the keys into Baekhyun's position. "Do what you want."

Baekhyun frowned, gripping the keys. "But I want you to drive me."

"Then too bad. Ask someone else."

"But I--"

"If you don't leave right now, you're going to be late," Chanyeol said harshly.

"I'll be 30 minutes early if I leave now..."

"Well, then lucky you," Chanyeol said rolling his eyes as he tried to leave. "More time with Mr. Swim Instructor."

As Chanyeol tried to move past him, Baekhyun reached out and gently held the giants hand. "Why're you still mad?" he asked quietly.

Pulling his hand away, Chanyeol shot him a look. "Figure that out on your own."



Chanyeol should've known. Baekhyun took his word and drove off to his class alone, but didn't come back home that night.



He tried not to care but it was hard especially when the brunet was carrying. Chanyeol almost went mentally ballistic. But when Baekhyun came back the next afternoon, Chanyeol held himself back, barely acknowledging the dark eyed brunet.



"Why're you still ignoring me?" Baekhyun asked one day, cornering Chanyeol in his office. "Is it because I stayed out all night?"

Chanyeol didn't want to blow up but Baekhyun's point was part of the reason. Trying to pretend as though Baekhyun didn't matter, he shrugged. "No…" Chanyeol looked up at him from the papers on the desk. "Did you think I'd care?" Baekhyun's hands fidgeted. "I just… I just thought—"

"You just thought I'd give a damn," Chanyeol snarked, making Baekhyun's entire being hurt. "Well, like I told you. Do what you want."

"I can do what I want because you're mad!" Baekhyun argued, raising his voice. "And you won't tell me why!"

"Are you dense!?" Chanyeol snapped, standing up and towering over his fiancé. "Why do I have to tell you? You should already know!"

"But I don't!" Baekhyun cried, voice breaking in frustration. "All I did was go to class and tell you about Jonghyun and stretch and I… I--"

"You don't get it," Chanyeol said as if finalized in stone. "A week and you still don't get it." Shaking his head, he clicked his tongue. "Get out. You’re bothering me right now. I need to finish this."

Feeling like he was having a break down on the inside, Baekhyun drew his eyes to the ground. "Fine... I'll go." Then just as he was about to leave, he said in a voice that was beginning to break down and shatter, "I'm sorry, okay."



After Baekhyun left him alone, Chanyeol let himself be gathered and forced to work for a while until his feeling was eating him alive. Stepping out of his office, Chanyeol set out to search for the brunet, perhaps to apologize to a point. But then as he looked around the house, he saw that the brunet was nowhere. When asked, Kyungsoo said the pregnant idiot took the car.

Hours went by but Chanyeol refused to fret over the brunet's lack of presence. Instead, he tried to focus in on work. However, his efforts were less than successful.

When 12 hours passed from the first time that Chanyeol found out the short male left, he broke and ended up trying to call his cellphone. But instead of his fiancé answering, it was a voice automated system that Baekhyun set up. When it became clear that Baekhyun's phone was off, it was then that Chanyeol switched. Nothing ever came up. He tried calling all the businesses in town, even the gym, but none had seen Baekhyun at all that day.Then he checked his credit card company, asking for any recent spending such as hotel rooms, but nothing had shown up.

By the time twenty-four hours rolled by, Chanyeol hadn't gotten sleep—even more so when Baekhyun remained gone for the next three days with no trace.

It wasn't until the third day that he received word of the brunet's whereabouts. It didn't comfort him. In fact, it tore him away from the worried obligation he had for days and replaced it by anger again.

"I'm fine," the text had said. "I'm still alive."

And when Chanyeol asked where he was, Baekhyun replied shortly after.

"I've been living with Jonghyun and Ki—"

Chanyeol didn't even bother reading the rest. He deleted the message, muttering "Do what you want."



A week went by and Baekhyun never tried contacting him or anybody else at the house at least once. This ticked the giant off. On the sixth day, he was just about to slice someone when Baekhyun refused to answer his texts although it was clear that he "read" them. By the seventh, Baekhyun would not reveal his instructor’s address and the center where the man worked at couldn't give out employee information.

After a week, fury and jealousy threw the giant off track when he decided, fuck it.

He had Kyungsoo drive him over to a bar for happy hour, intending to stay until the entire open bar closed. And maybe it was the jealousy and frustration, but he ended up finding a modest looking woman and pinning her against a wall. He tried to enjoy himself, bitterly saying that if Baekhyun could shamelessly throw himself obliviously at people then he could, too.

But as the woman's hands wandered down on him, Chanyeol stopped paying attention, growing angry at the thought of Baekhyun again. It got to a point where he couldn't even enjoy bitterly cheating without hating how he would feel if Baekhyun was in his shoes. Maybe it was because of damn consideration or the feeling of dishonesty, but Chanyeol eventually pulled his buzzed self away from her.

"Sorry," was all he mumbled before leaving her, the bar, and called for a ride back home.



When the cab pulled up, Chanyeol's heart stopped when he saw Baekhyun's car back in the driveway. He almost flew out of the car. Bursting into the house, his eyes immediately moved around, searching. Then, Baekhyun's head popped up from a corner, smile on his face as always.

"Good late-evening!" he greeted, laughing as slowly came to view. "Where've you been? Work?"

Chanyeol went silent, looking strangely at the brunet. "You came back," he said under his breath.

"Of course I came back," Baekhyun replied, holding something behind his back. "I was just busy."

Chanyeol frowned at the word. "Busy..."

Baekhyun nodded happily. "I learned how to knit in three days. I was pretty fast after a while."

"You knit..."

Baekhyun giggled. "Now I do! Look, I made you this. Kibum helped me," he said, pulling a big, colorful scarf from behind. "I went to Jonghyun's because I was upset that you were mad at me," the small male quietly explained. "After cry—I mean, talking... Kibum taught me how to knit."

"Who the hell's Kibum?" Chanyeol asked, angry about another possible guy.

"Jonghyun's boyfriend," Baekhyun said in a nonchalant voice.

Chanyeol froze. "He has a boyfriend?"

Baekhyun nodded again as he stepped towards the giant. "Lucky to have him, but not as I am with you."

"Try this on," the brunet insisted, nearing Chanyeol. "It's okay, but it's not bad."

"No, no, Baek I--"

Just as Baekhyun was about to wrap the scarf around the giant's neck, he saw something that caught his eye. Tilting his head, he quirked his lips. "What's...that?" He asked slowly as his eyes focused on the bruised skin. "Is that a..."

"Big bug bite," Chanyeol said, trying to cover.

"But it's so on—" he stopped. Suddenly, he slowly started to take the scarf back, leaning in to get scent. Then, once he finished inhaling, he gave Chanyeol the most heartbreaking face the giant had ever seen. "What'd...you do, Yeol?" he asked in a strained, quiet voice. "Am I allowed to know or are you still mad at me?"

It wasn't that he was mad in that moment. It was just that he found it hard to explain why he did what he did or think about what he could've said to stop his fiancé from faking a smile even though he stopped looking at him and had dropped his arms.

"I'm sorry I didn't come home I-I want to finish it so badly and I didn't being my charger and I didn't want to bother them and I...I..." Baekhyun stopped trying, vigorously wiping his eyes but biting his lips shut. "Stupid.. Allergies..." He weakly laughed.

Seeing his pregnant fiancé undergo heavy stress, Chanyeol hated himself in that moment and all the other moments prior.

"I'm going to...go to the bookstore," Baekhyun said weakly as he tried to bypass Chanyeol to the door.

"It's eleven at night," Chanyeol said stiffly. "It's not going to be open"

Baekhyun shrugged, trying his best to smile, but failing. "Oh, I'm being stupid again. Of course they won't be open, I'm sorry," he said, straining his voice. "I'll just go find another store..."

There were many times when he let the brunet walk out, but Chanyeol decided he had let that happen enough times. A few minutes after Baekhyun had shut the front door, Chanyeol moved, striding to the foyer and pulling the door back open. Quickly stepping outside, he never got the chance to close the door before running to where Baekhyun was struggling to unlock his car.

"Baekhyun, wait," he said as calmly as he could despite trying so hard to get there before Baekhyun had the chance to get inside the car.

Unheeding to the giant's words, Baekhyun continued to try and open his car but by the time he had the door open, Chanyeol closed it again.

"You're not leaving again," the giant said very adamantly, though desperate. "You're staying here... at the house."

Baekhyun refused to turn around. "I don't want to stay here..." he said quietly. "I don't want to see you."

Chanyeol stayed silent, hands curling in the cold car. "I'm sorry, but you were just... you were just frustrating me."

Suddenly, the brunet whipped around, showing the giant his emotionally battered face. "So you decided to go cheat on me?" he rasped.

Chanyeol frowned. "I've practically been letting you cheat on me for weeks and you're mad that I'm giving you a taste of what it's like?"

Baekhyun's eyes widened at the statement, back pressed against the car with his hands shaking by his side. "I haven't been cheating on you! With who? There are no bachelors around willing to fuck this," he exclaimed, indicating to his body. "I'm getting fat and I'm getting stretch marks. The last thing anybody wants to see naked is this!"

Chanyeol rolled his eyes at Baekhyun's denouncements of himself. "Shut up. All you've practically been going about it your teacher. Plus," he added, "I don't remember your lessons taking up five days of your week instead of the two days per week plan we got you."

"I was bored!" the smaller male defended.

"So you decided to run off to a shirtless man's arms because you were bored?" Chanyeol mocked.

"You were ignoring me," Baekhyun pointed out. "So I decided to go and talk to him. You didn't want anything to do with me anyways. So what does it matter?"

"Do you even understand why I was angry at you?" Chanyeol sighed.

"I don't know but you were acting like you were the one pregnant with all the hormones!" Baekhyun cried, throwing his hands up.

"Baekhyun," Chanyeol said sternly as he ran a hand frustratingly through his hair, "do you know who I am?"

"Park Chanyeol, CEO, likes to sleep naked," Baekhyun said, groaning.

Ignoring the sarcastic answer, Chanyeol pointed a finger straight at Baekhyun. "I don't want anybody else touching you."

"How many times does my pregnant body have to squirm and tell you I haven't seen another guy's wiener!?" Baekhyun argued, pouting.

"I'm not saying you did," Chanyeol quickly amended. "Because I know you didn't. But god damn it, stop talking about other guys!"

"What am I supposed to talk about then?" Baekhyun said, stomping his feet.

"Not about the biceps and abs of a guy who does very intimate stretches with you!" Chanyeol sarcastically suggested.

"He has a boyfriend!"

"Even so, he can always take advantage of you!" Chanyeol growled.

Baekhyun snorted. "I look like I ate a child--which is ironic because I do have a kid inside of me, but that's not the point! The point is," the brunet huffed, "is that I'm getting grosser looking thanks to your inability to use the love glove."

"No one’s interested in taking this," Baekhyun said, crossing his arms. "Even if I wanted to cheat, no one wants to cheat with a preggo."

Chanyeol stepped off track. "What the hell’s wrong with your body?" he demanded to know. "You're not even fat."

"I'm getting there," Baekhyun warned. "Next thing you know, you try to rim me and I accidentally suffocate you with my fat ass--oh god!"


"Anyways, I really want to go, Yeol," the brunet said. "You kissed another person, and I don't know I feel about that."

Chanyeol kept his hand on the door, preventing Baekhyun from entering. "I kissed that girl because I was mad at you. I admit it's a shitty reason--"

"A very shitty reason, sir!" Baekhyun agreed.

"But," Chanyeol said continuing on, "that was it. Nothing more."

"Yeah, oka--"

"You, on the other hand, failed to come back home for a week, only called a few times, kept going on and on about your hot instructor. Plus you were so fucking dense you didn't even see the fact that I was mad at you for all these things," Chanyeol said.

"I don't recall my dick in your mouth preventing you from telling me how you actually felt!" Baekhyun said, becoming slightly angrier. "I can't read your mind, so naturally the only thing I heard was 'go away, I'm busy' or 'not now, Baekhyun'. That is, if I even got a response at all, you fucking..." There was a slight pause as Baekhyun switched to a whisper, "bitch."

Knowing that he was going to get reprimanded for calling his fiancé a bitch, Baekhyun opted out, not feeling like he wanted to argue anymore. Putting a hand on his waist and another on his bumpy abdomen, Baekhyun leaned forward and started groaning in a pained voice. Alarmed, Chanyeol launched his hands forward but suddenly stopped, afraid to touch the small male. "Baekhyun!"

"Yeol, ah...ow ow ow--"

Cursing under his breath, the giant pulled out his cellphone from his back pocket but as he was dialing the emergency number, Baekhyun smacked the phone out of his hand, causing the device to break right on the hard drive way.

"Pregnancy spasms--ow, Yeol, carry me back inside, please!" Baekhyun begged, his breath becoming uneven.

Urgency with a worried heart, Chanyeol scooped Baekhyun up in his arms and quickly took the two of them inside the house. When Chanyeol tried to set Baekhyun down in the living room, the brunet started crying louder, asking for the bed in the bedroom.

Chanyeol tried to insist that he needed to call the doctor quickly but Baekhyun only cried harder until the giant conceded. But just as they were approaching their bedroom, Baekhyun pushed against Chanyeol's body and squirmed his way into being released. When Chanyeol's grip loosened, Baekhyun took the opportunity to jump from the giant's arms and make a run for their bedroom's sanctuary.

"I'm all better now!" He said as he closed the door. "Thank you. Let's talk later."

It took a minute for Chanyeol to understand what just happened. When he finally figured it out, he scowled at Baekhyun's deceit and reached forward, although he expected the door to be locked. But it wasn't.

Throwing the wooden barrier aside, he opened his mouth to loudly scold the brunet but stopped when he saw that Baekhyun was crawling out the window of their bedroom.

"Byun Baekhyun!" the giant yelled, running to the window head on, scaring the brunet who quickly tried to get his entire body out. But he never had the chance the moment the giant took a hold of the back of his shirt and dragged him back in.

Knowing that he wasn't going to end up anywhere, the brunet sighed and let himself be pulled back in to the room. When both his feet were on the ground, it didn't stay that way as Chanyeol picked him up and took him to the bed.

"Where the fuck did you think you were going?" Chanyeol angrily demanded while Baekhyun crawled to the head of the bed and slipped inside.

"I want to go to sleep," the brunet mumbled. "It's late."

"It's only nine, Baekhyun," Chanyeol replied with a frown.

"I'm pregnant."

The excuse was overused, but being that it was true, Chanyeol never said anything about it. "Baekhyun."

"Are you going to sleep here tonight?" Baekhyun asked under the covers. "Because... I want you to but I kind of don't."

Chanyeol curled his hands, drawing his lips closely together. "You can't ignore the issue we have by pulling away from me."

Peeking over the cover, Baekhyun blinked. "I can try..."

Groaning, Chanyeol left and began to walk toward the bathroom, leaving Baekhyun alone. The brunet receded back in the covers, curling up into a ball. He stayed that way until he heard the water turn off in the master bathroom. When he felt the bed shift on one side, he rolled to the other.

Chanyeol wouldn't have any of it and stopped the lump from moving away.Taking the helm of the covers, he pulled it off, revealing the frowning male from under. However, the frown didn't stay for long.

With his mouth gaping, Baekhyun's jaw slacked. "You're naked."

Chanyeol scoffed. "Nothing new," he said, reaching for Baekhyun's shirt.

"What're you doing?" Baekhyun quickly asked, stopping the giant's hand.

"We're going to do some exercises," the giant responded.

"I don't want to have sex," the smaller said quietly.

"Who said we were gonna have sex?"

Baekhyun's eyes wandered down. "Well, I mean, that thing is kinda just there..."

"I'm flaccid," Chanyeol sighed. "I'm pretty sexy even though I'm pregnant, Yeol, so I don't know how long you can keep that thing down."

Drawing his brows together, the giant slanted his lips as he continued to pull the brunet's short off. "I have self-control."

"You have a dinosaur dick and lips that kissed someone else," Baekhyun said, hugging his shirtless torso. "Rain rain, go away."

"Again, I'm flaccid," Chanyeol repeated. "Second, I already washed my mouth a shit load of times. I wouldn't kiss you without doing so."

"Not like I would even let you kiss me," Baekhyun piped.

"Stop being unfair," Chanyeol sighed as he set a knee on the bed.

"I'm not being unfair," Baekhyun defended. "What's being unfair about wanting to go to sleep?"

Gritting his teeth, Chanyeol joined the brunet on the mattress, setting his legs on either side of him, trapping the male under his body. "I'm going to let you off easy because I understand that being pregnant can make anyone emotional--"

"Fuck you, you banana slice!"

Chanyeol ignored the outburst. "But really, Baek. You've been talking about Jonghyun ever since you started taking classes with him."

"If you've never seen the man, don't even talk to me!" Baekhyun pouted.

"I don't need to see him!" Chanyeol growled. "With all the talking that you do, I can pretty much say that he's like a fucking model," the giant bitterly said.

Oblivious to the giant, Baekhyun nodded. "He could be."

"This is what I'm talking about," Chanyeol groaned.

"Just because I think he's perfectly sculpted, you're mad at me?" Baekhyun asked.

Chanyeol looked at him for a moment. "You don't understand how I don't like hearing you talk about other guys. I hate it."

Baekhyun blinked. "But I talk about Sehun and Luhan and Kai and Kyungsoo a lot--"

"They're different," Chanyeol argued adamantly. "Kai and Kyungsoo have no interest in you and neither does Sehun. Luhan knows his place."

"But Jonghyun's just a teacher."

"Excuse me, but teachers don't do dry sex positions and claim that they're stretches!"

"They're actually stretches, Chanyeol," Baekhyun said. "Can I have my shirt back? I'm cold."

"No, they're sex positions," Chanyeol replied. "And no. I won't. Take your pajamas off. I'll show you."

Baekhyun pursed his lips and whined. "I don't get your point! All you're doing is trying to distract me from that fact that you kissed--"

"This is what I mean by you being unfair!" Chanyeol said, giving up and sitting on the bed, glaring at Baekhyun who was pushing himself up on his elbows. "You're mad and jealous over the fact that I kissed someone else to get back at you, but you think it's perfectly fine to parade your ass around and let other guys do things to you as if I would be perfectly fine with it!" he snapped. "I'm not fine with any of it! I ignored you because I thought you'd get the hint, but no. You didn't come back for a week."

"I can't read your mind," Baekhyun defended. "How was I supposed to know!"

"Body language!" Chanyeol said loudly. "How else!?"


"How the hell would you like it if I did the same exact thing?!" Chanyeol threatened. "Went off and did dry sex with someone?"

Baekhyun felt himself receding back. "What?"

"You heard me," Chanyeol said indifferently. "You go around, showing yourself to everyone without the least bit of consideration for me on purpose."

"It's not on purpose, Yeol--"

"I'm tired of it, Baek," Chanyeol said angrily. "You know what? Let's take a break and see how you like it."

"W-what?" the brunet said quietly.

"You're not seeing the point so I might as well show. Starting today, our relationship's on hiatus."

"So what?" Baekhyun said hesitantly. "You're going to go see other people?"

Chanyeol looked at him. "Why would you care? It's normal."


"And if I don't come home some nights, don't take it personally," Chanyeol went on. "I'll come back in a few days."

"But I--"

Glancing away, Chanyeol's hands clenched. "And if I get half naked with them, then that'd be completely fucking fine too."

The brunet's voice cracked. "No, I don't--"

"But why should I stop there?" He pushed. "Why the fuck do I care? I can do what the hell I want as long as I come back to you, right? I can go ahead and screw other people and it doesn't matter as long as I come back within seven days. Correct me if I'm fucking wrong, Baek--"

"Stop it," Baekhyun said in a shaking voice.

Drawing his eyes upwards, the giant finally saw the effect of his words. Teary eyed, the brunet took his shirt from the giant's hand & scrambled out of bed. "My chest hurts and I hate it," he cried, voice wavering. "I hate it and I hate you and I hate everything and I hate what you're saying to me," he said as he hid his eyes. "So stop..."

Chanyeol was frozen on the bed. "Well, then how do you like it—"

"I hate it!" the brunet yelled before he broke into a sob. Once the brunet yelled, Chanyeol knew that it was time to tone it down, but before he could stop it all, Baekhyun went to the closet and pulled out a medium sized backpack.

"Baekhyun, what the hell are you doing?"

Without thinking much, the brunet went about, stuffing as much as he could inside before putting the bag on. The smaller male never answered. Then, without sparing his fiancé a look , he walked out the door, sadly murmuring, "Wash the sheets if you use our bed, please."



"Let it go, Kyungsoo."

"You're dragging this one and you need to stop it. It's been a month and a half, you dim wit!" The cook cried, smashing his fist on the counter top. "Both of you, stop it!"

"Butt out!"

"You little--" Throwing a wash cloth in Chanyeol's direction, Kyungsoo huffed.

"I didn't spend hours going online baby shopping for you two shitheads to break up!"

"No one asked you to baby shop in the first place!"

"Your baby's going to need clothes and toys, Chanyeol!" Kyungsoo yelled. "He's going to need a dad too!"

"Calm down, you're making it seem like I'm just abandoning him!" The giant said.

"Well, who cares if you are, anyways! He'll find someone!"

"I'm taking a break--"

"You took a break for a week and then after you decided not to get him from his parents, it's been official that you're done. You wanted to teach him a lesson, fine," Kyungsoo lectured. "But you turned a lesson into something personal. I was going to be an uncle, you bitch."


"You shouldn't have said those things or threatened him. We all know how Baekhyun is. He does things that he's not aware of. For fucks sake, he ate wasabi thinking it was avocado! So yeah, talking about other guys might hurt your man pride, but after, what, a year? You'd think that you'd know who Baekhyun loves."

Taking his phone out, Kyungsoo thrusted his call log into the giants face. "Guess how many doctor appointments that you missed? Three."

"Guess what the baby's gender is?" Kyungsoo went on, unrelenting. "Not going to tell you. Guess what medicine Baekhyun's on right now? Not going to tell you. Guess why he had to go to the hospital? Not going to tell you."

"You're making all this up," Chanyeol tried.

Kyungsoo held his breath for a second. "Stop being stubborn. You're stressing your ex out."

"He’s not my ex!"

"Not according to his Facebook relationship status and the sad face next to his name, so excuse you!"

Chanyeol sat on his stool, afraid that what Kyungsoo said might have been true to an extent. He stayed silent for a moment as the cook went on and on about Baekhyun's visits for various things that may or may not have been true.

"... And then," the cook said as Chaneyol tuned in again, "he slipped down the stairs and it has been two weeks since then so--"


"I said he slipped down the stairs because he was wearing his fuzzy slippers and hurt his back because--"

"Are you shitting me with this, Kyungsoo?!" Chanyeol snapped, standing up, fist curled. "Did he really fall!?"

Kyungsoo shrugged. "Why the hell do you care, Mr.-I'm-going-to-bring-a different-girl-home-every-night?"


"I changed my mind!" The cook declared. "I don't give a damn. You're both idiots except he's an injured idiot and you're a slut. Fuck you both, because I spent more than two paychecks on baby shit and Baekhyun's not even going to live here anymore! See if I care if Baekhyun loses the baby because of stress or if he finds another baby daddy! Not my problem! It won't even be my problem to tear the baby crib back down because you don't need it!"

Before he left the kitchen in an angry fit, Kyungsoo scribbled down something on a piece of paper. "He's with his parents, you dumb shit. His next appointment’s on Tuesday and he’s not currently pretending to be seeing anybody unlike you."



"Baekhyun, it's time to go home."

Sniffing, Baekhyun looked up at his mother. "I don't want to go back home…."

"You know, he's been calling for the last few days."

"Where was he for an entire month and a half?" Baekhyun mumbled.

"To his defense, you didn't try and talk to him either."

"Wouldn't want to intrude on his sexual prowl," the brunet said quietly.

"Honey... You were kind of a promiscuous vixen before you met him," she said softly. "You shouldn't judge."

"My asshole was loved by many!"

"But let's remind ourselves that he's the one that loves it the most," she said, bopping his nose. "Which, if you can understand, why wouldn't he be angry at the fact that another man’s baby maker is so close to it?"

"But it's just a stretch..."

"And it was just a kiss."

Baekhyun frowned. "It wasn't just a kiss!"

"Then it's not just a stretch."

Baekhyun groaned, planting his face against the pillow. "Fine," he muttered. "I'll go back."

"Good! I'll come with you. I haven't seen Chanyeol in a while. He only comes around when you run away," his mother said, patting his cheek.

"What if he doesn't want to see me?" he said.

"Then why would he be calling?"

"He wants the engagement ring back," Baekhyun replied thrusting his hand in her face. "It's too shiny to not want back."

"Tell him he'll have to buy his new husband or wife a new one..."

"He's not calling for the ring!"

"He's calling for the ring, but you can tell him to fuck off because it's mine now!" Baekhyun pouted. "Tell him he’ll have to buy his new husband or wife a new one…"

Rolling her eyes at her dramatic son, she sighed. "We're going to your house tomorrow. You already agreed and I have something to say to him."

"Can I just stay home?"

"No, you need to go home," his mother insisted. "I won't have you be a single parent."

"Single slices of cheese are more than enough for one sandwich!" Baekhyun protested. "I can be a one man sandwich!"

"Well you can't have a sandwich without two buns! You're only one bun, Byun Baekhyun! You can only be a one man sandwich if you can blow yourself and you and I both know you can't, so no. Tomorrow, we're going back. Pack your backpack and I'll carry all the baby gifts you got from your relatives."

Pulling the covers over his head, Baekhyun submitted, mumbled other excuses half-heartedly under his breath.



Baekhyun didn't want to be there, but he ended up standing behind his mother as she knocked heavily on the villa's front door. He was holding his breath— even more when Chanyeol quickly threw the door open a few minutes after. Before he could say anything, Baekhyun's mother held her hand up, stopping the giant from speaking.

"Hi, Chanyeol! We're here to pick up Baekhyun's things. He's moving out. Would you mind helping us get this done quickly?" she smiled.

The brunet's jaw hung open at his mother's announcement but Chanyeol seemed more taken aback than his small fiancé. "What?"

"I'm having my son move out," she repeated politely. "My husband and I are looking out for his best interest right now."

"Wait, weren't we--"

Mrs. Byun silenced her son behind her. "We don't want him to be a single parent so we've been looking at others."

Chanyeol furrowed his brows. "Others?" His eyes wandered to Baekhyun. "What's she talking about?"

Before Baekhyun could even shrug, Mrs. Byun went on. "You know, possible fathers for his child. Others as in other people."

The brunet and giant uniformly cried "What?" in unison as the woman rolled her eyes.

"Baekhyun, did you notice those men coming over to our house? Some women as well?" His mother asked, looking back at her son.

"What about them?" Baekhyun asked back cautiously.

"Your father was interviewing them for you."

"But they were so old!" The brunet gasped, looking frustrated and shocked. "You couldn't have chosen younger, better looking people!?"

"The younger ones are unreliable," she said, making it obvious as she side glanced Chanyeol and back to Baekhyun's baby bump. "Unreliable and careless enough not to use protection," she added, smiling.

"Are you serious?" Baekhyun said, side stepping his mother and joining Chanyeol's side of the door. "I can't be with someone old!"

"They're financially secure, Baekhyun," she said sternly. "And they have wrinkly, withered balls, but no children. They will want you."

"Chanyeol's secure, too! He's like a millionaire except he likes to live in this small-ish house living like a hermit, but I mean--"

"Stop arguing," his mother calmly replied. "I'll get the boxes from your car and we'll start packing."

Finally, the giant spoke, setting his hands on Baekhyun's shoulders moving his aside so he could face his soon-to-be mother in law. "Baekhyun, move over. I'm going to need to talk to your mom."

"Uh, no you don't," the brunet sassed, giving the giant a look.

"Excuse me?" Chanyeol said incredulously. "I'm not having you shipped off to marry someone else."

"Moo? Moo?!" Baekhyun gawked.


"Do I sound like a cow? Am I cattle? Cause you two make it sound like I am!" The brunet snorted.

"Baekhyun, let's get the boxes now."

The vixen looked at his mother. "No."

"Baekhyun, get in the house."

To the giant, the small male frowned. "No to you either."

"Then what do you want?" The two opposing forces asked at the same time.

"To get married to someone old and crusty who only wants my kids or to get married to this banana schlong, who doesn't even care about me?"

"Who the hell said I didn't care!" Chanyeol said loudly.

Ignoring his blinking mother, Baekhyun turned his body to face the giant.

"Who says? The telephone that didn't ring at all for a month! Or the guy who didn't even call to ask what was wrong when my stomach hurt."

"Your stomach hurt?!"

"Yeah!" The brunet replied back.

"Then why the fuck didn't you call me?!" the giant asked, getting angry.

"Like I was going to call you and say that it was just gas from the potatoes I ate, you giant asscrack!"

Angry from the false scare, Chanyeol reaches over & pinches Baekhyun's cheeks red. "You little annoying bitch--pregnant and shit, oh my god."

As Baekhyun struggled with Chanyeol, he called out to his mom, but was left without any help. Instead, his delightful mother backed away.

"I'll get the box" she said, but when Baekhyun looked back, she was driving out of the driveway in his car.

"What the hell! That's my car!" he yelled as he pushed Chanyeol's hand away.

"I love you because you're my son but you're taking up closet space and you're both lovely idiots together! Good luck!" she cooed, waving.

When she took off, Baekhyun had the right mind to run after her despite being bloated at 5 months and having no energy to run at all. "How am I going to get home?" Baekhyun groaned, stomping his feet and wanting to roll on the ground.

Sighing, Chanyeol leaned down and took the bags full of baby gifts at their feet into his hands before standing straight up. "She's not going to come back. You might as well come in."

Baekhyun's lips thinned. "But I--"

"Listen," Chanyeol said, "if you really don't want to stay here, then just come inside and call your parents."

"You're making it really easy for me to go away," Baekhyun said gently.

"Isn't that what you want?" The giant retorted.

"No, but that's what you want!" Baekhyun cried. "Mr. I-want-a-break!"

"Only because you didnt get the fact that I was jealous!"

"Fine! I get that you were jealous but you didn't need to go around kissing other people just because you were mad at me!" Baekhyun said with a childish frown.

"I wouldn't have felt the need to if you didn’t keep pushing the thought of spreading your legs for your instructor on me all the time!"

"Yeah he's good looking but I'm pregnant and I have no interest in having anyone look at me at this point because I'm a gross cinnamon bun!"

"Pregnant or not, you know god damn well you're still fucking attractive!" Chanyeol argued. "And you're not a gross bun, you drama queen! Any guy that looks at you nowadays, I see as a threat," Chanyeol went on. "Besides, that stretching position-- have you seen it?!"


"You're aware that it looks like he's fucking you?"

Baekhyun looked up. "Well, recently, yes, but--"

"Would you appreciate seeing me with someone doing the exact same thing?" The giant pushed. When Baekhyun didn't answer, Chanyeol called him. "Baekhyun, answer me."



"No I wouldn't," the brunet mumbled. "I'd kill you and the third party and give birth in jail."

Feeling a sort of weight lifted off his shoulders, Chanyeol nodded. "Well, at least a month did you some good, I guess."

Scowling, the smaller male punched the giant on the arm. "Why didnt you call!? Would you like it if I ignore you for a month?!"

"Uh, you kind of did," Chanyeol replied mockingly. "Apparently, as I’ve heard, you kept in touch with everyone at the house except me."

"We were on a break according to you!"

"We were until you decided to run off! You weren't supposed to run away!" Chanyeol defended.

"What choice did I have?!"

"Stay and argue with me like we always do until you get tired and decide that blow jobs will make it up!"

"You're gross and disgusting and you're a flippin' dick and you're always angry at me at the SILLIEST things---"

"Being concerned about another man’s dick against your fiancé's pregnant ass is not silly, Baekhyun!"

"Stop interrupting me and respect the fact that I hate you!"

"I'll respect your hate for me when you respect that I just want you to understand that you shouldn't be sharing yourself with others!"

"Respect my space, asssstronaut! You're too close!" Baekhyun said, glaring up at the giant towering him.

"Acknowledge the fact that I'm the one you're getting married to and I'm going to be the father of the kid you're carrying."

"I already know both of those things--"

"But you need to see that both of those things make you exclusive to me and only me."

"But I wouldn't cheat on you," Baekhyun said quietly as his twiddled with his fingers. "I'm too fat to cheat right now."

"You're too engaged and soon to be married to cheat ever," Chanyeol corrected.

"Unless you have a twin that I don't know about, then the likeliness of me cheating on you is slim to none," Baekhyun said proudly.

"Well, I don't have any other siblings."

"Then why're you worried about the chance of me going off with someone else," the brunet asked.

"Because you're desirable. That's why. And because you attract everyone around you, it's like I have to play robo-cop in public 24/7!"

"I may attract everyone--"

"You do," Chanyeol said, rolling his eyes.

"But the only one that attracts me is...."

Chanyeol waited.


He knew the brunet was teasing by the way he burst out laughing, but Chanyeol must’ve has the scariest expression on his face because Baekhyun had to collect himself quickly, stand on his toes and place a chaste kiss on Chanyeol's lips to bring him back down to earth

"I'm kidding. I'm only attracted to you, I swear," Baekhyun assured, holding up his hand. "See?And if this kid could raise his hand right now, he'd agree."

Chanyeol froze. "He?"

"Or she," Baekhyun quickly said. "I don't know."


"I might not even be pregnant. I could just be fat."

Sighing, Chanyeol moved aside and tilted his head towards the door. "Get inside. We need to put these excessive gifts in."

Picking up a gift bag on his own, Baekhyun complied, carefully stepping back into the house he had missed for some time.

"These are from my aunts and cousins," Baekhyun explained. "I lied and told them you left me so they ended up getting me lots of things." With a stoic face, the giant followed the brunet into the living room where the smaller had set his light weight gift down on the table.

"See, my cousin, Taeyeon, bought me all these pajamas for new borns, but she also got me a new toy to occupy myself," he went on. "But I still need to call my uncles because they've asked to have your company blacklisted for abandoning me."


"They misunderstood when I told them you said we should take a break," Baekhyun quickly responded.

Setting everything down on the floor, Chanyeol groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose as he tightened his lips. "Remind me to never threaten you with a break up," he muttered. "No wonder business has been rocky lately."

"Next time," Baekhyun yawned as he sat on the couch and laid down, "you should just break up with me completely instead of being vague..."

"You think that after a year and a half, an engagement, and a kid on the way that I'm just going to let you go?" Chanyeol asked as he leaned against the back of the couch and frowned at Baekhyun's sleepy face. "Do you think I'm that stupid?"

"Well, for the record, you are stupid..." Baekhyun said slowly. "Second, you didn't call for whatever reason so it could be easy--"

"I didn't call you because you didn't call me," Chanyeol argued lightly. "Besides, everyone else was giving me updates on you anyways."

"Did you know," Baekhyun said tiredly, "that if I had gone into labor, I really didn't think I would have called you to be there..."

Chanyeol scowled at the drowsy male. "You're only 5 months along so it's still too early, but that kind of pisses me off that you'd say so."

"Oh be quiet," Baekhyun said closing his eyes. "When I push this little devil out, you won't be there anyways."

Chanyeol felt something rise in him. "I beg to differ, Baekhyun. I will be there when our first child is born--"

"No, you won't."

"Yes I will--"

"No one will," Baekhyun said as he yawned yet again. "I'll deliver him alone."


"I don't want anyone but the doctor to see my ass push a human being out," Baekhyun mumbled. "That's embarrassing."

Slapping a hand on his face, Chanyeol inwardly groaned at the brunet's adamant comment.

"You don't want me to see you giving birth but you were willing to finger yourself fifteen inches from my face one night."

"I feel like you'd be one of those people who would film it."

"What's wrong with making a video about the making of life?"

"Nothing!" Baekhyun mumbled. "As long as it's a video of the first stage of making a life, also known as a home video sex tape. I'm tired, giant." He yawned, grabbing a cushion. "I couldn't sleep last night because my back hurt, but I still say no. Go make a birthing documentary elsewhere. I don't know you. Park Chanyeol's not the father if he tapes."

Chanyeol didn't immediately answer back, grimacing. When he saw that Baekhyun was beginning to drift off, he kept his mouth shut instead. When Baekhyun was completely knocked out, the giant shook his head as he muttered, "you're ridiculous" under his breath only to walk to the closet in the hallway and grabbing the blanket Baekhyun bought--the one with the printed bananas singing in them.

After he covered the snoring, pregnant brunet, he tiredly walked off to retrieve a pillow from their bedroom, but was stopped by the cook.

"Are you sure you're not married yet because you two sure do argue a lot," he said.

Ignoring the remark, Chanyeol changed the subject. "What's the gender of the baby?"

"Neither. With your genes and Baek's, it's abnormal."

Chanyeol gave him the eye. "Kyungsoo."

"Congratulations, you're going to have a son" the cook said rather genuinely. "Good luck with that. Now all you have to worry about is making sure he won't impregnate some poor poor soul when he's older—like you.

"Use condoms if you don't want to be conDAMNED with an unexpected child!"

Chanyeol stayed still for a while until he shrugged. "I don't mind," he said. "Kids don't bother me anyways. Condoms do."

"You would subject Baekhyun to bear you a dozen kids?"

"If he wants."

Kyungsoo looked at him. "Thousands of your potential children die in your fiance's mouth every day."

"I can spare a few thousand if he's willing to give birth to twelve," Chanyeol said as he heaved his shoulders

As if rising from the dead, Baekhyun awoke from his light slumber and squinted his eyes to where he was hearing the conversation. "Being pregnant hurts so I'm not going through this eleven more times, you banana slice! You're getting one!"

Grumbling about the thought of being pregnant again, Baekhyun slipped back under his blanket and went to sleep again.



"Baekhyun, these things are too expensive. We need to give them back."

The brunet stopped eating his yogurt. "What?"

"This... All of these."

Baekhyun looked at the baby clothes, toys, and mini furniture which his mother had delivered to them. "But... they're mine."

"We can afford our own things. Your relatives didn't have to do this," Chanyeol sighed as he stared at the price tags. "Besides, it's a boy"

The brunet looked at him. "He can wear nice things too."

"Like dresses?" The giant snorted.

Taking a pen that was near his reach, Baekhyun threw it in Chanyeol's direction, glaring at him. "You dress me up, too!"

"For role play!" The giant defended as he dodged the small object.

"I want to role play with my child too," Baekhyun said "He'll be pretty"

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol gave up as he started piling the clothes all together. "Fine. But later, no makeup. And if he attracts other little boys because of the way he looks, I swear to god I'm going to jail for murder."

"Maybe he'll end up like me," Baekhyun laughed. "Minus the, you know, sex history."

"You mean annoying."

"I am lovely, giant."

"You're annoying. I don't know why I love you, sometimes," Chanyeol said as he crossed his arms and stood up, towering of the brunet.

Baekhyun hummed. "Maybe you should break our engagement if you don't know?"

"How dare you."

"How dare you dare I..."

Letting the remark go, Chanyeol leaned over, moving Baekhyun's hair aside and kissing him on the forehead. "Just shut up."

Baekhyun laughed, chuckling as he stuck his spoon full of yogurt in his mouth.

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