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Mistakes and Accidents 2

Chapter 2
Mistakes and Accidents
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Chanyeol was angry for three days because he was under the impression that Baekhyun had given him a false number.

Antsy and excited, Chanyeol decided to call the number the evening after his accidental bump in with Baekhyun at the café. No words could describe his disappointment and anger when he heard the formal greeting of a woman- - who was definitely not Baekhyun- - who told him that he had just called one of the city’s more well-known magazine operations. Convinced that Baekhyun had opted out and given him a number that anybody would know right off the top of their head, Chanyeol hung up angry.

The next few days were spent sulking and being bitter. At work, his irked attitude was immediately noticed by everyone. It was strange to see the giant, who was always cheerful and joking, be in a mood that could kill if one made the wrong move. He tried desperately to get Baekhyun out of his mind, but it was all in vain. Chanyeol often found himself thinking about the shy smiles Baekhyun had flashed back at the café.

On the third day, Chanyeol had convinced himself that he was over it. When he was in the kitchen throwing sandwiches together, Sehun-- a collegue who was over at the time to watch the football game that afternoon-- heard his cellphone buzzing on the coffee table and leaned over to pick it up.

“Yah, Chanyeol,” Sehun called all the way from the living room. “Someone’s calling you.”

“Uh, who is it?” Chanyeol called back.

Looking down, Sehun glanced at the number on the screen. There was no caller I.D, but he recognized the phone number from business cards he got from modeling. “Why is Maxim Magazine calling you? Did you get an offer or something?”

Back in the kitchen, Chanyeol made a face to himself. The number was taboo in his world. But though it was the number of blatant rejection, Chanyeol still didn’t understand why the magazine was calling him back when all he did was call it under the impression that it was Baekhyun’s number.

“I don’t know. Nobody said anything to me.”

“Do you want me to answer it?” Sehun asked.

Slapping on the bread on the sandwiches, Chanyeol set the food on separate plates. “Hn. Why not? Pretend like you’re my secretary or something.”


Taking the call, Sehun put the phone next to his ear. As Chanyeol came out of the kitchen with the two plates, he saw Sehun nodding and replying curtly back. By the time Chanyeol had set the plates down and plopped on the couch, Sehun had already hung up and tossed the phone on Chanyeol’s lap.

“So, what’d they want?”

Leaning over, Sehun took the sandwich and ate a bite. “I don’t know,” he said in a muffled voice. “They asked me if I was Chanyeol. I said no. Then they asked where you were, and then I told them you were busy.”

“That’s it?” Chanyeol scoffed, reaching for the television remote.

“Well, they said something about calling them back,” Sehun said.

“I have no business with them,” Chanyeol replied, turning the volume up.

“Right,” Sehun nodded. “Anyways, they asked me if I could tell you to get in touch with them if you still wanted to go through with the plans-- I don’t know what these plans are, though. You probably do.”

“Did they leave a name?” Chanyeol asked, genuinely curious by then. “It’s a little weird for them to be calling me directly…”

Shrugging, Sehun grunted. “I don’t know. They said something like Baekhyun or something, but I probably just heard it wr -”

Suddenly standing up, Chanyeol fumbled with his phone, clumsily trying to unlock it to its call log. “What?!”

Creasing his brows, Sehun stared up at shaking giant. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine--I’m just-- You did say ‘Baekhyun,’ right!?” Chanyeol asked in a quick voice. “Shit. What the hell. This phone--I swear to god.”

“Was that call important?” Sehun asked slowly.

“Load, load, load--Shit,” Chanyeol cursed. “Yeah. Pretty important.”

“Is it a gig?”

Shaking his head quickly, Chanyeol muttered a no. “It’s not. It’s for something better.”

When he finally got the call log brought up, Chanyeol wasted no time calling the number back and leaving the living room in Sehun’s control. Stepping into the bathroom, Chanyeol paced back and forth, waiting for the line to be picked up.

As soon as he heard a click, indicating that his call was being taken, Chanyeol stopped pacing and froze. “Hello?”

“Hello,” a voice replied back slowly as if unsure about who was on the other side. “This is Byun Baekhyun speaking.”

As if all the bad in the world was suddenly lifted, Chanyeol forgot about his three day sorrows of anger, bitterness, disappointment, and slight hatred. With a smirk growing on his face, he laughed. “Hey! It’s me!”

It took a while, but after a few seconds, Baekhyun said, “Chanyeol?”

“Yes,” Chanyeol proudly confirmed. “It’s me. You know, the guy with the brown hair, nice eyes, and deep voice. I’m really tall, too.”

“Ah,” Baekhyun hummed. “So this wasn’t the wrong number after all.”

Chanyeol made a pouty grunt. “Yah, why didn’t you give me your phone number? This is the second time, you know.”

From the other side, Baekhyun laughed. “I did give you my number--my work number, actually.”

“I wanted your personal one,” Chanyeol drawled. “I thought you gave me a fake number when that woman picked up and told me I was calling a magazine place.”

“You mean my secretary,” Baekhyun said. “Anyways, I figured you could just call and drop off the details for Sunday. When I didn’t get any personal notes from my secretary about this weekend, I thought you weren’t interested anymore.”

Chanyeol smiled. “Were you worried I was backing out on you?” he asked, not waiting for an answer. “Sorry. I really did think you were just giving me a random number. I wasn’t aware that you were some hot shot with a secretary.”

“I’m just an editor,” Baekhyun mumbled. “Anyways, I thought I’d call you first.”

“Oh,” Chanyeol cooed. “Aren’t you a brave little soldier.”

When Baekhyun didn’t reply immediately, Chanyeol grinned to himself, knowing that he was making the brunet flustered and embarrassed. “Anyways,” he said rather quickly, clearing his throat. “I was wondering where you wanted to take this little dinner date to.”

“Well,” Chanyeol said, clicking his tongue. “I was thinking about you coming over to my place.”

There was a small silence before Baekhyun spoke again. “For what reason…?”

“Let me make you dinner,” Chanyeol drawled. “Let me give you a candle light evening with nothing, but the two of us and some faint romantic music in the background. What do you say?”

For a minute, Baekhyun paused. Then he said, “Is it because you’re short on money that you don’t want to go out?”

Taking slight offense in the assumption, Chanyeol creased his brows. “What?”

“I mean…” Baekhyun sighed. “I can pay for us if that’s the problem. I don’t mind--”

“I’m not a charity case,” Chanyeol quickly said. He took a moment before continuing. “I just wanted to make it more intimate. I’m trying to make a good first impression here. I thought that maybe going out was a little over rated. Having you come over and taste my cooking seemed like a better idea.” He paused. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” Baekhyun said. “I guess that’d be fine.”

“Good,” Chanyeol said proudly. “Just wait until Sunday. You’ll taste my cooking and regret not staying the morning after for breakfast.”

Baekhyun chuckled lightly on the other side, bringing a bigger smile on Chanyeol’s face. “Okay…Well, I guess I’ll see you on Sunday.”

“Yeah, Sunday--wait! Do you know where I live?” Chanyeol hurriedly asked. “I mean, I know you do, because, you know, we came back here for the night, but, I mean, do you remember my address or--”

“Ah, I have to go. I’m sorry,” Baekhyun apologized. “I’m going to hand the phone over to my secretary. Just leave your address. Nothing else. I don’t want you giving her any idea.”

Smirking, Chanyeol asked, “What idea?”

“I don’t want her thinking I’m seeing anybody,” Baekhyun said, “because I’m not. This is one date.”

“That’s funny. I was thinking like this could be our trial run.”

“You shouldn’t push the envelope.”

“If pushing the envelope gets me another date with you then, hell, I’ll do it.”

For a moment there was silence. “You’re very persistent…again.”

“And your voice makes me excited to see you again,” Chanyeol retorted laughing. “I’m sure you’re busy so I’m gonna have to let you go, sadly. I’ll drop off my info for your secretary and I’ll see you this weekend, okay?”


“Oh!” Chanyeol piped suddenly. “I forgot to say. I’ll be getting your number this Sunday, too. Your personal one. I don’t wanna call your secretary. I wanna call you.”

“We’ll see,” was the reply that he got, but Chanyeol was satisfied for the moment.

“Good-bye, then. Have fun working.”

“Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”

And even though he was rolling his eyes at Baekhyun’s formality, Chanyeol couldn’t help but grin a little bit wider.

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