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The Letter 57

Chapter 57
Things I've Noticed

Read: SuLay chapter with Lay topping and Suho bottoming.

—Three years prior; three days after Baekhyun’s departure—

The mood in the room was sullen as Suho tended the cut and blue bruise on Lay’s face as the guy was laying on his bed, facing the ceiling with an undisturbed face, except for when Suho pressed his fingers too hard on the tender areas.

When Suho finished, he got off the edge of the bed and twisted the cap back onto the ointment tube. As he moved across the room to place the item on the top of Lay’s drawers, neither one of them talked. It wasn’t until Suho turned back around that something was initiated.

“You know,” Suho mumbled, “I wonder how many times Park has to smash your face in before you learn to butt out of his business…”

Sighing, Lay elevated himself using his elbows to look Suho in the eyes. “It’s not just his business. It’s ours, too.”

Suho’s lips thinned. “It’s our business as Baek’s friends, but that’s as far as we go.” Then, he stalked back over to Lay’s side. “You can’t just—ugh, Lay, you just need to get out of Chanyeol’s hair. What happened is between Baekhyun and him. We’re in the periphery of this entire situation so you can’t shove yourself in the center, pick a fight with him, and—”

Lay pushed himself into a sitting position, frowning up at Suho. “Are you screwing with me?” he asked, exasperatedly. “Park’s the reason why Baek fucking left and you’re here telling me that it’s none of my business!?”

“No!” Suho retorted. “It’s really not your issue, damn it! Baekhyun’s gone. Punching Chanyeol in the face or picking fights with the guy won’t bring him back.”

“I know it’s not!” Lay argued. “It’s just that that bastard always gets everything! He gets everything at the tip of his fingertips, but he just throws anything and everything away like it’s nothing. You have no idea how pissed off he makes me sometimes.”

Suho clenched his hands. “Lay, you sound like you care about Baekhyun leaving a lot—”

“That’s because I do,” Lay cut in. “Don’t you?”

“Yeah, but I feel like you’re caring too much,” Suho muttered. Seconds went by before Suho added something else, but in a different tone of voice. The tone was much more heavy and angry, but Lay’s ears caught a hint of hurt somewhere in there. “You know, if you care about Baekhyun leaving so god damn much—and if it fucking annoys you that Chanyeol’s mopping around, not doing squat—then why don’t you just get up off your butt and go after him yourself, you inconsiderate ass!”

Suho whipped around and snatched his bag off the wall, heading towards the door. “You make it so damn obvious, Lay,” he muttered.

Lay frowned as he quickly jumped off his bed to catch Suho by the arm. “What the hell are you going on about?”

Suho stopped and turned around to face Lay. “You make it so damn obvious that you’re angry at Chanyeol for easily letting Baekhyun go, because if you were in his place, you wouldn’t let someone like Baekhyun get away.” Suho took a moment for himself before continuing on. “And that’s the thing…You care a lot because it’s Baekhyun.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with—”

“—Because you’re so thickheaded,” Suho snapped. “You like Baekhyun and you’re angry that Chanyeol’s not doing things the way you would if Baekhyun was yours!”

“And you’re getting all of this just because I care about how and why Baek left!?” Lay asked.

“And because it’s obvious,” Suho repeated. Glancing down, Suho pulled his arm away from Lay and turned his body. “I’m leaving.”

With lips thinned, Lay stepped in front of Suho, blocking the door. “Is that what this is? You think I want Byun?”

Narrowing his eyes, Suho glared. “Isn’t that what your hissy fits with Park are about?”

Lay gave Suho a look. “Do you honestly think I’m still hung up on Byun?”

Rolling eyes, Suho slanted his lips. “You’ve been hung up on him since your little field trip to Lotte World,” he pointed out. “Forgot about your little ‘I’m going to make you mine’ confession?”

Lay scoffed. “Forgot about your dick up my ass after that?”

Suho didn’t necessarily respond quickly. He just sighed and heaved his shoulders. “Yeah, but now I that I think about it, this is hopeless—you and I, I mean.”


Suho took a breath. “You’re infatuated with Baekhyun. Every time you and I meet up to—to you know—I know that you’re thinking about him—”

“Yah! You don’t know what the fuck goes on in my head,” Lay argued.

Suho threw his hands up. “Well, it’s not like what I said wasn’t right!”

Lay took a hand and forced Suho to back up against the wall. “Listen, here. You don’t get to tell me what goes on in my head when we’re having sex.”

Suho just shook his head. “This is pointless,” he muttered. “I’m ending this. I’m ending whatever the hell’s going on between us.” He tried to push Lay’s hand off his chest, but found that he couldn’t. “I want to leave.”

Lay cocked his head. “I have other ideas in mind.” Then, his hand took a clutching hold of the front of Suho’s shirt. Dragging Suho off the wall, Lay made him stumble onto the bed, dropping his bag on the floor.

Suho got on his elbows to glare at Lay. “You know, now that we’re done with whatever we had, I might as well confess a few more things because I would fucking hate to lug things around.”

Setting a knee on the bed, Lay pursed his lips. “Go ahead, Warden. Tell me what’s in that pretty, little head of yours.”

“I actually like you,” Suho said in a monotone voice that held no emotion.

Lay paused. “What?”

“I actually like you,” Suho repeated more slowly. “Chanyeol wanted you out of the picture. He knew that I was Baekhyun’s friend and that I was with him most of the time when he wasn’t around. He approached me around the time that little retreat happened, because he saw that I was rooming with you. I actually agreed to help him out, because, you know, I figured that after a while, you’d start to like me, but I guess I just naturally rubbed you the wrong way—figuratively, I mean. Physically, I’m pretty sure I’m rubbing you just right.”

“But that’s about it. Plan failed…” Suho silently gazed at Lay for a second before trying to rise from the bed. “That’s my confession. Be the judge and take it. Do what you want with it. I’m done with this one-sided shit—”

With a force, Lay pushed Suho back down and spread his legs apart, setting himself in the middle with his knees pressed against the mattress. “You can’t leave just yet…”

Frowning, Suho asked, “And why not?”

Lay thought quickly as his hands ran themselves down to Suho’s waist, undoing the belt buckle and unzipping the pants. “It’s my day to top…”

Suho looked a little hurt by the reason, but he just bit his tongue back and nodded. “Fine.” Hell, if this was the last time that they were gonna do this, then he might as well enjoy it.

Running his hands down, Suho help Lay get rid of his pants and boxers. When Suho got rid of his shirt, he held his hand out to Lay. “Hand me the lube.”

Already shirtless and in the midst of kicking the rest of his clothing aside, Lay gave Suho a questioning look. “Why?”

“So I can stretch myself and we can get this show on the road.”

Lay didn’t like that answer. Naked, he leaned over to the cabinet near his bed and opened the drawer, pulling out their frequently used bottle of lubricant. “I don’t think so…”



Giving up, Suho just laid on his back. Then he lifted his legs, holding them against his chest using his hands, giving way to Lay.

For once, Lay didn’t like Suho’s utter submissiveness. Mentally bashing himself for making it seem like he was hung up on Baekhyun, Lay moved back on the bed. Wordlessly, he pushed Suho’s legs back some more, angling Suho’s ass so that he could have a better view of it.

In silence, Lay uncapped the tube and squeezed a fair amount on his fingers before placing it at Suho’s cleft, gently rubbing it on. Teasing him, Lay pressed his finger at the opening as if he was going to stick his digits in.

Suho whimpered. “Stop teasing—”

Lay glanced up at Suho’s flushed face before dropping his gaze. The response Suho got wasn’t verbal. Instead, Lay just shook his head.

After putting some more lube on his fingers, Lay wriggled a finger at Suho’s hole before slowly sliding it in—often times pulling back a bit before continuing on. He buried his finger in deep until his knuckles hit Suho’s soft flesh.

With a low gaze, Lay watched Suho close his eyes and thrash his head off to the right, showcasing that pale and perfect neck. Lay saw that his breathing was picking up with every heave of that perfect chest of his. With his eyes traveling down Suho’s body, Lay saw Suho’s own member throb, yearning to be touched—yearning to be released.

Despite the growing urgency in Suho’s body, Lay kept thrusting at a slow pace. Even when his own cock was asking to be inside Suho’s tight passage, Lay wouldn’t go any faster. He kept his pace.

It’s not that Suho didn’t like the pace. He was growing irritated because the pace was killing him. He didn’t know why Lay was suddenly being so gentle and careful. He was even taking the time to crook his finger and bend them inside of him, which Suho wasn’t going to lie about. It felt good. Too good.

“Why the hell are you g-going at this pace?” Suho managed to ask.

Lay extracted the single finger before re-entering with two. He ignored Suho’s question and went on his own track of mind. Slowly ramming his fingers in, stretching and making Suho whimper, Lay said in a surprisingly hushed tone: “Your name’s Suho—”

Suho’s attention was suddenly caught. “What’re you—ahhh…What’re you doing—”

Continuing to ignore him, Lay continued to work his fingers and his words. “—Your birthday’s on the twenty-second, so it’s coming up soon—”


“—Your favorite colors are violet and gold,” Lay said, watching as Suho tried his best to keep eye contact despite being penetrated by two probing fingers. “Which is ironically fitting since those colors are often associated to royalty...”


Lay’s eyes studied Suho’s expression before dropping to his lips. “Didn’t you refer to Baekhyun as a princess…and you a queen?”

“I—nghh… Lay,” Suho whimpered when Lay suddenly took out both fingers that were stretching him into blissful oblivion.

In replacement, Lay squeezed out some more lubricant for the last time, rubbing it on his hard, awaiting member. He pumped himself, making sure to slicken himself enough to enter Suho without causing too much discomfort.

Placing himself at Suho’s enticing cleft, Lay continued with his escapade of words. “You have an older brother, who’s in college…” Lay pushed the tip of his cock inside and allowed a moment for the both of them to moan. “You’ve been on honor roll since the day you stepped foot on school…”

Suho didn’t know what Lay was trying to accomplish, but he didn’t like it. What the fuck was the guy doing trying to do? Mess with his head? His heart? Was he fucking mocking him? Suho didn’t want to know. All he knew was that he wanted Lay to stop.

But, there was nothing that was going to stop Lay then. Lay’s hips snapped forward, thrusting his entire length deep inside Suho’s body. Then he waited for a few seconds for Suho’s tight hole to accept and stretch to engulf his manhood.

“Everyone loves you—” Lay moved “—You appear like an angel to anyone that passes by you. You try to never make mistakes by planning everything, but when things don’t happen the way you want, you just smile even though inside, I know you’re freaking out—Ahhh, fuck. I keep calling you a tight ass, but I forgot exactly how tight you were—shit.”

Suho didn’t try to keep his voice down. He knew that Lay’s mom wasn’t around. He moaned with every motion that Lay made, filling him and hitting every spot that he could ever want to be hit. Lay penetrating him in an odd mix of gentleness and urgency was something new. It was something that Suho strangely liked.

Opening his mouth, Suho wantonly and shamelessly asked for more—demanded for “faster”—but Lay kept ignoring the moaning mess under him. “You’re polite, but up to a certain point. You don’t like cursing, but when you’re angry, your true colors come out…and you’re cursing more than me,” Lay said, ramming himself in hard with the final word.

“You’re pretty good with pretending like nothing’s going on between us in front of people at school,” Lay muttered as he took Suho’s legs and spread them more for easier access. “But you’ve been walking differently… I’ve noticed. You walk—ahhh…You walk with your hips moving differently— especially when I’m walking behind you—as if you’re just asking for me to rip your pants off and having that ass of yours bounce up and down my dick in the nearest stall…”

Suho began to cry out. He cried out in pleasure and—in a way—because of everything Lay was saying. The guy noticed. The guy noticed things about him! And after all that time, Suho thought that Lay never even looked twice at him. Suho didn’t want to fool himself with any brash thoughts, but he couldn’t help, but ask himself if Lay actually liked him back…

Releasing Suho’s legs and leaving the task of holding them to him, Lay took a hold of Suho’s waist, switched gears, changed his pace, and began to thrust at a harder caliber. “Your—nghh—voice sounds soothing to me, but it’s when you’re crying out my name that your voice sounds the best,” Lay confessed, hammering into Suho’s shaking and thrashing body. “When you reach your peak, you shut your eyes, throw your head back, and then you subtly lick your bottom lip. I don’t think—ah, fuck! I don’t think you know that you do that, but I do, because I—fucking—notice!”

Every word came with a finalizing shove. Suho climaxed on penetration alone and Lay followed soon after, filling Suho’s hole up with his cum. Even when semen was slightly seeping out, Lay didn’t pull out. Instead he leaned forward in between Suho’s legs and took a hold of Suho’s chin, locking him in.

“So don’t you dare tell me I’m hung up on Byun or that he’s the one I fucking see when we have sex.” Lay paused. “Whether you’re a queen at the moment, or a warden—even the fucking angel that everyone sees you as—it doesn’t matter. You shoved yourself in my life, so now you’re the only one I see.”

Suho’s lips trembled, but then he opened his arms, setting his legs on the bed.

Lay lowered his body onto Suho’s. “You can’t end this. I won’t let you,” Lay muttered. “You fucked with my head so now you have to take responsibility for it.”

At the words, Suho gave a small grin before cupping the back of Lay’s neck and pulling him down. “A responsibility I’ll be willing to take,” he said before he slanted their lips together.

—Three years prior; 13 days after Tao’s departure—

Outside was hell. There was a tree near Tao’s window that had a branch constantly hitting and tapping at the glass. Personally, Tao didn’t mind. He thought that the sound of the rain pelting the roof and the sound of the tree whacking its branch on the glass was all soothing.

There was nothing in his room, but the sound of the weather and his own breathing. It was a soothing environment, especially with the scent of rain lingering in the air. Lying on his bed, the entire world seemed to have faded in the background as it was drowned out by the raging hell storm outside.

Taking his ipod from the bedside table, Tao stuck the earphone buds in his ears and clicked play to the current song on pause. He balanced the sound so he heard a perfect harmony of music and rain, then hummed along as he closed his eyes.

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