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The Letter 39

Chapter 39
Warden Pt. 2

Lay gritted his teeth. “Suho—damn it—you better n—nghh…”

“I better not what?” he heard Suho say from behind him as he grinded himself on Lay’s bare self; flesh on flesh.

“Do—ah,” Lay moaned when he felt Suho’s member behind him.

Suho smirked and ran a finger along the inside of Lay’s legs, casually making the trip up until he found his cleft. Lay flinched when Suho touched him, but he bit his lips shut, attempting to prevent any more escaping noises. When Suho didn’t get any response as he fingered the outside of Lay’s space, he pushed his finger against his entrance harder. “Quit holding it in.”

“Ah!” Lay couldn’t contain himself once Suho’s finger found that part of him that he had never been touched at.

“Never been touched here before, have you?” Suho mumbled into Lay’s ear. “Never had a finger—” Suho pushed the tip of his index in “—in here?”

“Shit.” Lau cursed. He bit his tongue. “That hurts,” he gritted out.

“Oh, I forgot.  I haven’t prepped you. “ Suho glanced at where his finger was. “I don’t have any lube…”

“—Then fucking st—”

“—So you’ll just have to deal with it.”

All too quick for Lay to react beforehand, Suho slicked up two fingers and pushed one of those inside of him fully. Lay cried, not used to having anything being shoved inside of him. It hurt. Like hell. He knew he should’ve gone soft so he didn’t understand his cock’s unrelenting will to stay hard.  “Take it ou—”

“No, thanks.” And with that, Suho began to move. He knew that Lay wasn’t used to anything like this. If anything, Lay was a virgin in the bottom department. Suho couldn’t see the expression on Lay’s face, but if the noises he was making indicated anything, it indicated that the feeling inside of him was bittersweet. “Do you like this, Lay?”

Lay shut his eyes and mentally cursed the entire world. At first it was pain, but for the love of god, things quickly changed. What the fuck—“Nghh—”

Suho smirked at the response that he got. Taking the other finger, he began to try and probe that one in. It took a lot of attempts and pull-outs before the second digit was inserted fully in. The objection from Lay died down and, even though his arms were tied strenuously behind his back, he didn’t object to that either.

The fingers slid in and out for a long, sweet, agonizing minute. When Suho glanced at Lay’s hard on, he found that the male hadn’t been too turned off as to suddenly go flaccid. But then, he looked at himself, noting that he was reacting just as harshly and throbbing just as hard. Hn…Suho realized that they were both enjoying the act more than they should have.

When he felt like Lay was stretched to a point where he was ready to take the full load in for the first time, Suho retracted his fingers. Lay thought it was over until he felt warm flesh against him.

Suho held Lay’s cheeks apart after positioning himself right at his center. When he pushed the tip of his cock inside of Lay for the first time, Lay—out of bodily instinct—tightened. Suho cursed at the pressure wreathing at his constricted member. “Damn it.”

Lay’s breathing hitched and he began to breathe harder. He tried to muffle his whimpers, but as Suho’s member was shoved deeper and deeper inside, his resistance broke. His cries were inaudible as Suho couldn’t make out any words. They were just breathless whispers of half-assed refusals, which were slowly morphing into shy pleads.


In response to the words that escaped Lay’s lips, Suho slapped him on the ass. “Cursing.”

Lay scowled, trying to turn his head from the desk far enough for him to see Suho. “Are you seri—ah!”

Suho finally filled Lay with nothing, but himself, hitting Lay’s undiscovered pleasure spot for the first time. Both of them shut their eyes, relishing in the feelings that they felt. Lay was trying to hate the feeling, but found that he couldn’t. Suho knew this and took advantage of it.

Being the “warden” in this situation was extremely empowering to Suho, who rarely topped for one reason or another. He hesitated for a moment, but then made the decision to move. When he became mobile, he hadn’t even made an inch of a move before Lay let out a moan.

Suho watched the way Lay’s shoulders heaved and the way his body wreathed, moving on its own. Grinning, Suho proceeded to pull out, only to slowly sink himself back inside Lay’s warm body. Moans escaped both of their lips. Satisfied with the feeling and with Lay’s unfiltered response, Suho moved faster, putting a little bit more force into it.

Midway through, he took notice of Lay’s arms again. With much reluctance, he untied his prisoner with a warning. “Don’t hit me and don’t run away…”

Lay could feel Suho’s member inside of him. He scoffed at the words, but nevertheless, once he finished rubbing his arms, he put his elbows on the table and buried his face in his arms. “Just finish what you started, you ass…”

“That’s the smartest thing you’ve said since we've met.” Suho smirked as he began to work his body again, thrusting desperately. Lay’s hands felt the table and clawed at it, trying to keep himself stable from Suho’s movements.

The action went on with Lay willingly getting pounded on and Suho trying to satisfy the both of them, which he did. When he found himself along the edge, Suho moved a hand to help Lay find the edge, too. Exceeding his expectations, Suho watched—and felt—as Lay let go and shoot out his pent-up, sticky liquid on the floor beneath them. Seeing this—and with another powerful stroke or two—Suho released himself into Lay.

In a microsecond, Suho debated with himself whether or not he should’ve cummed inside Lay’s body, but he pushed the thoughts aside, deciding that Lay could deal with it. It was a few seconds after Suho pulled out that Lay felt something trickle down his leg. It clicked and it immediately rendered in his head.

“You bitch!” Lay cried, snaking a hand around him to confirm the feeling.

Suho was still trying to catch his breath. “Don’t be such a diva about it,” he said, featuring a smirk that Lay hated at the moment. “Shut up and just think about how good it felt. I doubt you’ll feel the same way with innocent little Byun.”

Lay scoffed, putting a hand on his hip. He had to put most of his weight on the table. Everything hurt—shit. “I wouldn’t have to be fucking bottom with him.”

“Don’t worry. Maybe I’ll let you top next time.”

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