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Welcome to Fara's master fic list. Where you can find her genius-ness or insanity... depends on how you see it. Really. Everything's rated. Loljk no. Not everything. kbye

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Out of League
Out of League (drabble)
Pair: Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Word: 320+
Summary: League is life.
a/n: This was just a drabble I wrote up during my short-lived league of legends phase. Emphasis on just-a-drabble. Huuuuuuu

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To: asgardian_cat

Your messeage: Hi, I am Kat from Hong Kong, and I would like to ask if .....

My Response: Yes, you can. Just credit me, link back to the original story, and give me a link so I can put your translation on my translation links page. Thank you!

PS: Your messaging system was not enabled so I couldn't reply back privately.

Sincerely, Fara.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! May 2016 be a bomb ass year for you & may you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself !
My goals:
1. Be more confident
2. Stay cute
3. Continue to manipulate the opposite sex
4. Charm others!
5. Be a good person (even if it hurts)
6. Maintain clapback skills despite being nice
7. Do well in school
8. Continue to be open and confront problems head on
9. Continue making new friends
10. Remind myself that things will eventually get better. Life works out so go with the flow

Bye! Love you, hoes o♥o//
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Like Night and Day 45
Chapter 45

a/n: hello, boobs!!! This is (sadly) only 2.9k and I wasn't able to write everything I wanted to. So (sadly), no, LNAD will not have only 2 chapters left. It'll probably go into the 50's, but I'm sorry ;___; College is crippling. But anyways, enjoy this (if you can) and hopefully it's not TOoOOOO bad (but it is). Thank you for those who waited for me to update. Love you guys (kindaaaa) lol Have a happy new year!

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NI: Merry Dickmas

NI: Merry Dickmas drabble
Word count: 561
Synopsis: The one thing Baekhyun wanted, he didn't get.

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Title: Scholarships
Length: 3k+
Summary: Baekhyun's a janitor.
Status: Unfinished indefinately
a/n: Originally written for Yeolliepopday bc I kept jumping around prompts. This was my baekyeol idea/draft before I stopped, and started the Chansoo entry Summer Kitchen. Enjoy but don't put too much hope on this completetion :'-(
PS: scholarSHIPS hahah puns

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Like Night and Day 44
Chapter 44

a/n: this chapter isn't as good or long or angsty as the last chapter. slight fluff. maybeee some angst.  i dont really know. anyways, chanyeol buys bread.

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TL: Baby Shopping

TL Mpreg 8/?????
Sypnosis: Chanyeol has very expensive tastes versus Baekhyun's.

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NI: A Calm Afternoon

NI: A Calm Afternoon
Length: less than 1k
Genre: domestic!
Sypnosis: Baekhyun plays with Haneul and Chanyeol stops by.
A/n: didn't know what to title this bc I'm not clever so I decided to title it after the weather

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