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The Letter 26

Chapter 26
Drunk and Sober Men

Frozen in place, Chanyeol needed a push from Taeyeon to snap out of his state. He felt his heart beating inside of him, racing at the wild thoughts crossing his mind. Why was Baekhyun in the rain? Why the fuck was he crying!? The questions ate Chanyeol up. The sight of Baekhyun looking so defeated and done made his insides bleed. He whipped his head to Taeyeon who grimaced at the clear door Baekhyun had left through.

“Channie, you should go…” She gave him a shove again.

Chanyeol nodded. He took the first step with hesitation, but after that, he sprinted out the doors. Immediately, he felt the trickling of rain on him. His uniform began to show signs of the droplets, but Chanyeol didn’t care about his dry state. To hell with that. His eyes scanned the grounds and found the only speeding body with a bright yellow umbrella on his radar.

He ran towards his broken Baekhyun with water running down his face. His breathing roughened as he ran towards his escaping vixen. Baekhyun heard the footsteps behind him and gripped the life out of the inanimate umbrella.

“Baek!” Baekhyun heard Chanyeol’s deep voice call. “Baekhyun!”

Stop saying my name, Chanyeol...Baekhyun angrily—but painfully— thought. Why the fuck are you here… He furiously swiped away the newfound tears that were born from the giant saying his given name. His feet began to walk faster, but his pace was nothing compared to Chanyeol’s run.

Soon enough, Baekhyun felt a hand grab him by the shoulders and whip him around. The sudden turn around caused him to drop Kyungsoo’s umbrella, leaving him with no cover from the rain. He refused to look at his captor. He didn’t want to be touched by him either.

Baekhyun tried to shake Chanyeol’s hand away, but when he couldn’t, he used his hands, digging his nails in to force Chanyeol to set him free. Chanyeol let go, hissing before giving Baekhyun an angered look. He let it go, though. There were bigger questions in mind.

“Why the fuck are you crying!?” Chanyeol asked. He had asked loudly and angrily, but his voice cracked midway. It hurt to see Baekhyun’s beautiful eyes shattered by tears.

Baekhyun looked at him incredulously before putting that painful look on his face. His brows creased. Chanyeol didn’t like how Baekhyun looked with tears dripping down his eyes. Was he the cause of this?

“It doesn’t concern you—” Baekhyun took a hitch of breath in “—Not anymore, it doesn’t.”

Chanyeol frowned. He wanted to strangle Baekhyun for that answer. How did it not concern him!? How did it not concern him that the love of his lonely-as-fuck life was crying!? He grabbed Baekhyun by both of his shoulders. He held a tight grip, not allowing Baekhyun to escape. “How the fuck does it not—”

“Who the fuck cares anymore!” Baekhyun cried. He tried to push Chanyeol away again. “Cause you of all people shouldn’t!”

“If I didn’t care, then I wouldn’t have come out in the fucking rain to run after you!” No matter how hard he struggled, Chanyeol kept Baekhyun in place. What he felt under his hands brought back another thought. “You’re soaking wet. You’ve been in the rain, Baek!”

“No fucking shit!” Baekhyun spitefully replied. He threw a fit and wiped the salty drops off his face with his forearm. His uniform jacket’s sleeve only mixed it in with the water.


“Why? Why!?” Baekhyun gave a sarcastic laugh, looking away for a few seconds before staring daggers into Chanyeol’s eyes. “I was waiting in the fucking rain for yo—” He stopped. Then, as a realization came to him, Baekhyun’s eyes widened. “You didn’t even fucking read it, did you?”


Baekhyun growled, bent forward, and pulled back from Chanyeol’s grip. “You didn’t read it, Chanyeol. You didn’t.” Baekhyun tried to keep a strong front, but the very real idea of Chanyeol not even taking the time to open that letter made him hurt even more. “I spent...I spent so much time on that and you don’t even—fuck.” Baekhyun covered his mouth with his forearm when his voiced noticeably cracked. Chanyeol opened his mouth to speak, but the runny-eyed Baekhyun cut him off before he could even start. “You probably just threw it away…”

Chanyeol scrutinized Baekhyun with his arms uselessly hanging by his side. He didn’t try to reach out to Baekhyun again. His eyes were confused, but Baekhyun couldn’t see that as he was too blinded by his own emotions. “Baek, I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Chanyeol stuttered.

Baekhyun mistook the stuttering as a sign that Chanyeol did know about the letter, but didn’t want to admit the fact in front of him. What was the point? He already knew what Chanyeol’s decision in the end was. “That’s fine,” he gritted out. “That’s fine. That’s fine. I’m fine. I’m going to go, Park. I don’t want to look at you. I’m sorry for being stupid. I’m sorry for wasting my time. I-I’m sorry for so many things, okay?” The angry stand fell. Baekhyun broke down crying uncontrollably again. He covered his eyes with his hands. “I’m sorry, Yeol. I’m sorry—” He snatched up Kyungsoo’s umbrella from the ground. He closed it quickly, gave Chanyeol a fading glance, and ran off down the street and turned the corner.

Chanyeol was left stunned. He felt like he was thrown off his axis. Sorry? What was Baekhyun saying sorry for? Why was he crying? What was he talking about? Threw what away? Chanyeol didn’t go after Baekhyun when he ran away. He didn’t understand the point. He didn’t…It wouldn’t have mattered if he caught up with his vixen anyways. If he couldn’t follow what Baekhyun was going on about a few moments ago, Chanyeol was sure as hell he wouldn’t make any progress the second time around.

Despite having let Baekhyun go at the moment, Chanyeol couldn’t help but just leave him be. Kind of. Chanyeol sprinted his way over to the parking lot and quickly got in his car. Then he drove his car around the next few blocks to find Baekhyun, and sure enough, he did. He was getting into a car that Chanyeol could recognize anywhere. Lay.

When Sehun opened the door, he was expecting Chanyeol. What he didn’t expect was to find Chanyeol dripping wet, looking like he’d murder the next man to touch him. Sehun looked at him with an amused eye. “Didn’t expect this.” Chanyeol groaned as he pushed past Sehun. “Yah, you’re wet! Go get dry!”

“Then get me a towel, brat!”

Sehun stared at him for a second. “Since you’re a guest, fine.” He disappeared for a few moments to go to search for an unused towel. Chanyeol waited on the front-door rug until Sehun came back. He was tossed the towel, which he caught with his hands at the last minute. “I got you some clothes, too. Change into them if you want.” Sehun set the clothes at a nearby table. “Join us when you’re decent.”

Chanyeol muttered stuff under his breath, but grabbed the clothes and towel anyways and made his way to the first floor bathroom. He quickly began to change and soon joined Sehun and the rest in Sehun’s bedroom.

“You weren’t kidding when you said he was in the rain,” Kris mumbled as he sat up from Sehun’s bed.

Kai spun his chair around and looked at Chanyeol, who was standing by the doorway being judged. “Yah, did you forget an umbrella?”

“Shut up, no I didn’t.”

Kai raised a brow. “What the hell’s with that tone, Yeol?”

“Bastard had a bad day,” Kris replied. “What’s wrong, Yeol? Taeyeon fell for you?”

“She couldn’t have,” Kai said, shaking his head. “She’s—”

“Will you two shut the fuck up!?” Chanyeol’s voice rose. “It has nothing to do with her! Or the fact that I didn’t have a fucking umbrella! It’s about the bastard who’s been driving me crazy all this time!” Chanyeol stomped his way over to the bed and fell on it with his face sinking on into the mattress.

“Of course. Byun,” Chanyeol heard Sehun say. “Is that why you were wet? Were you two making out in the rain when you two made up? Cause it’s about damn well time, Yeol. Have fun living—”

Chanyeol lifted his head off the bed. “—What the fucking hell are you going on about, brat!? We didn’t make out. We didn’t even make up.”

“You’re pulling my fucking leg right now, right?” Sehun threw Chanyeol a look.

“Why would I pull your fucking leg about this—”

Sehun vigorously rubbed his forehead. “Are you fucking telling me that you were just out in the fucking rain? That you weren’t making up with Byun at some secret ass location—I wouldn’t know where because he wouldn’t fucking share.”

Chanyeol’s curiosity was sparked. Immediately. He rose from the bed. “What? What location?”

“The one he wrote in the—oh my god, you fucking bastard,” Sehun cursed. “I tried to fix shit for you and your stumbling backward-as-fuck ass, but when I convince him try again, you don’t read the damn thing!”

“What ‘damn thing’!?” Chanyeol cried, angrily.

“The letter, you dick!” Sehun groaned. “If Luhan ever gave me a fucking letter like that, I’d fucking embed it onto my body, not throw it away without even reading it!”

Things paused. “What’s this about Luhan?” Kai asked out of curiosity.

“Shut up. Who the hell cares about that guy right now—” Sehun grumbled as he glanced at his silent phone on his desk. “—We’re on Chanyeol’s stupidity.”

“A letter? I never got a damn letter,” Chanyeol growled. “I only got one and it wasn’t even for me.  It was for you.”

“Okay, yeah, boo hoo. The first letter wasn’t for you,” Sehun said, rolling his eyes. “The second one was.”

“Well, I never got it.”

“Then I guess Byun was sitting in the rain waiting for your ass to come around, right?” Sehun said, only being half-serious. When he saw the look on Chanyeol’s face, his face dropped. So did Kai’s. And so did Kris’.

“Fucking—Yeol!” Sehun yelled.

“Idiot,” Kris muttered off to the side.

Kai was the only one who didn’t say anything. He just stared blankly his friend.

Sehun scratched his head. “You’re really fucking prone to falling into shit holes. How the hell did you not get it?”

“Maybe Baek chickened ou—”

“Give the guy some fucking credit, dick!” Sehun retorted. “He was going to tell you upfront about his feelings days ago, but he fucking saw you going through with that one plan with Taeyeon—which, by the way, thanks, idiots,” he said, directing the insult at Kris and Kai.

Kai raised a brow. “I didn’t hear you complaining.”

“Yeah, and Yeol didn’t hear me scream ‘abandon the fucking plan’ into the phone, either,” Sehun shot back. He turned his attention back to Chanyeol. “He gave you the letter. I know he did. What happened to it, I don’t know. Maybe he slipped it into the wrong locker. Maybe someone—”

“—Intercepted it?” Kai grumbled absentmindedly.

The idea, though, clicked in Chanyeol’s mind. “Lay…”

“That’s an awfully quick assumption,” Kris said.

“Don’t care.” Chanyeol took his phone out of his pants’ back pocket. It was slightly wet, but not too much to damage it.

“Who’re you texting?” Kris asked.


Baekhyun didn’t go to school the next day. Then, he didn’t make an appearance the next two days after that. For three days, Chanyeol didn’t get the chance to catch Baekhyun and confront him. He had asked Kyungsoo where Baekhyun was off to and Kyungsoo, with great certainty, said that Baekhyun had caught a cold and was at home suffering the sickness alone.

The fact that Chanyeol knew it was because he stayed out in the rain for too long—waiting for him—didn’t make Chanyeol feel any better. His Baekhyun suffered internally and was now suffering physically. Chanyeol didn’t know how to feel other than like shit. He tried to go to his house, but Baekhyun mother had kindly turned him away, saying that her son didn’t want any of his friends to catch anything from him. He had no choice than to back down. Chanyeol’s texts went unanswered. His calls went straight to voicemail—which he sometimes stayed for just to hear Baekhyun’s automated voice greeting him.

In the end, Chanyeol suffered, too, even though he knew he wasn’t entirely at fault. Nonetheless, he felt drenched in guilt.

Baekhyun had gotten better from his cold the first day he was out, but honestly didn’t feel like seeing Chanyeol’s face so soon. He lied to his mother and told her that he needed two more day to recover and she allowed him to stay home. He felt perfectly fine, yet perfectly bored at home.

When his mother left for her graveyard shift at her job, he received a text from Lay soon after. He made sure to delete all of Chanyeol’s texts, emptying out his inbox before opening Lay’s message.

From: Lay

Hey, Byun. Feeling better?

From: Baekhyun

Yeah. I got better two days ago. Pretty quickly.

From: Lay

That’s good! What have you been doing then? I imagine lying in bed all day made you really bored.

From: Baekhyun


From: Lay

So, since you’re feeling better, are you feeling up to going to my party tonight?

Baekhyun blinked. A party? He felt excited, but at the same time, apprehensive.

From: Baekhyun

I don’t know.

He really didn’t. The last time he went to a party, he didn’t know anyone there and he had sex with a complete stranger. He didn’t want history to repeat itself.

From: Lay

Aw :[ Come on. Kyungsoo’s coming. So is that exercise-buddy of his.

From: Baekhyun

You mean Kai?

From: Lay


Baekhyun quirked his lips. He switched out of his conversation with Lay and switched to Kyungsoo.

From: Baekhyun

Hey, Kyung. Are you really going to Lay’s get-together tonight?

It took a while for Kyungsoo to answer, but he did.

From: Kyungsoo

Yeah. Did you want to go?? I was going to tell you, but I didn’t know if you were up for it…

From: Baekhyun

Well, Lay just asked me right now.

From: Kyungsoo

Oh, okay! So I guess I’ll be seeing you there??

From: Baekhyun

Well, if you’re going then I guess it’s okay for me to go, too…

From: Kyungsoo

Only if you feel well enough :(

From: Baekhyun

I do.

From: Kyungsoo

Then Kai and I will pick you up then ^^ Be ready in thirty.

Baekhyun tapped out of their conversation and went back to Lay.

From: Baekhyun

I’m in. Kyung’s coming to pick me up.

From: Lay

Alright. You’ll have fun. I promise.

If spiraling out of control was considered fun in anyone’s book, then by definition, Baekhyun had “fun”. Torn apart inside by the past few days, restraint was lost. Baekhyun did ever single drinking game there was at the party. He was hesitant at first, but when he took his first sip, common sense flew right out the window.

He separated from Kyungsoo and Kai after the first fifteen minutes. For a while, Baekhyun watched as Kai trailed after Kyungsoo, trying in a half-assed manner to be a successful wingman.

The next time Baekhyun glanced over at his friend was when he was up, over, and past his alcohol limit. By then, a slightly drunk-off-his-rockers Kyungsoo had caught the attention of a girl who couldn’t stop staring at his crotch. Kai seemed to be the only one of the three that was completely and utterly sober. No drunken man could sit still and glare at someone so coordinately without wavering from side to side.

But, Baekhyun didn’t give too much attention and care to his friend and his wingman. The two men sandwiching him in a secluded corner and pulling his hair demanded all of his attention. With his eyes closed, Baekhyun felt the hands all over his body and the lips against his own skin.

With the tempo of the music, one of them began to grind himself against Baekhyun’s ass and Baekhyun didn’t bother pushing away. He didn’t do anything to encourage the guy either. He just let him be.

The guy on Baekhyun’s front had enough of the kisses to the neck and collar and had his hands advance to the front of Baekhyun’s jeans. Baekhyun could almost laugh. Getting a hand job—or quite possibly getting fucked—in public, in front of other people? What a low.

Baekhyun groaned as the guy in the front brushed a hand against the front of his jeans. The dry humping in the back was getting vigorous, but all of a sudden ended. When he stopped rubbing himself against Baekhyun, Baekhyun didn’t really pay any mind to him until he heard the very short conversation between the guy and some other stranger.

“Ay, man. What? You looking in to join in on this?” the guy’s voice asked, horny and cockily. Baekhyun felt a slap on his ass.

“No,” a deep voice replied. “Like I’m going to fucking share my fucking vixen with you or anyone else for that fucking matter.”

Then Baekhyun heard a hit and a thud. Immediately, he felt the other guy’s presence from him disappear. He whipped around and his instincts were confirmed. “Park…”

Chanyeol ignored Baekhyun’s drunken slur of his last name, and cracked his knuckles, focusing on the only guy left. “Fuck off. He’s taken.” The guy didn’t need a clearer warning. Chanyeol’s height and voice was enough for him to push Baekhyun away and stumble back into the crowd of people.

Baekhyun’s droopily watched him go. “Aw, fuck, Yeol. Always being a fucking cockblock…”

Chanyeol didn’t look like he was in any mood to engage Baekhyun in a calm, reasonable voice. He grabbed Baekhyun by the arm and pulled him towards him. “What the fuck were you doing with those guys?” he growled.

Baekhyun hiccupped and rolled his eyes. “Obviously gettin’ some, bitc—” The sentence was cut off when Chanyeol slapped Baekhyun on the cheek. “You fucking bastard!”

Chanyeol’s grip on Baekhyun got tighter making Baekhyun wince. “Baek, you’re fucking drunk. It’s disgusting.”

“You’re disgusting,” Baekhyun childishly retorted.

Chanyeol ignored the drunk remark. “We’re leaving.”

“Fuck you! I’m not!” Baekhyun cried, trying weakly to pull from Chanyeol’s iron grip.

It was useless. Chanyeol pulled him. “Fucking stop. We’re leaving. I’m not fucking murdering you in front of all these people—not that they’d remember it anyways. They’re just as drunk as you.”

Chanyeol began to drag Baekhyun out from the secluded area and out in the open, heading towards the door. “Quit making a fucking scene!” Baekhyun yelled above the noise.

Chanyeol stopped and whipped around to Baekhyun. “You were dry fucking with two guys at a fucking party! Like that wasn’t making a scene!?”

“Not like anybody could’ve seen!” Baekhyun responded. “There were only like a few fucking people—”

“Few, two, one—I don’t give a flying fuck!” Chanyeol yelled. Though the noise in the house was loud, Baekhyun could still hear the intensity of Chanyeol’s anger. “They saw you—my fucking Baek—acting that way with two other guys—none of who was me. So fuck your opinion. Fuck what you think. We’re fucking leaving and if you don’t want to, then too fucking bad! I’m not fucking leaving you here.”

“Stop!” Baekhyun desperately cried. “I-I can’t leave! I don’t want to! Kyungsoo, he’s—”

“He already fucking left half an hour ago!” Chanyeol pulled Baekhyun against the crowd, pushing people rudely out of the way, not caring if they stumbled forward and fell.

“N-No he didn’t! He’s still here—”

“Kai took him home!” Chanyeol yelled. “Who do you fucking think called me to come and fucking get you!?”

When they reached the door, Baekhyun said one last attempt to get Chanyeol to let him go. “I don’t want to go with you! I…I can go home by myself! Or I can stay here. Lay can probably let me stay the night—”

Baekhyun chose the wrong words and the wrong name to say. Not a second after they stepped out the door, Chanyeol shoved him against the hard stone pillar of Lay’s house. “Listen to me when I say this, Baek, or so help me, I will fucking kill him.” Chanyeol paused. “You don’t belong to that bastard because you’re mine. Don’t fucking mention him in front of me. Don’t mention staying over at his house to me. Don’t even think about that bastard.”

Baekhyun was struck by the words and the possessiveness that was drench over them, but he kept his stance even if it was a weak one. “Fuck you…who the hell do you think you are?”

“Your friend, your guardian, and your fucking lover, damn it!” Chanyeol growled. He pulled Baekhyun off the pillar and began to drag him over to where he parked his car. “Preferably, I’d like to be promoted to ‘boyfriend’ and eventually, when shit gets legal, your ‘husband’, but for both of those, we’ll just have to wait and fucking see.”

Baekhyun stiffened at the words. He tried to pull away again. “Don’t fucking kid me! Quit trying to string me along, you bastard! Go back to that girl you were with!”

When they got to the car, Chanyeol gripped Baekhyun by both shoulders and shook him. “Don’t you fucking understand!? We were never together! I never liked her! You’re an idiot! You were supposed to get jealous and crawl back to me, but look where we’re at! Back to me being the one having to chase after your ass.”

“I bet you’re tired of this cat and mouse game,” Baekhyun spat as Chanyeol ripped open the backseat door. “Why don’t you just fucking quit!?”

“Because—” Chanyeol shoved Baekhyun inside the car, “—It’s pretty fucking obvious that we’re both too fucking addicted to quit.”

Chanyeol slammed the back door, made his way to the driver’s side and hopped in. He turned the car on and looked in the rearview mirror. Baekhyun had face-planted himself on the seat.

“I hate you,” Chanyeol heard. “I hate you…I hate you. You’re a bastard. Go die. I hate you.”

Chanyeol scoffed as he turned on the engine. “Shut up, Baek. Just shut up.”

Chanyeol pulled the car out the street and it wasn’t until they were steady on the road that Baekhyun spoke up again, kicking the back of Chanyeol’s seat harshly. “Where the fuck are you driving me to? Home!?”

“Like I’m going to fucking take you home in the shitty state you’re in.”

“Friggin—Park! If you fucking tell me that we’re going to your house, then—”

“You guessed correctly, my drunk-as-fuck vixen,” Chanyeol said sarcastically. “I’m taking you to my house. When you’re at my house, you abide by my rules. In other words, you’re under my fucking terms tonight.”

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