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Jan 25 2014 - Master Fic List!
Welcome to Fara's master fic list. Where you can find her genius-ness or insanity... depends on how you see it. Really. Everything's rated. Loljk no. Not everything. kbye


Information about translation requests!


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Jul 11 2014 - My Miracle
My Miracle

Written by: Charlotte Suiza

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Note: A month ago, my mom told me my sister won the poetry contest and that it was written at her promotional graduation. I refuse to read this poem because I dont like to cry nor do I like to feel all lovey dovey with my sister, but I already know that this is one of those things that tell me that no matter how horrid I am in other people's eyes by the way I present myself on the internet, my sister sees me otherwise.

Side note: I keep trying to tell her to get into writing like how I got her into art, but she says she sucks, which she doesn't so i dont really know.

Ps: she doesnt know i logged onto her school email for this reason.
Jun 20 2014 - Notice
I feel like I can't sit down for a minute before I have to get up and do something again lol.

To the questions/asks concerning the status of my fanfictions since Baekhyun's situation:

I will continue on my stories. His dating life does not come in conflict with my fictional fantasies about him
riding the largest dick in all of Exo or carrying Chanyeol's child in the wonderful genre of mpreg.

Will I be continuing on under hiatus?
Unlike a few authors that have thrown the themselves in front of the moving car of emotional death,
I will not be shutting my stories, journal, or activity down. This ship does not need more authors jumping off board
to start writing for OTPs that never held their heart in the first place (you know what im inferring). To compensate their loss of presence,
I'll be stepping down from my hiatus status.


It was a nice 3 day break I guess



live long, be strong
Title: BoVacuas, Cassum
summary:Byun Baekhyun gets to live a life without having to marry his life away,
without Park Chanyeol.
Fara Notes: I did NOT write this.
Author: amiyourprincess

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Jun 13 2014 - Like Night and Day 11
Chapter 11
Maximum Height

A/n: sorry for typos :>

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Title: Hairy Tales: Baekhyunella
Pairing: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Summary: The story of a boy with scents and a prince with no sense of smell.

>> Read Genie In Brothel by overlord_nim
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