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Not Intended: Jagged Pieces

Not Intended: Jagged Pieces
Attempted epilogue

Rating: R
Warning: Poor attempt at smut, epic success in avoiding it.
Length: 4k

The sound of laughter would've been something to be hated if Chanyeol could turn back time eight months prior to when he first woke up to the sight of a new maid in the early morning who was critically yelling at him to get up. As he looked out of the window, he lazily watched as a small brunet and his dog ran around in the outback of the beach villa, giggling and barking their hearts out until the one who Chanyeol calls his “fiancé” fell down and stayed that way until the dog pawed him.

Chanyeol could only sigh before turning back to his work and closing the blinds, attempting to keep himself focused.



The rules had been loosely uplifted since he had returned to the house, but Chanyeol was very adamant about the no skinny dipping rule. But Baekhyun didn’t really care all too much. Firmly believing that loving one’s own body was the key to true happiness, he stripped after checking to see if Chanyeol’s blinds were closed, then went into the water with Nugget following soon after.

He floated around for a while on his back, letting some much needed sunlight on his fair skin. His downstairs needed to match up with the rest of his body anyways.

It wasn’t until a handful of minutes after jumping into the water with nothing but his birthday suit that Baekhyun was interrupted by a voice. Nugget had been alerted, but once the dog saw who it was, he went about paddling around again.

“Byun Baekhyun, you’re breaking Mr. Park’s rules.”

Submerging into the water for a second, Baekhyun blew out bubbles before he resurfaced. “What’re you talking about?” he asked feigning innocence. “I’m just taking a dip.”

“I’m going to have to tattle on you!”

“What a bluff, Lu,” Baekhyun snorted as he flipped his wet hair out of his face. Crouching down, he hid more than half of his body under the water. “Did his royal highness call for me?”

Luhan shrugged as he knelt down and took a seat on the shore lines. “No. There’s nothing to do.”

“Have you cleaned everything? Fixed the beds? Separated the laundry?” Baekhyun asked, going through the list of things that he remembered doing.

“I did all of those things,” Luhan yawned.

Baekhyun quirked his lips as he looked around. “Why don’t you go help Sehun plant his seeds?”

“Already did,” Luhan sighed. “He doesn’t talk much.”

Laughing, Baekhyun rolled his eyes as he twisted around in the water, swaying with the waves. “That’s just you. He’s like a nut. You just need to bust him. Then, oh yay, happiness shall flow out of him and all the wonders of his mouth shall open up to you!”

“All that sexual innuendo has me going,” Luhan laughed, shaking his head. “Too bad he’s only a kid and I’m old as fuck.”

“You’re twenty-two,” the brunet pointed out.

“I should start planning my funeral.”

Puffing his cheeks, Baekhyun stuck his tongue out of his tight lips at the blonde sitting at the edge. “You’re not old, but since you say you are, take off your clothes and come join me. Let’s live like we’re dying.”

Luhan looked back at the house for a second. “I’m pretty sure that the moment my flaccid dick accidentally touches your thigh under the water, I’ll end up dying anyways,” he said. Looking back at Baekhyun, his lips slanted. “Remember when you told me you broke up with your boyfriend recently?”

Baekhyun nodded.

“I didn’t think that you’d have a boyfriend like him,” Luhan admitted. “But I guess he’s what you need. You need someone to keep you planted on the ground.”

“Actually,” the brunet said, holding a hand up above the water. “It’s quite the contrary. Most of the time when I’m with him, my feet aren’t planted on the ground. They’re either around his waist or I have to keep them high up and spread.”

Casually nodding, Luhan let the male know that he understood. “Your thighs have been looking nice lately.”

“Thanks,” the small male grinned, taking the compliment. “So, you’re not coming in?”

Shaking his head, Luhan replied with a no. “I’d rather live another day, thank you.”

Shrugging, Baekhyun accepted the response and shamelessly started getting out of the water and stepping onto the warm, dry beach. Luhan wasn’t affected by the male’s nudity. It wasn’t as though anything was new.

“Are you going to walk to the house like that?” the maid asked as he rose from the ground, but not before picking up the brunet’s clothes.

“Yeah, it’s best to dry off on the way back. I’ll just put my clothes back on when we get to the deck.”

“Alright.” As Baekhyun started making his way back, Luhan waited for Nugget to finish shaking the water out of his fur and finally catch up. “You look like you had a fun time breaking the rules with your dad.”

Nugget only stuck his tongue out before following after his dad and leaving flower boy’s new friend alone to walk behind both of them.



Chanyeol didn’t find out about Baekhyun’s nude affairs until Luhan let it slip to him in secret when the two of them happened to be in the kitchen. The giant was grabbing a snack while the blond was wiping the counters just out of pure boredom.

“I spied with my little eyes your fiancé’s smack-spanking white thighs.”

In the midst of taking a bite out of a sandwich that Kyungsoo had made for him prior, Chanyeol looked at the maid who wasn’t even looking at him. “What?” he asked, voice muffled from the bread.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, your fiancé was hot, so he took off his clothes, and damn, was his butt still cute.”

Having not realized that his grip on the sandwich was crushing the food’s formation, Chanyeol frowned heavily. “What did you say?” he asked rather dangerously.

“All I’m hinting,” Luhan started as he stopped wiping to give Chanyeol a blank look, “is that he was naked like a new born today.”

“For you?” Chanyeol inquired, ready to jump the man.

Laughing, the maid went back to wiping a counter that didn’t need wiping. “Sure. I was the only one there when he was skinny dipping anyways.”

He waited for a while. Luhan expected some sort of angry growl or curse, but when he heard nothing, he looked back to see if he was actually receiving some silent deadly glares. However, when his eyes focused, he saw no one. The giant had left.



“I thought I told you no skinny dipping.”

“Must have not heard.”



Pulling the book away in order the gain the male’s attention, Chanyeol ignored the protest that followed as he set the book on the side table. When Baekhyun tried to sit up to grab his novel back, Chanyeol kept him pinned to the bed, slowly crawling his way on top of him. Under, Baekhyun’s legs were on either side of the giant, practically straddling him. “You didn’t even mark the page,” Baekhyun said with his attention partially split between the giant looming over him and the book that laid on the table.

“You were on page one hundred and fifty-eight,” quickly said, rolling his eyes. “Now stop looking at your book and look at me.”

With his lips perked out, Baekhyun looked like a child as he locked eyes with the giant. “I look at you every day.”

“I need you to look at me right now.”

“Pourquoi?” Baekhyun muttered. “Tu n’es pas mignon…”

“Korean, Baek,” Chanyeol said sternly.

“Je ne sais pas Korean…”

Pursing his lips, Chanyeol was exasperated. “I’m in love with fucking Rosetta Stone,” he groaned, rubbing his forehead as he said so.

“Salamat,” Baekhyun said proudly.

Chanyeol didn’t even want to process what language that was in. He didn’t have the time to. Deciding not to argue and side track himself with Baekhyun’s confusion as to what language was preferred at the moment by both of them, the giant moved on. “I heard you went skinny dipping? Again?”

“Oui,” Baekhyun nodded.

“And you were naked in front of Luhan?” Chanyeol pried. “Your ex-boyfriend?”

“Avec Monsieur Luhan?” Baekhyun said, tilting his head. “Oui.”



“Did you forget a towel or something?” Chanyeol questioned, drawing his eyebrows together. “I feel like we have this conversation a lot. You know how I don’t like you being completely nude in front of others, especially in front of a maid, who, I’m getting the strong feeling, wants to take you in my house’s coat closet when I’m not around.”

Bursting out laughing, Baekhyun twisted his body around, planting his face against the pillow near him. Then, as he collected himself, he grabbed the soft material and hugged it as he went back to looking up at an angle towards Chanyeol.

“Luhan’s not interested in shagging me in the closet,” Baekhyun smiled. “But, sure. I forgot my towel. I also forgot my dignity and shame on the shore.”

“As usual.”

“I was just bored,” Baekhyun shrugged, letting his eyes close for a moment. “You’re busy nowadays and I’m not employed anymore so I don’t have anything to do at all. I could masturbate… I could.” Fluttering his eyes open, Baekhyun put the pillow away and sat up, leaning back with his arms supporting his upper body. “You want to help me do that?”

“Touch yourself?”

The brunet nodded nonchalantly. “It gets pretty boring playing with myself sometimes. I asked Luhan, but he always tells me that he’s busy.”

Chanyeol’s eyes slightly flared. Damn right, the maid was busy. In fact, he’d find himself even busier after Chanyeol was through with Baekhyun.

Glancing down, Chanyeol saw the way Baekhyun’s legs were spread to accompany him and sighed. Moving away, he had the brunet close his legs before he stood up off the bed. “No.”

A wash of hurt came over Baekhyun’s face as he frowned. “Why not?”

“You know why, Baek.”

Crossing his legs, Baekhyun pursed his lips as he slanted his shoulders. “Giant, you haven’t touched me at all since I came back,” he said.

“I’m aware.”

“But I get so heated,” the brunet complained genuinely, maintaining eye contact all the way. “You won’t even let me do anything to you. I felt you against my butt a few nights back, my dearest love, and when I asked you if you wanted me to tug you, you said, ‘go back to sleep, Baekhyun,’ and then went off to the bathroom to do it yourself. I was offended. I still am.”

“The ban’s still not lifted.”

Groaning, Baekhyun rolled around in his bed for a minute before he hit his head against the wall and had to stop in order to stifle himself from crying, which would have given Chanyeol something to laugh at later. When he felt that he was better, Baekhyun rolled over on his back and gave Chanyeol an unhappy expression. “When will the ban be lifted, then? I already told you I was sorry for that time…”

“I know you’re sorry,” Chanyeol said calmly as he met with Baekhyun’s eyes, “but I’m still not over the fact that you treated me like a one night stand and left me in the middle of the night after we had sex.”

Crying in a childish manner, Baekhyun quickly sat up again. With his brown, watery eyes that Chanyeol was sure were all trained to cry on demand, Baekhyun reached forward, gently tugging on the end of the giant’s white shirt. “But I miss Cock Monster…”


“I want him in my cookie jar again, Yeol,” the small male whined. “I don’t want the plastic version anymore.”

Taking in a deep breath, Chanyeol gently removed Baekhyun’s hand, but knelt down to be just below the brunet’s eye level on the bed. “Abstinence is the key to great sex. Think of it like this,” the giant said as he fixed Baekhyun’s hair. “When I decide that it’s time to lift this no-sex ban, you’ll get a fully loaded shooter inside of you, alright?”

Baekhyun didn’t look too satisfied, drawing his eyes down and away from the giant that tried to keep his attention. “Okay…” Looking up, Baekhyun’s voice became more assertive. “Luhan better wash the sheets in shame after we’re done.”

“I’ll make sure you can’t walk for days,” Chanyeol grinned before he stood back up, “primarily because I’ll still be inside of you even then.”

“Make me a sex marathon promise,” Baekhyun muttered, stubbornly holding up his pinky.

With no other choice but to please him, Chanyeol intertwined their contrasting pinkies together before reaching down and pulling Baekhyun up off the bed. “Now go do something productive that won’t distract me.”

“I already masturbated today, though,” Baekhyun remarked as he gained balance.

“Then take the dog and go on a grocery run,” the giant suggested, leading Baekhyun to the door of the bedroom. “We’re running low and Kyungsoo’s been too busy with your friend to notice that there’s no more milk, bread, or butter in the fridge.”

Dramatically gasping, Baekhyun turned his head around to give Chanyeol a shocked face. “Excuse me, but I’m allowed to drive? You’re giving me permission to drive?”

“Yes.” Just as Baekhyun was about to explode out of happiness, Chanyeol cut him short. “You can’t use the white sports car your parents gave you as a reward for getting back together with me. I didn’t approve of this gift, but what could I say? They’re going to be my in-laws, anyways.”

“You can’t say no to a Byun!”

“Not to your parents, no,” Chanyeol agreed, “however, I can say no to you if I feel like it.”

Giving him lousy expression, Baekhyun went ahead and started walking down the hall, purposely putting space between them. “That’s why you’re an asshole, giant.”

Rolling his eyes from behind, Chanyeol shook his head. “Besides, you’re going to be a Park soon, and you can always say no to them.”

Laughing, Baekhyun picked up his pace, excited to take his car’s keys from the key rack in the kitchen. “I agree with that! You can always say no to a Park, ignore them, and never listen to what they have to say.”

“This is why we have issues, Baek.”

Baekhyun smiled back at him before turning the corner. “Sounds like a personal problem.”



Chanyeol should’ve known, but the moment Baekhyun burst into the house after being gone for roughly three hours, he came back with more than just groceries. Breathless as he set down the two paper bags in his arms, Baekhyun quickly sauntered over to where Chanyeol was meeting him halfway with a platonic expression on his face.

“Chanyeol! Yeol! I—argh, I’m so tired. My back hurts!” Baekhyun cried loudly as he twisted his body around, giving the others, who were sitting in the living room, a piece of the nightly entertainment. “Oh, god! No! No, I did something. I mean, I tried—wait, no. Yeol, listen, listen. Listen to me. Yeol, are you listening?”

Looking at the crazy-eyed brunet who was flailing his arms in front of him, Chanyeol nodded before taking Baekhyun under his wing and guiding them away from the watching eyes of the rest of the house. He took them both out onto the deck where Baekhyun was temporarily distracted by the sunset.

“Hey! Its hue is more saturated today!” Baekhyun cried as he pointed towards the disappearing glow of the sun. “Yeol, look!”

“I see it, Baek. I see it,” the giant said, sliding the door behind them close.

“Did you know that the sun appears that way because—”

“Let’s get back on track,” Chanyeol interrupted calmly. “There’re bags that still need to be taken inside the house so tell me what you’re so excited to say.”

Baekhyun tried to keep a smile down for as long as he could until he couldn’t help but throw his hands up. “I got a job!”



As Baekhyun explained what he had to do, Chanyeol found himself mentally twisting all of Baekhyun’s words.

“All I have to do is work the cash register!” sounded more like “I’ll just be an eye candy for potential customers,” to Chanyeol’s ears.

He had to stop himself along the way. Baekhyun working as a part time café worker three days a week for four hours on minimum wage was not the worst thing in the world, especially in a town full of middle-aged and elderly people where no one could compare to Chanyeol himself.



Baekhyun only lasted two weeks, but at least, Chanyeol thought, he lasted longer than the groceries.



After their talk about the intimacy in their lives a few weeks back, Chanyeol began to notice how sex was the last thing on Baekhyun’s mind ever since. It was somewhat bothersome being that the giant was already accustomed to the brunet constantly dragging his hand across the conjunction of Chanyeol’s legs.

Lately, the small male had been finding other things to do to preoccupy himself. Aside from going on runs and swimming, Baekhyun got back into fixing old machinery in the shed, helping Sehun pull apart all the old tools deemed “unusable” and magically recovering them all from the metallic grave. Chanyeol figured that it was nice that the brunet was using his intellect rather than waste it all away by loitering around for some sexual intimacy, but he missed the attention that he got.

However, Chanyeol decided not to push the issue. Everything had a natural flow and he wasn’t one to disturb that.



They were acting like a married couple, reading in bed—Chanyeol with his cellphone and Baekhyun with his book. The house was quiet except for the living room where the others could be heard yelling about the football game going on.

Midsentence on the article about the economy, Chanyeol felt a hand slip underneath his shirt and gradually move under his shorts. Immediately drawn from the task, he turned his head over his left where the brunet beside him was pretending as though his hand wasn’t fondling anything inappropriate as he was reading.


Frowning at the male beside him, Chanyeol waited until Baekhyun dramatically plopped his book on his chest and stared back at the giant right in the eyes. “Fine.”

It wasn’t that he was rejecting the brunet’s initiation. If anything, Chanyeol didn’t actually mind anymore and was willing let it continue on. But before he could keep Baekhyun’s hand still underneath his boxer briefs, the brunet had pulled his hand away and rolled off the bed.

As his fiancé was fixing his pajama pants and shirt from wrinkles, Chanyeol mentally cursed as he set his phone aside and sat upright. “Baekhyun, where are you going?”

Slipping his feet into his fuzzy slips, Baekhyun trudged his way to the door. “I’m going somewhere where I won’t feel embarrassed.”

Getting out of bed, Chanyeol ensued after him and was able to catch the brunet before he could step both feet out of his door. Wrapping his arms around Baekhyun's waist, Chanyeol lifted his stubborn fiancé off his feet, causing him to yelp and kick all the way until he felt his entire body be dropped on the bed again.


Baekhyun’s voice was cut off as Chanyeol abruptly took the hem of his shirt and lifted it up over his head. Whimpering, Baekhyun’s hands went to his ears to soothe the pain caused by the fabric’s friction. Before he could question what was going on, Chanyeol shed his own shirt off and pushed Baekhyun farther towards the center of the bed and climbed back on the mattress.

As Chanyeol’s hands wandered down and began to tug the silly animal pajama pants that the brunet had on, Baekhyun whimpered as he reached down and kept the giant’s hands from going any further. “I don’t want pity sex,” he said, feeling Chanyeol’s hands soften in grip. “If you’re only doing this because you finally feel bad for me, then—”

Slotting his lips perfectly over the petit man, Chanyeol managed to stop any more of his fiancé’s mindless babble. Under the giant’s spell, Baekhyun quickly lost his train of thought as he was finally beginning to feel satisfaction in their physical relationship again. Locking his arms around Chanyeol’s neck, Baekhyun pulled him down, making it difficult for the giant to multitask and slip the pajamas off without breaking the kiss.

“Baek—” he rasped as he escaped Baekhyun’s attempt to lock their lips together again. “Baby, loosen your hold. I need to get you out of these ugly pants.”

It took a while to get his brain functioning again, but Baekhyun eventually let his arms fall back on the bed. “They’re not ugly,” he said in a heaving voice as Chanyeol rid of his bottoms and began to pull his bright colored underwear off as well. “Nothing on sale is ugly.”

“Anything on sale is ugly,” Chanyeol scoffed, tossing the underwear aside before pulling down his own.

“You’re a clearance hater, yet I still look better than you,” Baekhyun hummed as he rolled over and started crawling across the bed to a drawer on the side. By the time that he reached inside and took the lube out, Chanyeol was already baring his naked body. Glancing down at his fiancé’s package, Baekhyun briskly asked, “Do you want to use a condom?”

“Why do we even have condoms?”

Baekhyun shrugged. “Sometimes, you just have too much of a load for me to handle. I don’t feel like hooking my finger up there just to get it all out.”

“Maybe if we were doing a quickie we’d use one, but for tonight, no. You can close the drawer.”

Shrugging, Baekhyun did as he was asked and moved back into Chanyeol’s grasp, letting himself be pushed down, back pressed against the bed. Holding out the bottle to Chanyeol, Baekhyun smiled as he routinely spread and lifted his legs up.

Chanyeol gave him a look. “No foreplay? We’re not even fully hard yet,” he said, glancing downwards.

Perking his lips out, Baekhyun slowly nodded. “Oh.” Then he sat up and slapped Chanyeol on the chest, causing him to jerk back. “My body has forgotten how to become aroused because of you!” he loudly accused.

When he deemed Chanyeol to be too dazed to render what was happening, Baekhyun tried to run off away from the bedroom of embarrassment, but before he could launch a successful attempt, he was back to lying on his back again with Chanyeol looming over him. “You haven’t even given me the chance to get you started yet.”

Baekhyun huffed. “You know, before, I used to be hard as a rock before we even got to the bedroom. Now look at me. Nearly three months and I’m dead down there.”

Rolling his eyes, Chanyeol pulled Baekhyun closer to him by the waist, lifting his legs and ass up, giving the giant a clear view of what he wanted to see. “On the bright side, this tight little thing looks eager as always.”

“The asshole is not as important as the main stick shift, Chanyeol!” Baekhyun said, trying to wriggle his way into better comfort, not liking how bent his back was feeling.

“I beg to differ,” Chanyeol replied, grazing his finger across the puckered hole. “This is where I’m most happy in.”

“Wrapped around my walls.”

“Ramming inside of you, deep inside,” the giant added, adding pressure to the entry. “Finding that spot that makes you want to come is nice, too. All in all, I love this pink hole of yours. It’s quite amazing how you can fit all of me.”

“I can fit other things in it, too!” Baekhyun suddenly said, laughing. “One time, I was able to fit a cucumber in there, which is why I don’t like cucumbers. I had it in there for a while because it got stuck from the lack of lube—”

Giving the rosy opening a lengthy lick, Chanyeol glanced up and saw that Baekhyun had tensed.

“No!” the brunet lectured, trying to move away in vain. “I didn’t even finish my story!”

Ignoring the excuse, Chanyeol dropped a trail of spit down on the cleft, rubbing it in with his tongue. Baekhyun squirmed as he pressed on until he broke and groaned. Gripping the sheets in his hands, the brunet gritted his teeth as he threw a scowl in the giant’s direction.

“Excuse me!” he shrilly cried. “My cucumber story is important!”

Smacking his lips, Chanyeol gave the male a lazy look as he disagreed. “Honey, remember when I said you have bad timing? You’re doing it right now,” he said as his hand touched the male’s cock and began to tug at it. “The ban’s finally lifted and all you can do is talk about your cucumber experience.”

“I’m just…where am I right now? Am I dreaming? Are you really licking me right now?” Baekhyun blow out air. “My brain can’t function. I’m getting distracted by large, green food—I’m hungry.”


“Feed me.”

“Are you…” Chanyeol paused. “Are you being serious?”

“I want a sandwich—Do you think Kyungsoo would be willing to make me something?” Baekhyun asked, looking at the door as if thinking about the cook in the living room. “Should I ask?”

“This conversation’s all over the place,” Chanyeol muttered as he moved away, setting Baekhyun’s lower half back on the bed. “The mood’s not there anymore.”

Blinking, Baekhyun took a gander at Chanyeol’s wilting cock. “Sorry for that. I liked the rimming, though.”

“I have skills with the tongue,” Chanyeol acclaimed as he stuck out his muscle and pointed at it.

“I second that notion,” the brunet chuckled as he pushed himself to sit up, crossing his legs. “What do you want to eat?”

“I wanted to eat you.”

“You did that.”

“I meant all of you.”

Smiling, Baekhyun reached over and patted Chanyeol on the cheek. “You waited so long to have sex and then this happened. Let’s go eat something sweet.”

Sighing, Chanyeol turned his head and kissed the brunet’s soft hand before it pulled away. “Fine,” he said as he edged towards the end of the bed. “What’s there to eat?”

Getting excited, Baekhyun’s eyes lit up as jumped off the mattress and quickly grabbed his underwear, putting it on. “There’s leftover cake from Nugget’s anniversary party a few days ago!”

Swiping his shirt off the floor, Chanyeol rolled his eyes. “We throw an anniversary party for that dog every month.”

“Celebrate life.”

“He’s spoiled, Baekhyun.”

Quirking his lips, Baekhyun ignored Chanyeol’s remark and put on his spunky shirt. “To you, maybe, but to me, he deserves it for being the best.”

The giant decided not to make any more remarks about the dog’s status within the house. Once he was fully clothed, he walked over to the door where Baekhyun was waiting, dressed in nothing but his shirt and underwear, purposely leaving his pajamas in the room.

“You’re not going out looking like that. I can see your private parts outlined!”

“Then don’t stare at my downstairs!” Baekhyun answered back, throwing the door open.

Huffing, Chanyeol hotly trailed after Baekhyun, making sure that the male knew how he didn’t like his choice in appearance despite the brunet’s protest about how everyone in the house already knew what he looked like down there. It was only when Chanyeol was completely adamant, placing his hands on Baekhyun’s waist to make him stop, that Baekhyun suddenly whipped around, staring at Chanyeol with a look that the giant wasn’t sure how to interpret until his fiancé’s words slipped right out of his mouth and dripped onto the floor.

“You sound really hot when you’re jealous.”

Hearing the male talk to him in a low voice threw Chanyeol off. “What?”

Jumping up and forcing Chanyeol to catch him, Baekhyun wrapped his arms and legs around the giant. “I love you. You make me really horny at unprecedented times. This one being one of them,” he whispered against Chanyeol’s ear.

When it became painstakingly clear that Baekhyun was grinding himself against him, Chanyeol cursed under his breath, especially when the vixen started sucking on his neck. There was a command of “take us back to the bedroom” somewhere along the line, and Chanyeol was more than willing to comply. And as he carried Baekhyun back to their bedroom down the hall, he couldn’t help but admit how he admired how comical their relationship was, complete like jagged pieces of a disarrayed puzzle full of perfection, imperfection, and spontaneity.

He loved it just as much as he loved Baekhyun’s stupid laugh.

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